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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

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Season 6

Copyright law prohibits us from lending or providing or trading with anyone copies of any missed episodes. It would be copyright infringement to break the law; thus, please no requests for any copies of any missed episodes. Note, however, that private (personal) home-videotaping of films and television programs broadcast free to viewers are considered "fair use" and do not constitute copyright infringement.

Episode 122: "FAIR GAME" Airdate: 05/04/01
The LowTek Log Line: A taxi driver is shooting his passengers. Lt. Urbanski makes his move to destroy Nash. Rachel confesses to Nash and steals Urbanski's incriminating files. Betty-Anne pulls a gun on Nash because she must have sex with Nash. Cassidy decides to quit the police force and go to Paris.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 122
Commentary: All the Women Leave

Episode 121: "CAT FIGHT" Airdate: 04/27/01
The LowTek Log Line: A father's teenage girlfriend seduces his daughter, and the two young women go on a robbery spree. Boz Bishop brings in an off-duty case involving a stolen rap master tape, as he and Antwon pretend to be rappers. Rachel is an MCD mole planted inside the SIU by Lt. Ray Urbanski, as Nash falls in love with Rachel. Joe gets a generous offer for Mr. Woody, Nick's racing horse, but the buyer gets murdered before Joe can close the deal.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 121
Commentary: Salacious

Episode 120: "CHANGE UP" Airdate: 04/20/01
The LowTek Log Line: A wife is killed in her husband's assassination plot being masked as a bank robbery. Cassidy is under suspicion as having accidentally killed the wife during the shoot-out. Antwon's sister visits, and she asks Antwon to finally visit his estranged dad, who is dying of cancer. Joe hires crazy Betty-Anne as the SIU's new assistant, much to Nash's discomfort.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 120
Commentary: Under Suspicion

Episode 119: "KILL JOY" Airdate: 04/13/01
The LowTek Log Line: The brother of a Sixties radical killed in prison blames his girlfriend. He searches her out, as she hides under the name of Joy Larsen. Joe is promoted to Lieutenant, as a plumbing problem causes the SIU barge to list to one side. Nick injures his knee badly, and makes life miserable for Cassidy and Nash.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 119
Commentary: Extreme Contradictions

Episode 118: "QUACK FEVER" Airdate: 04/06/01
The LowTek Log Line: Bobby's son appears in San Francisco, trying to sell a truckload of heroin back to the same drug dealer that killed his father. Cassidy considers breast implants. Nash is sick with fever, and has hallucinations.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 118
Commentary: Closure

Episode 117: "BLOOD BOTS" Airdate: 03/30/01
The LowTek Log Line: A brilliant student builds robots to perform robberies. Joe and Inger unknowingly sell a valuable painting at their garage sale. Nick is convinced he is going to die on his birthday.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 117
Commentary: Death Comes Knocking

Episode 116: "THE PARTNER" Airdate: 03/09/01
The LowTek Log Line: A former parole officer seeks revenge upon members of a street gang that he thinks murdered his wife. Nash's distant cousin Hagen, a Constable from Scotland, visits Nick and chases after an international art thief. Harvey is bitten by his new girlfriend's dog.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 116
Commentary: Groin Attack

Episode 115: "SLAM DUNK" Airdate: 02/23/01
The LowTek Log Line: A lawyer has his law firm partner killed, then falsely accuses a young gangbanger for the murder. Nash helps the young man, while Deputy Chief Petit meddles in the high profile case. Joe discovers he has a surprise renter in his home, while Rachel sends Cassidy to meet her Internet date.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 115
Commentary: Dark World

Episode 114: "OUT OF MIAMI" Airdate: 02/16/01
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and his buddy Rick Hawks are kidnapped by desperate Miami drug dealer Elvis Lima. Lima wants to trade Nash and Rick for protected witness Kit Miller, as she is about to testify against Lima. But Kit has also stolen $10 million from Lima, and Kit substitutes her look-alike friend in her place as protected witness. A crooked U.S. Marshal also wants the $10 million. Joe is audited by the IRS, as Joe is caught between a lover's spat between the auditor and Pepe.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 114
Commentary: MIAMI VICE Flashback

Episode 113: "SOMETHING BORROWED" Airdate: 02/09/01
The LowTek Log Line: Tamara van Zant returns, and she is married to Nash to protect herself from a son of an oil magnate. The oil magnate has mysteriously died, and Tamara has inherited his $400 million fortune, but the son comes looking for revenge. Tamara also gets help from East Coast gangster Vinnie Corell to help Tamara divest her money into a $400 million cruise ship. Nash's dad Nick does his lesbian friend Annie a favor by pretending to be her boyfriend. But Nick does not realize that he is fooling gangster Vinnie Corell, Annie's son.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 113
Commentary: The Man Has His Limits

Episode 112: "RECOVER ME" Airdate: 02/02/01
The LowTek Log Line: Sent undercover by Nash, Rachel is framed for the murder of an accountant by the head of a mob accounting firm. But Rachel cannot reveal her alibi, because of Rachel's secret child she gave up for adoption. Joe recruits a ringer to win the SFPD arm wrestling championship.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 112
Commentary: Wrestling with February

