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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

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Copyright law prohibits us from lending or providing or trading with anyone copies of any missed episodes. It would be copyright infringement to break the law; thus, please no requests for any copies of any missed episodes. Note, however, that private (personal) home-videotaping of films and television programs broadcast free to viewers are considered "fair use" and do not constitute copyright infringement.

Season 6

Episode 122: "FAIR GAME" Airdate: 05/04/01
The LowTek Log Line: A taxi driver is shooting his passengers. Lt. Urbanski makes his move to destroy Nash. Rachel confesses to Nash and steals Urbanski's incriminating files. Betty-Anne pulls a gun on Nash because she must have sex with Nash. Cassidy decides to quit the police force and go to Paris.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 122
Commentary: All the Women Leave

Episode 121: "CAT FIGHT" Airdate: 04/27/01
The LowTek Log Line: A father's teenage girlfriend seduces his daughter, and the two young women go on a robbery spree. Boz Bishop brings in an off-duty case involving a stolen rap master tape, as he and Antwon pretend to be rappers. Rachel is an MCD mole planted inside the SIU by Lt. Ray Urbanski, as Nash falls in love with Rachel. Joe gets a generous offer for Mr. Woody, Nick's racing horse, but the buyer gets murdered before Joe can close the deal.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 121
Commentary: Salacious

Episode 120: "CHANGE UP" Airdate: 04/20/01
The LowTek Log Line: A wife is killed in her husband's assassination plot being masked as a bank robbery. Cassidy is under suspicion as having accidentally killed the wife during the shoot-out. Antwon's sister visits, and she asks Antwon to finally visit his estranged dad, who is dying of cancer. Joe hires crazy Betty-Anne as the SIU's new assistant, much to Nash's discomfort.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 120
Commentary: Under Suspicion

Episode 119: "KILL JOY" Airdate: 04/13/01
The LowTek Log Line: The brother of a Sixties radical killed in prison blames his girlfriend. He searches her out, as she hides under the name of Joy Larsen. Joe is promoted to Lieutenant, as a plumbing problem causes the SIU barge to list to one side. Nick injures his knee badly, and makes life miserable for Cassidy and Nash.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 119
Commentary: Extreme Contradictions

Episode 118: "QUACK FEVER" Airdate: 04/06/01
The LowTek Log Line: Bobby's son appears in San Francisco, trying to sell a truckload of heroin back to the same drug dealer that killed his father. Cassidy considers breast implants. Nash is sick with fever, and has hallucinations.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 118
Commentary: Closure

Episode 117: "BLOOD BOTS" Airdate: 03/30/01
The LowTek Log Line: A brilliant student builds robots to perform robberies. Joe and Inger unknowingly sell a valuable painting at their garage sale. Nick is convinced he is going to die on his birthday.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 117
Commentary: Death Comes Knocking

Episode 116: "THE PARTNER" Airdate: 03/09/01
The LowTek Log Line: A former parole officer seeks revenge upon members of a street gang that he thinks murdered his wife. Nash's distant cousin Hagen, a Constable from Scotland, visits Nick and chases after an international art thief. Harvey is bitten by his new girlfriend's dog.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 116
Commentary: Groin Attack

Episode 115: "SLAM DUNK" Airdate: 02/23/01
The LowTek Log Line: A lawyer has his law firm partner killed, then falsely accuses a young gangbanger for the murder. Nash helps the young man, while Deputy Chief Petit meddles in the high profile case. Joe discovers he has a surprise renter in his home, while Rachel sends Cassidy to meet her Internet date.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 115
Commentary: Dark World

Episode 114: "OUT OF MIAMI" Airdate: 02/16/01
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and his buddy Rick Hawks are kidnapped by desperate Miami drug dealer Elvis Lima. Lima wants to trade Nash and Rick for protected witness Kit Miller, as she is about to testify against Lima. But Kit has also stolen $10 million from Lima, and Kit substitutes her look-alike friend in her place as protected witness. A crooked U.S. Marshal also wants the $10 million. Joe is audited by the IRS, as Joe is caught between a lover's spat between the auditor and Pepe.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 114
Commentary: MIAMI VICE Flashback

Episode 113: "SOMETHING BORROWED" Airdate: 02/09/01
The LowTek Log Line: Tamara van Zant returns, and she is married to Nash to protect herself from a son of an oil magnate. The oil magnate has mysteriously died, and Tamara has inherited his $400 million fortune, but the son comes looking for revenge. Tamara also gets help from East Coast gangster Vinnie Corell to help Tamara divest her money into a $400 million cruise ship. Nash's dad Nick does his lesbian friend Annie a favor by pretending to be her boyfriend. But Nick does not realize that he is fooling gangster Vinnie Corell, Annie's son.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 113
Commentary: The Man Has His Limits

Episode 112: "RECOVER ME" Airdate: 02/02/01
The LowTek Log Line: Sent undercover by Nash, Rachel is framed for the murder of an accountant by the head of a mob accounting firm. But Rachel cannot reveal her alibi, because of Rachel's secret child she gave up for adoption. Joe recruits a ringer to win the SFPD arm wrestling championship.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 112
Commentary: Wrestling with February

