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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

May 15, 1999

Episode 78       Airdate: 05/14/99      Writer: Carlton Cuse and John Wirth     Director: Paul Abascal
Guest Stars: Leslie Hardy, Michael Hagerty, Amanda Foreman, and Cliff De Young. Special Guest Star: Steve Austin.

Nash:(Turns around, surprised.)
Caitlin:Hey. (Pause) My flight was cancelled. I forgot to tell you something. I love you too. I love you so much. (They kiss. She moves towards bedroom. She starts to remove her clothes.)
Nash:(Smiles, as he removes his jacket.)

Nash and Joe meet Lyle who tells them the secret location the SIU barge has been towed to. Joe returns Lyle's chihuahua Ginger who has been held hostage in return for the info. A truck deliberately rams into a van containing three prisoners. Nash and Joe arrive at the accident scene, with Nash figuring out that a phony paramedic van has taken the three prisoners in a successful escape attempt.

Nash, Joe, Harvey and Evan arrive at the empty and disconnected SIU. The Mayor has granted a one week reprieve pending the Police Commission hearing. If Nash and company catch the three escaped prisoners, the SIU will be saved. Head of MCD Reuben Banks daughter Gina's immunity deal is also dependent upon the return of one of the escaped prisoners - Gina's former boyfriend, Jimmy "Shank" Brasher. The other two escapees are Darnell Galloway and Elliot Wong.

Gina is kidnapped by Brasher. Jake Cage of Fugitive Recovery is already on the case, beating Nash to interview Mr. Footman, owner of the stolen truck used to ram the van. Cage is ahead of Nash to get Cotton Galloway, brother of Darnell. Nash gets Cage to agree to cooperate to save the SIU. Nick is brought in to hook up power to the disconnected SIU.

Cage is also in love with Caitlin. He takes ballroom dancing so he can romance Caitlin. He asks her for another chance at a date, as Nash overhears at Caitlin's apartment. Caitlin is packing up, getting ready to leave for Boston. Evan and Cassidy agree that their wedding is still on, as Troy (room mate Miranda's brother) creates doubt in Cassidy by revealing to her that he has feelings for her.

Brasher kidnaps a diamond dealer and steals his diamonds as a terrified Gina looks on. Darnell Galloway is arrested. He reveals the location of Brasher. Nash and Cage go to a martial arts studio, but only Elliot Wong is there. Nash and Cage fight five of Wong's thugs to get Wong and the latest haul of stolen diamonds into custody. But Wong holds his breath until he passes out.

Brasher kidnaps another diamond dealer, Mr. Zachary. But Zachary has no diamonds on him - his wife is bringing in the diamonds from Antwerp. Brasher holds Zachary (along with Gina) hostage until his wife returns. At the Zachary's home, Brasher tries to take Mrs. Zachary, but Nash and Cage are already there waiting. Cage is taken hostage, but he head-butts Brasher. Nash is forced to shoot the other thug. The hostages are freed. Reuben Banks drops his recommendation to close down the SIU. Cage leaves to pursue Caitlin to Boston.

Joe, Evan, Harvey (and even Ronnie) go to Caitlin's going away party. Evan meets the flirting waitress again. Cage dances with Caitlin. Nash arrives at the very last minute to kiss a drunk and angry Caitlin. She departs for the airport, only to return to seduce Nash at his apartment. Cassidy finds Evan having sex with the waitress. Evan fumbles with his pants and accidentally discharges his gun sitting on the coffee table. (It appears that Evan has shot himself accidentally.)

* For more, see commentary for Episode 78


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