Episode 111: "BEAR TRAP" Airdate: 01/12/01
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and the SIU, along with the help of AWOL Canadian Mountie Jack Noon, break up a bear gall smuggling ring. Rachel is asked to write Cassidy's job evaluation, as SIU rumors swirl about Nash and Rachel being an item. Nick gets a black eye fighting with another fisherman over their favorite fishing spot.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 111
Commentary: Bear Crap

Episode 110: "GRAVE ROBBERS" Airdate: 12/15/00
The LowTek Log Line: Tony B fakes his death to throw Vernon Shaw off his trail. Tony has stolen Shaw's girl and his gold. Nash has a past with Shaw - Shaw was involved with introducing Nash's second wife Kelly to drugs. Joe discovers his mother-in-law Ulla is a pothead. Nick tries to remember why saving a building about to be demolished is so important - Nick's mother placed items into a time capsule set into the cornerstone of the building.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 110
Commentary: Truly Retro

Episode 109: "THE MESSENGER" Airdate: 12/08/00
The LowTek Log Line: A deranged killer uses a TV reporter as his messenger to deliver his anti-gay manifesto on the six o'clock news. Joe tries to sell Inger's station wagon, but the car is stolen by bank robbers. Harvey accidentally gets a woman's nude photos, as he and Antwon end up on a double date with twins.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 109
Commentary: Dangling the Mystery

Episode 108: "BLOW OUT" Airdate: 11/24/00
The LowTek Log Line: Up for parole, Rick Bettina escapes from custody with the help of Eldon Sistrunk. Rick promises Eldon a share of the stolen 2.5 million dollars Rick has hidden away in a building about to be imploded. Nash must get Bettina back before the Deputy Chief tries to blame Nash for the escape. Joe tries to sooth the break-up between his contractor Dove and his architect Amy.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 108
Commentary: Flashback!

Episode 107: "END GAME" Airdate: 11/17/00
The LowTek Log Line: An extreme gaming company has players killing each other off. Boz Bishop is framed for the murder of his gardener, as Nash and Joe help Boz out and solves the mystery of Boz's real parents. Rachel gets an unwanted suitor bothering her.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 107
Commentary: Classical and Hard-Boiled

Episode 106: "DOUBLE TROUBLE" Airdate: 11/10/00
The LowTek Log Line: The Bridges and Dominguez Detective Agency identity is stolen, as Big Tiny impersonates Nash. Tiny angers his clients and they come looking for the real Nash to get even. Tiny has an affair with the woman his assistant Jason loves, so Jason sends killers after Tiny, but the real Nash is mistaken for the target. Cassidy handles a case of a husband's wife having the husband's son killed so she can inherit the husband's fortune. Harvey and his dog King get caught in the neighborhood Farmer's Market dispute, as his neighbor Janice uses Harvey's house for her afternoon trysts.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 106
Commentary: Cowboys, Sex and Violence

Episode 105: "MANHUNT" Airdate: 11/03/00
The LowTek Log Line: Two mercenaries rip off 300 kilos of DEA-seized cocaine for drug dealer Enrique Sanduval, but the cocaine originally belongs to Columbian drug lord Ramos Catera. Antwon has an epileptic seizure while confronting one of the mercenaries. Joe loses the architect for his house, only to find that a friendly neighbor happens to be an architect. Nick, wanting to date Libby, sets up a blind date for Nash with Libby's daughter, who used to be a man.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 105
Commentary: NASH Becomes VICE

Episode 104: "LAND PIRATES" Airdate: 10/27/00
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and the SIU stop a robbery crew that prey on wealthy party-goers. Rachel has a medical background, while Antwon's dark past involves a suspension. An off-duty gig finds Nash and Joe investigating a pregnant nun, with Angel appearing again to protect Nash. Joe has trouble with a speeder along his home street.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 104
Commentary: No Contest

Episode 103: "LAP DANCE" Airdate: 10/20/00
The LowTek Log Line: A laptop with missile guidance technology is up for grabs, as various characters try to acquire it. Among them is Tamara Van Zant, who returns to renew her affair with Nash. Joe's off-duty case involves a blackmailed deaf conductor, while Cassidy sees a new boyfriend.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 103
Commentary: The Bad Girl Turns Soft

Episode 102: "JUMP START" Airdate: 10/13/00
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and the SIU stop a diamond dealer from killing a rival group of synthetic diamond manufacturers. Joe's off-duty case involves expensive wine held for ransom. Joe and Inger almost get out of their bad house deal, but the seller dies before the deal can be signed. Cassidy and Rachel McCabe join the SIU.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 102
Commentary: Daddy's Little Angel

Episode 101: "ROCK AND A HARD PLACE" Airdate: 10/06/00
The LowTek Log Line: A bomber plans to set off a bomb in the City unless Nash kills Joe. Antwon Babcock joins the SIU, and uniformed Cassidy is assigned duty at the SIU. Joe and Inger buy a new house.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 101
Commentary: Here Come the Boats



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