Episode 111: "BEAR TRAP" Airdate: 01/12/01
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and the SIU, along with the help of AWOL Canadian Mountie Jack Noon, break up a bear gall smuggling ring. Rachel is asked to write Cassidy's job evaluation, as SIU rumors swirl about Nash and Rachel being an item. Nick gets a black eye fighting with another fisherman over their favorite fishing spot.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 111
Commentary: Bear Crap

Episode 110: "GRAVE ROBBERS" Airdate: 12/15/00
The LowTek Log Line: Tony B fakes his death to throw Vernon Shaw off his trail. Tony has stolen Shaw's girl and his gold. Nash has a past with Shaw - Shaw was involved with introducing Nash's second wife Kelly to drugs. Joe discovers his mother-in-law Ulla is a pothead. Nick tries to remember why saving a building about to be demolished is so important - Nick's mother placed items into a time capsule set into the cornerstone of the building.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 110
Commentary: Truly Retro

Episode 109: "THE MESSENGER" Airdate: 12/08/00
The LowTek Log Line: A deranged killer uses a TV reporter as his messenger to deliver his anti-gay manifesto on the six o'clock news. Joe tries to sell Inger's station wagon, but the car is stolen by bank robbers. Harvey accidentally gets a woman's nude photos, as he and Antwon end up on a double date with twins.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 109
Commentary: Dangling the Mystery

Episode 108: "BLOW OUT" Airdate: 11/24/00
The LowTek Log Line: Up for parole, Rick Bettina escapes from custody with the help of Eldon Sistrunk. Rick promises Eldon a share of the stolen 2.5 million dollars Rick has hidden away in a building about to be imploded. Nash must get Bettina back before the Deputy Chief tries to blame Nash for the escape. Joe tries to sooth the break-up between his contractor Dove and his architect Amy.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 108
Commentary: Flashback!

Episode 107: "END GAME" Airdate: 11/17/00
The LowTek Log Line: An extreme gaming company has players killing each other off. Boz Bishop is framed for the murder of his gardener, as Nash and Joe help Boz out and solves the mystery of Boz's real parents. Rachel gets an unwanted suitor bothering her.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 107
Commentary: Classical and Hard-Boiled

Episode 106: "DOUBLE TROUBLE" Airdate: 11/10/00
The LowTek Log Line: The Bridges and Dominguez Detective Agency identity is stolen, as Big Tiny impersonates Nash. Tiny angers his clients and they come looking for the real Nash to get even. Tiny has an affair with the woman his assistant Jason loves, so Jason sends killers after Tiny, but the real Nash is mistaken for the target. Cassidy handles a case of a husband's wife having the husband's son killed so she can inherit the husband's fortune. Harvey and his dog King get caught in the neighborhood Farmer's Market dispute, as his neighbor Janice uses Harvey's house for her afternoon trysts.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 106
Commentary: Cowboys, Sex and Violence

Episode 105: "MANHUNT" Airdate: 11/03/00
The LowTek Log Line: Two mercenaries rip off 300 kilos of DEA-seized cocaine for drug dealer Enrique Sanduval, but the cocaine originally belongs to Columbian drug lord Ramos Catera. Antwon has an epileptic seizure while confronting one of the mercenaries. Joe loses the architect for his house, only to find that a friendly neighbor happens to be an architect. Nick, wanting to date Libby, sets up a blind date for Nash with Libby's daughter, who used to be a man.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 105
Commentary: NASH Becomes VICE

Episode 104: "LAND PIRATES" Airdate: 10/27/00
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and the SIU stop a robbery crew that prey on wealthy party-goers. Rachel has a medical background, while Antwon's dark past involves a suspension. An off-duty gig finds Nash and Joe investigating a pregnant nun, with Angel appearing again to protect Nash. Joe has trouble with a speeder along his home street.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 104
Commentary: No Contest

Episode 103: "LAP DANCE" Airdate: 10/20/00
The LowTek Log Line: A laptop with missile guidance technology is up for grabs, as various characters try to acquire it. Among them is Tamara Van Zant, who returns to renew her affair with Nash. Joe's off-duty case involves a blackmailed deaf conductor, while Cassidy sees a new boyfriend.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 103
Commentary: The Bad Girl Turns Soft

Episode 102: "JUMP START" Airdate: 10/13/00
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and the SIU stop a diamond dealer from killing a rival group of synthetic diamond manufacturers. Joe's off-duty case involves expensive wine held for ransom. Joe and Inger almost get out of their bad house deal, but the seller dies before the deal can be signed. Cassidy and Rachel McCabe join the SIU.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 102
Commentary: Daddy's Little Angel

Episode 101: "ROCK AND A HARD PLACE" Airdate: 10/06/00
The LowTek Log Line: A bomber plans to set off a bomb in the City unless Nash kills Joe. Antwon Babcock joins the SIU, and uniformed Cassidy is assigned duty at the SIU. Joe and Inger buy a new house.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 101
Commentary: Here Come the Boats



