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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

October 29, 2000

Episode 104       Airdate: 10/27/00      Writers: Carlton Cuse and John Wirth     Director: Jim Charleston
Guest Stars: Roselyn Sanchez, Andrew Divoff, William Shockley, Mercedes Colon, Michael Bailey Smith and Tracey Walter as Angel.

Belinda:Wait, wait, you can't break into my sister's room - she's a nun.
Nash:She's a pregnant nun. If she can bend the rules, so can we.

In the 'Cuda, Joe tries to convince Nash to take an off-duty case of finding a missing cat. Suddenly the cat appears on the hood of a car - Joe gets out on foot to chase the cat. Nash, in the 'Cuda, goes around the block to cut off the cat. Joe runs into a robbery in progress. Two SUVs cut off a Lexus. Four heavily-armed robbers get out and smash the Lexus' windows, forcing the two occupants to give up their jewelry and cash. The robbers fire upon Joe, as Nash arrives to kill one and wound another robber in the shoulder. Three of the robbers get away.

This is the third such robbery of wealthy party-goers in a month. The take was a $700,000 necklace, a $60,000 watch and $5000 in cash. The dead robber is identified as Jesse Marcello, while the wounded robber has a rare blood type (AB negative). A report of three pints missing from a blood bank sends Harvey and Rachel on the trail - the blood was traded to a veterinarian who is treating the robber. Harv, Rachel and Officer Ronnie raid the pet clinic to find Jimmy bleeding to death on the operating table. Rachel, with her medical school background, saves Jimmy's life. Meanwhile, Cassidy suspects that Antwon is hiding something - he was suspended before, and Cassidy finds a vial of pills belonging to Antwon.

Belinda Cruz (assistant to Deputy Chief Pettit) asks Nash to look in on her sister as an off-duty case. Her sister, a nun, is pregnant and claims it is a virgin miracle. Nash and Joe visit the church and find Angel there. Sister Victoria claims she has not broken her vow of chastity. Nash brings Angel to his apartment, where Angel helps Nick finish building Nick's puzzle. Meanwhile, Joe has trouble with a red Camaro speeding down his home street.

The three robbers bury their loot. Jimmy, in the hospital now, is represented by lawyer Ira Buxbaum. Jimmy overhears Ira tell Nash about his son's bar mitzvah and the anticipated $75,000 in gifts. After his son's bar mitzvah, the robbery crew show up and rob Ira of the $75,000.

Joe enlists the help of Officer Iron Mike to patrol his street. But this backfires when Iron Mike issues tickets to all of Joe's neighbors instead of the speeder. Nick suggests a speed bump, so Nick, Joe, and Angel build a gigantic speed bump. The red Camaro shows up again, and hits the bump. Angel intervenes and warns the shaken speeder never to come down Joe's street again.

An enraged Ira Buxbaum coaxes his client Jimmy into a plea bargain. Jimmy identifies all the members of the robbery crew, including "Blackbeard" or Roger Smith, the leader. Through information from a caterer and a party planner, the crew has preyed upon lavish and wealthy party-goers. The next target is the Fairchild wedding, and all the guests are to be robbed. The SIU is there as the two SUVs once again block off the bus containing the guests. The robbery crew is confronted by the SIU inside the bus. Roger Smith manages to get away. But in interrogation, the members of the gang turn on each other and reveal where the loot is buried. Harvey and the SIU catch Roger Smith digging up the loot.

Nash and Belinda are given the key to Victoria's room. In their search they find sexy lingerie. A trace through a taxi cab company reveals Belinda's frequent trips to the Enigma Bar. Sister Victoria's lover Brad answers Nash's flyer. Sister Victoria is confronted with the truth, and she and Brad agree to marry. Angel says good-bye to Nash once again, but Angel suggests to Nash that Nick likes to fish. Nash buys Nick a rod and reel.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 104


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