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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

December 21, 1997

Episode 43       Airdate: 12/19/97      Writer: Andrew Dettmann and Daniel Truly     Director: John Kretchmer
Guest Stars: Neil Dickson, Cliff Emmich, Lillian Lehman, and Caroline Lagerfelt.

Joe:...Hey, besides, me and you went to public schools, and we both turned out OK, right?
Nash:Ah, I'm thinking. I'm thinking.

Nash and Joe arrive in front of a courthouse where rapist/killer Leyland Monroe is about to be transferred inside. Deputy Sheriff Reggie Harell opens the van door triggering a bomb which blows up the van. Nash puts out the enflamed Reggie as Joe calls for help.

Nash and Joe meet with informant Daysha Lang. Daysha swears she saw a Department of Corrections van pull up to a car and exchange prisoners, one of whom was Leyland Monroe. Daysha also has a license plate number. Nash advises Daysha to immediately get out of town.

Nash and the SIU suspect that Monroe hasn't been blown up, in spite of a positive ID of his fingerprints from the body. The CCI (Confidential Criminal Information) database network may have been hacked into. The license plate traces to a Jaguar from the British Consulate. The bomb was high tech, suggesting a covert government involvement. Deputy Reggie Harell has burns over 80 percent of his body. Nash sends Evan and Michelle to watch over Reggie.

Meanwhile, Joe receives a letter from the Tuffnel Pre-School for an interview with his nine month old baby Lucia. Joe feels pressure to get Lucia into the elite school. On the way to the hospital, Michelle spots Lemon Head, a car thief she has been after, but Evan lets him get away. Michelle and Evan learn that Reggie has been shot twice in the chest at the hospital.

Nash and Joe visit the British Consul General, a David Loughton Adams. Adams politely stonewalls them, refusing to give information about the Jaguar or its driver. At Joe's house, as Joe tells Inger about the Tuffnel interview, Nash intercepts a mailman wanting to kill Joe. As Nash struggles with the mailman/assassin, Joe kills the assassin.

The assassin is identified as Paul Marx, a British national. Marx has also been spotted on the security camera videotape as the hospital where Reggie was shot and killed. Nash sends Michelle to check the hardcopy originals of the thumb and ink fingerprints of Monroe. Pat Grayson of the State Department is also contacted.

Meanwhile, Adams interrogates Monroe, offering Monroe a deal. Adams wants Monroe to kill a Middle Eastern terrorist in exchange for Monroe's freedom. Monroe refuses the deal. Nash and Joe visit Adams again, and Adams disavows any association with the dead assassin Paul Marx. Nash receives confirmation from Michelle about Monroe's hardcopy fingerprints - they don't match the CCI database. Nash and the SIU concentrate on finding Irv Glickman, Monroe's partner in a bogus talent agency covering for an international prostitution ring.

Joe tries to prepare baby Lucia for her interview by showing her flashcards. Inger tells Joe they can't afford the 9000 dollars a year tuition. Joe makes up a letter of recommendation for Nash to sign. The letter gets blown away and Joe risks his life in heavy traffic to get the letter back.

Meanwhile, Monroe escapes his British captors. At an SIU surveillance on Glickman, Glickman and a bogus van full of British agents are arrested. Interrogated by Nash, Glickman reveals that Monroe has been captured by British agents.

Joe receives a call from the Tuffnel School wanting an interview in 45 minutes. A desperate Joe is unable to locate Inger and baby Lucia, so Joe goes to a nursery school and offers 200 dollars to a mother and baby who will accompany him. Afro-American Betty Tuck and daughter Viola agree to do it for free, because Nash once saved her father's life in a bank robbery. Inger and Lucia show up at the last minute. Accompanied by Inger and Lucia, Joe blunders through the interview with tough Mrs. Lofink. Meanwhile, Nash is mistakenly interviewed also with baby Viola in his arms.

An SIU surveillance on an identity forger yields Monroe. But before Harvey, Evan and Michelle can get to Monroe, Monroe is gunned down in a drive-by shooting by a Jaguar. Nash and Joe follow the Jaguar to the British Embassy, where heavily armed guards and vehicles stop them from entering and capturing the occupants of the Jaguar.

Nash and the SIU arm themselves to storm the British Embassy. Pat Grayson of the State Department has obtained official permission from the British Home Office for Nash to arrest Adams. Adams' diplomatic immunity has been rescinded and he is arrested.

Michelle arrests Lemon Head and places him in the SIU holding cell. Nash and Joe get letters from the Tuffnel School. Baby Lucia has been turned down, but Viola has been accepted, along with a scholarship to the school.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 43


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