Season 5

Episode 100: "JACKPOT (PART 2)" Airdate: 05/19/00
The LowTek Log Line: In Las Vegas, Nash and the SIU get the money truck back. Nash goes undercover to arrest Jimmy Z and his boss for the murder of the SF Chief of Police. Cassidy decides to marry Evan and enter the Police Academy. But Evan is killed by assassin Roy McNeer. Nash blows up McNeer attempting to escape in a cargo plane. Caitlin leaves for Washington, D.C.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 100
Commentary: They Killed Him Off

Episode 99: "JACKPOT (PART 1)" Airdate: 05/05/00
The LowTek Log Line: The Chief of Police is assassinated and a money laundering operation is set-up between San Francisco and Las Vegas. A rogue DEA agent and the assassin are after half a billion dollars in cash, with Nash and Joe following them to Las Vegas. Nash locates Angel's lost wings; and Nash gets Nick a cell phone.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 99
Commentary: Half A Billion

Episode 98: "MISSING KEY" Airdate: 04/28/00
The LowTek Log Line: A nurse who assists a plastic surgeon for the mob is murdered because she stole the before and after photos of altered mobsters. She passes a key to the hidden files to Joe, and Joe becomes a target of mobster Louis Fallon. Nick appears with Cassidy in her play, but suffers a bout of Alzheimer's. Harvey meets a new girl, but she is a former lesbian.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 98
Commentary: Boats and Cars

Episode 97: "HARD CELL" Airdate: 04/07/00
The LowTek Log Line: A gang of female prisoners escape in search of five million dollars in bearer bonds, while Nash helps the woman framed for the theft of the bonds. Joe has trouble with a delivery boy, while Cassidy considers a career with the CIA.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 97
Commentary: Girl Power

Episode 96: "HEIST" Airdate: 03/31/00
The LowTek Log Line: Nash goes undercover to stop a high-end heist artist. Joe helps a restaurant critic who receives death threats; Evan is back in the SIU; Caitlin takes an administrative job within the department; and Harvey helps out a troubled 12 year old boy.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 96
Commentary: All The Boys Are Back

Episode 95: "LINE OF SIGHT" Airdate: 03/10/00
The LowTek Log Line: A gang war erupts - Nash and the SIU puts a drug gangster and his crew out of business. Cassidy comes on to Evan as their lovemaking is shown on a live camera web site. Joe and Nick get involved in a tax scam with Nick's racehorse - Mr. Woody, as the horse is once again fit to race.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 95
Commentary: They're Back Together

Episode 94: "COP OUT" Airdate: 02/25/00
The LowTek Log Line: Wearing his brother's uniform as a motorcycle cop and impersonating a police officer, a deranged man imagines and talks to his dead brother. Nash adjusts to his break-up with Caitlin; Nick fails his driving test; Cassidy asks Evan for help to move back into a Berkeley apartment.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 94
Commentary: Who's Leaving?

Episode 93: "HIT & RUN" Airdate: 02/18/00
The LowTek Log Line: Frankie Dwyer returns again, putting out a contract on Nash's life while smuggling heroin inside of tofu containers. Nash and Caitlin's relationship is strained; Inger sets up Nick with her mother Ulla; Evan is born again in a baptism.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 93
Commentary: Religious Conversion

Episode 92: "EL DIABLO" Airdate: 02/11/00
The LowTek Log Line: A married woman is murdered by her lover and his wife. Evan is beaten up trying to free his girlfriend/hooker from the clutches of a pimp. Joe takes Evan in, but Evan attempts suicide. Boz Bishop asks for a promotion at the detective agency.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 92
Commentary: Turning the Corner

Episode 91: "LIAR'S POKER" Airdate: 01/28/00
The LowTek Log Line: Nash goes undercover as a hitman for a drug cartel. Nick's poker buddies plan a bank heist; Inger returns from Sweden with her mother; Evan gets his engagement ring back from Cassidy.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 91
Commentary: Throw Away

Episode 90: "SKIN TRADE" Airdate: 01/7/00
The LowTek Log Line: Lowlife Frankie Dwyer returns, this time importing Vietnamese women as sex slaves, as Caitlin goes undercover as the seller. Nash has a tooth ache and refers to Caitlin by his first wife's name. Joe is aggressively pursued by bodybuilder Spike; Evan bumps into Cassidy in his job as a parking lot attendant.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 90
Commentary: Rough Sex

Episode 89: "RIP OFF" Airdate: 12/17/99
The LowTek Log Line: A small time getaway driver sets up two robbery gangs to rob each other, while he walks away with the loot and complete immunity. Evan is brought in for another chance in Joe's off-duty case concerning a kidnapped son who has had a gender change. The 'Cuda hood is graffitied, and Nash puts Boz Bishop on the case.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 89
Commentary: Small Time Stuff

Episode 88: "KILL SWITCH" Airdate: 12/10/99
The LowTek Log Line: A juror becomes a vigilante avenging murder victims. Caitlin and Joe go in on a donut business venture. Evan is arrested and calls Cassidy; Cassidy finds a new boyfriend.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 88
Commentary: Full of Holes

Episode 87: "CROSSTALK" Airdate: 11/26/99
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and the SIU discover the Cell Phone Killer's intentions are to kill his doctor. Lonely Joe keeps having erotic dreams about Caitlin. Evan gets fired from his bartender job.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 87
Commentary: Look, But Don't Touch

Episode 86: "GET BANANAS" Airdate: 11/19/99
The LowTek Log Line: Evan puts himself under suspicion after he takes $40,000 of drug money during a bust; Nash and the SIU take down a drug dealer. Nash and Joe guard a chimpanzee, while Jake Cage goes undercover as an animal extremist.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 86
Commentary: Under Suspicion

Episode 85: "SPLIT DECISION" Airdate: 11/12/99
The LowTek Log Line: A psychologist establishes an insanity defense for her patient while they plan bank robberies. Nick wants to become financially independent by marrying a rich widow. Evan shows up for work drunk, forcing Harvey to confront Evan's substance abuse problem.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 85
Commentary: Return of the Bad Girl

Episode 84: "CURVEBALL" Airdate: 11/05/99
The LowTek Log Line: An embezzler with a twin, along with bumbling Rick Bettina, confound the efforts of Nash and the SIU to recover stolen city funds. Caitlin tosses Nash's baseball out the window after they miss their flight to Jamaica.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 84
Commentary: That Girl You Loved To Tease

Episode 83: "HIGH SOCIETY" Airdate: 10/22/99
The LowTek Log Line: Jake Cage and Caitlin go undercover to capture an international fugitive returning home for the wedding of his daughter. Nash and Joe steal a violin for corporate clients, only to have the violin stolen again by one of Joe's detective students. Evan gets involved with a street prostitute.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 83
Commentary: Beauty and the Beast

Episode 82: "GIRL TROUBLE" Airdate: 10/15/99
The LowTek Log Line: Cassidy finds an apartment, only to be mistaken for the previous renter who has stolen money from drug dealers. Lonely Joe carries on an online romance, but the other "woman" turns out to be Pepe. Evan bottoms out in his broken relationship with Cassidy.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 82
Commentary: Saving the Daughter

Episode 81: "SMASH & GRAB" Airdate: 10/08/99
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company foil a jewelry heist ring posing as firemen. Nash hits a pedestrian and gets sued. But Caitlin has misplaced Nash's auto insurance bill, and he blames Caitlin.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 81
Commentary: More Peeping Toms

Episode 80: "TRADE OFF" Airdate: 10/01/99
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company foil a failing restaurateur's kidnap plan to ransom his nanny's child. Nick has sex with Bridget, Caitlin's inept maid. Inger returns for a visit, but leaves for Sweden again. Cassidy has a friend attempt suicide because he can't get a date with her.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 80
Commentary: Peeping Toms

Episode 79: "TRUTH & CONSEQUENCES" Airdate: 09/24/99
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company solve the shooting of a Mexican TV star by a crazed fan, in spite of interference from an ambitious reporter. Caitlin clashes with Nick over new furniture in Nash's apartment; Evan returns to work having recovered from his groin injury; Joe stays behind as Inger and Lucia leave for Sweden.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 79
Commentary: Do Something Simple



Season 4

Episode 78: "GOODBYE KISS" Airdate: 05/14/99
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company, along with Jake Cage, catch three escaped convicts to save the SIU. Harvey has fathered a child with Anna; Evan cheats on Cassidy; Nash and Caitlin finally consummate their relationship.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 78
Commentary: The Tease Is Over

Episode 77: "FRISCO BLUES" Airdate: 05/07/99
The LowTek Log Line: The SIU is disbanded by MCD: Nash and Joe are assigned to Park Detail, Harvey to Homicide, Evan to Traffic, and Caitlin to Vice. Still, Nash manages to solve a murder involving the Head of MCD's daughter and a drug dealer. Evan and Cassidy announce a wedding date; best man Harvey throws a bachelor party, but finds out the stripper is Anna. Nash tells Caitlin he loves her, but she accepts a job in Boston.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 77
Commentary: Soap Opera

Episode 76: "CRASH AND BURN" Airdate: 04/30/99
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company discover a gang of female bank robbers who plan to break their husbands out of jail. Nick schemes to move into a formerly all-women retirement home. Caitlin readies her negative report on the SIU, much to Nash's consternation.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 76
Commentary: Female Troubles

Episode 75: "VENDETTA" Airdate: 04/23/99
The LowTek Log Line: An ex-cop Caitlin indicted gets out of prison and terrorizes her. Harvey has an affair with a woman he's met undercover. Joe has urgent sex with ovulating Inger.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 75
Commentary: Sisters and Brothers

Episode 74: "POWER PLAY" Airdate: 04/16/99
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company foil a Russian mobster's kidnap plan to fix a hockey game. Inger wants another baby; Evan blows a hole in the roof of the Watch Commander's car.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 74
Commentary: When Men Were Men

Episode 73: "ANGEL OF MERCY" Airdate: 04/2/99
The LowTek Log Line: The Bayside Killer resurfaces after a four year absence, while Nash finally unravels Angel's identity. Harvey's ex-wife Bonnie stops by for a visit. Joe and Caitlin coach rival girl's soccer teams, with Caitlin's new boyfriend as her assistant coach.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 73
Commentary: Mercy Please

Episode 72: "BOOMTOWN" Airdate: 03/26/99
The LowTek Log Line: A sleepless Nash and company stop a disgruntled bomber from further retaliation against his software employer. Cassidy performs topless in a play, but an unknowing Nash falls asleep.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 72
Commentary: Sleepless in SF

Episode 71: "HIDE AND SEEK" Airdate: 03/05/99
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and the SIU secretly investigate a plot involving the missing married Governor of California who has fallen in love with a former prostitute. Joe gets stuck with a painting while bidding for someone else at his daughter's pre-school charity auction.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 71
Commentary: Politicians and Prostitutes

Episode 70: "PUMP ACTION" Airdate: 02/26/99
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company, along with marginal cop Jake Cage, track down pushers of a deadly steroid which makes body builders go hyper-aggressive. Cassidy is haunted by the death of her friend from the auto accident.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 70
Commentary: Grown Men

Episode 69: "RESURRECTION" Airdate: 02/19/99
The LowTek Log Line: Harvey tracks down two teenage boys who are deadly snipers. Joe has a rat problem in Nash's house, causing a dispute between landlord and tenant. Evan proposes marriage to Cassidy; Cassidy is involved in a deadly auto accident. A case of mistaken identity causes Nash to think Cassidy has been killed.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 69
Commentary: They Almost Killed Her Off Too

Episode 68: "SUPERSTITION" Airdate: 02/12/99
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company stop a vampire cult from kidnapping a singer for her special blood. Joe goes shopping for a car for wife Inger at the police auction, while Caitlin moves out of the SIU.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 68
Commentary: Bare-Chested and Virile

Episode 67: "GIMME SHELTER" Airdate: 01/15/99
The LowTek Log Line: Harvey discovers his counterculture pal is involved in a murder plot to benefit from a proposed new stadium site. Joe clears his "daughter" accused of stealing jewelry at her department store job. Nash helps Caitlin get into an exclusive VIP party for an artist.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 67
Commentary: Smooth Operator

Episode 66: "SHOOT THE MOON" Airdate: 01/08/99
The LowTek Log Line: Nash is accidentally shot in the butt by Caitlin, leaving Rick Bettina in charge. Rick is duped by phony FBI agents attempting to swindle half a million in sting money. Cassidy is stalked by a violent classmate.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 66
Commentary: Butt Shot

Episode 65: "MYSTERY DANCE" Airdate: 12/18/98
The LowTek Log Line: Caitlin is suspected of passing secrets to the Russians and killing her former CIA partner. Caitlin goes to Nash for help as the agency tries to eliminate her. Joe is put on an exercise regimen by wife Inger; Cassidy volunteers to be Nick's ballroom dancing partner.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 65
Commentary: Come To Daddy

Episode 64: "HARDBALL" Airdate: 12/4/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and Joe must protect a loudmouth talk radio host from a body-armored hired killer. Nick must get his ace baseball player/illegal immigrant to play for him, but he needs Nash's help to keep him in the USA.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 64
Commentary: The Magical Kingdom of Nash

Episode 63: "FIRESTORM" Airdate: 11/20/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company stop a lovesick arsonist. Nash's guardian angel shows up to bring Nash and Caitlin together, while Joe and Nick scheme to fool Nash into a not-so-surprising birthday party.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 63
Commentary: Muted Sparks

Episode 62: "WARPLAY" Airdate: 11/13/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company stop a bizarre game between two wealthy tycoons. Rick Bettina asks Nash and Joe to investigate his unfaithful fiancée. Unknowing that Evan is the other man, Nash assigns Evan to Rick's off-duty case.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 62
Commentary: We're Human Too

Episode 61: "SWINGERS" Airdate: 11/6/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and Caitlin pose as swingers to catch a couple extorting other swingers, while Joe helps Nick steal back a corpse (Nick's best friend) from a medical school. Evan gets possessive of Cassidy and her male college friend.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 61
Commentary: She's Melting

Episode 60: "THE TOURIST" Airdate: 10/30/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company prevent an accomplished assassin from killing FBI agent David Katz. Lisa returns from Paris with her fiancé, but discovers she still loves Nash.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 60
Commentary: Humma Humma All Over the 'Cuda

Episode 59: "APOCALYPSE NASH" Airdate: 10/23/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and Joe investigate three corrupt narcotics officers and are falsely accused of their murders, while a fourth man escapes. Rick Bettina defends Nash and Joe, while Caitlin Cross investigates the corruption.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 59
Commentary: Going Presidential

Episode 58: "OVERDRIVE" Airdate: 10/16/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash discovers the true killer and saves a man sentenced to die in 14 hours. Joe takes an excessive water remedy, and defends daughter Lucia's violent behavior at school; Evan fears losing Cassidy.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 58
Commentary: Dirty Joe

Episode 57: "HOT PROWLER" Airdate: 10/9/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company stop the Prowler, but not before he kills Michelle Chan. Joe's son JJ injures his tooth at a restaurant, and Joe sues. Harvey acquires a dog in a dispute with a neighbor.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 57
Commentary: They Killed Her Off

Episode 56: "IMPOSTERS" Airdate: 10/2/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company take down a bail bondsman money-laundering for the mob. Facing Nick's medical bills and Cassidy's tuition bill, Nash agrees to start a gay private detective agency with Joe. Their first client is re-uniting a Cher impersonator with her Sonny impersonator.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 56
Commentary: Going for the Brass Ring

Episode 55: "HIGH FALL" Airdate: 9/25/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash's accountant puts him into financial straits because of an investment scam concocted by Tamara Van Zant and her new husband. Joe burns down his house while trying to remodel, and Cassidy moves away to college at Berkeley.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 55
Commentary: A Bad Girl Returns



Season 3

Episode 54: "SACRAMENTS" Airdate: 5/15/98
The LowTek Log Line: Harvey is shot and his gun taken by a mad couple out to fulfill a Grudge List of killing people they hate. Nick's lost love finds him, and as Nick is about to receive the Navy Cross, Nick has a physical collapse. Nash finally finds out about Evan and Cassidy.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 54
Commentary: Bubbling Over

Episode 53: "TOUCHDOWN" Airdate: 5/15/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company stop a well-organized group of ex-Navy SEALS from hijacking armored cars. Nash takes an unusual interest in one of Joe's off-duty cases in locating a beautiful girl for a football player. A mysterious woman from Nick's past shows up, while Evan and Cassidy realize they're in love.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 53
Commentary: International Chick Magnet

Episode 52: "SPECIAL DELIVERY" Airdate: 5/1/98
The LowTek Log Line: Lynnette's former boyfriend and the Hong Kong Triad are after Lynnette because of a stolen counterfeit plate she might have, while Joe's visiting father overhears a murder plot involving Joe's neighbor. Evan continues to see Cassidy.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 52
Commentary: Out of Touch

Episode 51: "DANGER ZONE" Airdate: 4/17/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company stop a jewelry heist headed by a chemist using nerve gas as a threat. Joe's long ago donated sperm maybe the tie to a young woman's search for her father, while Evan meets Cassidy for another secret date.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 51
Commentary: Prell Shampoo

Episode 50: "LADY KILLER" Airdate: 4/10/98
The LowTek Log Line: Rick Bettina is framed for murder by a casino owner whose son Rick arrested. Joe's identity is stolen and used for credit card fraud, while Evan has a date with Cassidy.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 50
Commentary: Strained Relationships

Episode 49: "CUDA GRÁCE" Airdate: 4/3/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and SIU trace a carload of dead gang members to the wealthy son of a prominent family who is financing the street drug trade. Harvey renews an old love affair while Evan and Rick Bettina pose in drag to catch an elusive female.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 49
Commentary: Strawberries and Cream

Episode 48: "PATRIOTS" Airdate: 3/6/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash's ex-wife Kelly from London visits, followed by an Irish terrorist bent on bombing an archbishop. Joe and Evan protect a Saudi prince with a failing heart.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 48
Commentary: Bowling with Kelly

Episode 47: "SKIN DEEP" Airdate: 2/27/98
The LowTek Log Line: A New York cop works with the SIU to catch a stalker of a beautiful model. Evan's badge is stolen by his one night stand, while Lynnette and Nick are arrested in an altercation with the city manager.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 47
Commentary: Laverne With a Gun

Episode 46: "DOWNTIME" Airdate: 1/30/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash is taken off the job on a technicality by his nemesis Rick Bettina while the SIU stop a robbery gang.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 46
Commentary: Good Timing

Episode 45: "LIVE SHOT" Airdate: 1/16/98
The LowTek Log Line: Geraldo Rivera comes to the SIU to interview Nash and Joe just as Nash is given an inadvertent dose of LSD on an undercover case.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 45
Commentary: Compilation Pratfalls

Episode 44: "CROSSFIRE" Airdate: 1/9/98
The LowTek Log Line: To prevent Nash from appearing at a murderer's parole hearing, a Web site offers a million dollar bounty on Nash's life. Michelle uses the Internet to catch a serial rapist.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 44
Commentary: The IQ Level is Dropping, But It's Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

Episode 43: "DIRTY TRICKS" Airdate: 12/19/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and the SIU stop a group of British assassins operating under the cloak of diplomatic immunity. Joe tries to enroll his baby daughter into an exclusive pre-school.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 43
Commentary: Multi-Cultural Tricks

Episode 42: "FOUND MONEY" Airdate: 12/5/97
The LowTek Log Line: A missing three million dollars from a money laundering operation gets Joe into trouble with the new incompetent boss of the SIU, while a woman that Harvey once arrested is romantically interested in him.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 42
Commentary: Alienation

Episode 41: "BOMBSHELL" Airdate: 11/21/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash deals with a shady woman from his past dealing in stolen plutonium. Joe markets his family recipe for salsa.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 41
Commentary: Bombs Away

Episode 40: "MOST WANTED" Airdate: 11/14/97
The LowTek Log Line: A murderer breaks out of prison and takes revenge upon those responsible for putting him behind bars, especially Michelle Chan. Joe's latest off-duty case involves a sex videotape used to blackmail a TV reporter.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 40
Commentary: Nash AKA Dirty Harry

Episode 39: "REVELATIONS" Airdate: 11/7/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash's presumed dead brother surfaces in San Francisco in to kill a drug lord in a Southeast Asian heroin trade war dispute.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 39
Commentary: Profound Sadness

Episode 38: "SNIPER" Airdate: 10/31/97
The LowTek Log Line: While attempting to stop a rooftop sniper, SIU member Michelle appears to have shot the wrong person. Meanwhile the rest of the SIU must answer radio calls during a police strike.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 38
Commentary: Pain Facilitators

Episode 37: "RIPCORD" Airdate: 10/24/97
The LowTek Log Line: Daughter Cassidy's boyfriend is part of a murderous duo of base jumping jewel thiefs who steal a valuable necklace, while father Nick volunteers for a lab experiment in which Nick is videotaped having sex.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 37
Commentary: Creeps

Episode 36: "BLACKOUT" Airdate: 10/17/97
The LowTek Log Line: An injured Nash suffers temporary memory loss, forgetting that he has posed as a hitman to kill a wealthy man's mistress. A new member joins the squad, whom Evan inadvertently insults with sexist remarks recorded on tape.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 36
Commentary: Remembering Lisa

Episode 35: "ONE FLEW OVER THE CUDA'S NEST" Airdate: 10/10/97
The LowTek Log Line: A Sherlock Holmes killer goes after Nash while Joe gets more than he can handle from his baby nurse.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 35
Commentary: Elementary

Episode 34: "SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL" Airdate: 10/3/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and the SIU stop an ex-gangster from his mission of redemption by killing all of his former colleagues, while Joe is stuck taking care of his new baby.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 34
Commentary: Babies in Peril

Episode 33: "PAYBACK" Airdate: 9/26/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash takes a convict out of prison to help search for his partner looking for buried loot, while Nash's ex-wife Lisa gets into a bad business deal.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 33
Commentary: Blue Willie

Episode 32: "LOST AND FOUND" Airdate: 9/19/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and the SIU help Special Agent Katz recover a stolen FBI van loaded with weapons.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 32
Commentary: Bye Bye Annette and Mary



Season 2

Episode 31: "DELIVERANCE" Airdate: 5/2/97
The LowTek Log Line: A decorated Gulf War veteran and his men hired to protect a crime ridden neighborhood instead rob and kill drug dealers - Nash and the SIU stop them, while Joe's wife delivers their baby girl.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 31
Commentary: The Old Ammo in the Fire Gag

Episode 30: "WILD CARD" Airdate: 4/25/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company oust a new Chinatown Triad boss from power, while Nash helps his old pal from the Bahamas clear a gambling debt.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 30
Commentary: Is It VICE Yet?

Episode 29: "MOVING TARGET" Airdate: 4/11/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company prevent a mob war by getting one mobster to testify against the other, while Joe loses his wedding ring.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 29
Commentary: Boy or Girl?

Episode 28: "OUT OF CHICAGO" Airdate: 3/28/97
The LowTek Log Line: A bad cop out of Chicago uses the SIU to locate her stolen drug money.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 28
Commentary: Another Nasty Girl

Episode 27: "RAMPAGE" Airdate: 2/21/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash's ex-partner has a daughter who teams up with a convicted robber out to collect the loot from a past botched robbery. Cassidy poses nude for a safe sex poster.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 27
Commentary: Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Episode 26: "GUN PLAY" Airdate: 2/14/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash traces down the gun and the gun dealers responsible for shooting and wounding his daughter Cassidy.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 26
Commentary: Shot in the Butt

Episode 25: "KNOCKOUT" Airdate: 2/7/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company come across a wild couple who picks Nash's sister Stacy as victim in a drug/sexual assault spree.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 25
Commentary: Wild Women

Episode 24: "THE WEB" Airdate: 1/31/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company rescue a computer expert's kidnapped wife and foil a high-tech plan to steal a platinum shipment.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 24
Commentary: Bogus Technology

Episode 23: "THE COUNTERFEITERS" Airdate: 1/24/97
The LowTek Log Line: The SIU busts a counterfeiting ring pretending to be them, while Nash and Joe locate a missing Superbowl Championship ring.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 23
Commentary: Don Johnson - Yum!

Episode 22: "INSIDE OUT" Airdate: 1/10/97
The LowTek Log Line: Joe goes undercover in prison to avenge the killing of a fellow cop.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 22
Commentary: The Resurrection of Joe

Episode 21: "ROAD WORK" Airdate: 1/3/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and Joe must bring in a witness to testify against a mobster who has bought off the judge and US Marshals.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 21
Commentary: 'Cuda Action

Episode 20: "25 HOURS OF CHRISTMAS" Airdate: 12/13/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company are forced to work on Christmas Eve to solve a department store robbery/murder.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 20
Commentary: The Christmas Episode

Episode 19: "PROMISED LAND" Airdate: 11/22/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company take down an Asian people smuggling operation.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 19
Commentary: The Annual Chinatown Episode

Episode 18: "HIT PARADE" Airdate: 11/22/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and Joe become targets for assassins after an informant vowing vengeance is killed.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 18
Commentary: Wife Number Three?

Episode 17: "LEO'S BIG SCORE" Airdate: 11/8/96
The LowTek Log Line: A 11 year old plots a drug rip-off as Joe's son J.J. visits Joe and burns down Joe's bar.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 17
Commentary: That Odd Mixture of NASH

Episode 16: "ZODIAC" Airdate: 11/1/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash recruits a retired cop to catch a copycat Zodiac killer.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 16
Commentary: Exit Shimamura

Episode 15: "NIGHT TRAIN" Airdate: 10/25/96
The LowTek Log Line: A night of celebration and train ride home is turned into a hostage situation for Nash and company.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 15
Commentary: Tunnels and Aggressive Females

Episode 14: "THE BROTHERS MCMILLAN" Airdate: 10/18/96
The LowTek Log Line: An evil brother destroys his family to gain control of his clan, while his other brother is involved with Kelly, Nash's second ex-wife.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 14
Commentary: Good Wife, Bad Wife

Episode 13: "TRACKDOWN" Airdate: 10/11/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash confronts his childhood friend turned mysterious assassin known as "The Monk."
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 13
Commentary: Bringing Back Russ

Episode 12: "WRECKING CREW" Airdate: 10/4/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company take down a tough crew of robbers while Nash and Joe locate a baseball star's missing car.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 12
Commentary: Flash Bang

Episode 11: "THE GREAT ESCAPE" Airdate: 9/27/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash must rescue his daughter after militia group prisoners escape and kidnap his daughter, Cassidy.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 11
Commentary: Old and New, Comedy and Violence

Episode 10: "'TIL DEATH DO US PART" Airdate: 9/20/96
The LowTek Log Line: Joe gets exposed to a deadly virus, forcing Nash and Joe to find the stolen antidote.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 10
Commentary: Season Premiere with Lots of Changes

Episode 9: "INTERNAL AFFAIRS" Airdate: 9/13/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash must clear himself after being framed by an Internal Affairs officer.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 9
Commentary: Familiar Police Theme with Nash Touches



Season 1

Episode 8: "KEY WITNESS" Airdate: 5/17/96
The LowTek Log Line: Lisa Bridges walks in on a murder and calls in ex-husband Nash to solve the case of a doctor smuggling super conductor chips in the dead bodies of young women.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 8
Commentary: Smuggling Computer Chips in the Dead Bodies of Young Women?

Episode 7: "ALOHA NASH" Airdate: 5/3/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash tries to retrieve a gambling czar's Betting Book that everybody wants before going on his first vacation ever with Kelly.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 7
Commentary: The McGuffin Episode.

Episode 6: "VANISHING ACT" Airdate: 4/26/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company rescue Harvey Leek after he is kidnapped while carrying half a million dollars cash in an undercover buy with Russian gangsters.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 6
Commentary: The Grateful Dead, Russian gangsters, Elvis Sightings, Yakuza, Strippers, Geriatric Sex - NASH BRIDGES is having too much fun! More Tagawa please!

Episode 5: "JAVELIN CATCHER" Airdate: 4/19/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company along with a Captain recover a stolen anti-tank weapon that gets passed around.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 5
Commentary: Hilarity and Homophobia.

Episode 4: "HIGH IMPACT" Airdate: 4/12/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company stop a mad bomber from killing the mayor.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 4
Commentary: Sisters and Mad Bombers. A touching episode.

Episode 3: "SKIRT CHASERS" Airdate: 4/5/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company stop a new drug kingpin from taking over the SF heroin trade by turning them against each other.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 3
Commentary: Hilarious bits make up for thin story.

Episode 2: "HOME INVASION" Airdate: 3/30/96
The LowTek Log Line: A home invasion crew that preys upon Chinese takes revenge on Nash at his apartment when his daughter, ex-wife and partner are staying over.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 2
Commentary: Lots of action, stylized violence, but almost incoherent.

Premiere Episode 1: "GENESIS" Airdate: 3/29/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company foil a computer chip theft deal to the Chinese military.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 1
Commentary: Handsomely mounted, impressive start.


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