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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

April 30, 1999

Episode 76       Airdate: 04/30/99      Teleplay by: Kimberlee Crawford     Story by: Jed Seidel and Reed Steiner     Director: Julian Chojnacki
Guest Stars: Taylor Young, Viveka Davis, Julia Nickson, Kyle T. Heffner, and Jo Dee Messina.

Caitlin:Point out one thing in here that's not factually accurate.
Nash:I have no problem with the facts. I expected that. But, your conclusions! How could you do that, Caitlin? After all this time, haven't you learned anything new about me? Hasn't working out here shown you a different perspective?
Caitlin:Yeah. Yeah, it did.
Nash:Well, where is it? Because it's not in there.
Caitlin:Nash, I could not soft-peddle my report.
Nash:So if you had hated me I'da gotten fair treatment.
Caitlin:No, no. There is plenty I left out. Plenty.
Nash:You know it's ridiculous. I almost kinda trusted you.
Caitlin:You know, I don't believe you. All I am doing is my job and you are turning this into a personal attack.
Nash:Oh it's very clear to me that there's nothing about this that is personal. Go ahead, finish it off. Write whatever the hell you want.

Four robbers storm into a check-cashing outlet. They release tear gas grenades and rob the place. Nash, Joe, Harvey, and Evan respond to the silent alarm. Three robbers (who all turn out to be women) dump the cash into a getaway car (driven by another woman) and leave on foot. Harvey and Evan run into the getaway car, but let it go, not knowing that the robbers are women. Nash and Joe confront the fourth robber. Nash shoots him dead through the eye hole in his gas mask.

The dead robber is Adrian Beltran; stolen is 100,000 dollars. The MO (modus operandi) is similar to a North Beach robbery crew from four years ago, who are now all in prison. Nash suspects Anthony Warrick, who ratted out the original crew. But Warrick retains heavy-duty lawyer Denise, and Warrick is clean with no connection to the dead man. While Harvey and Evan surveil Warrick, another robbery goes off. A trace of the tear gas grenades leads to Bunker Bob, but he only identifies the dead Adrian Beltran.

A study of the robbery surveillance tape leads Nash to a new conclusion - the robbers are all women and are possibly the wives and girlfriends of the original crew now in prison. Nash and Joe visit one of the ex-wives, Patty Rollins. She reveals nothing, but is frightened enough to go visit the three other members of the gang. Patty is followed there by Warrick, who threatens to reveal the gang to the SIU unless Warrick gets a cut. He is shot dead by Sada, leader of the gang.

Warrick's body is found by Harvey and Evan. The murder weapon has Patty's fingerprints on it. Patty initially refuses to talk, but fesses up to Nash. She was only the driver. She reveals the warehouse where Sada and company are located. Harvey and Evan raid the warehouse, but the women come out shooting. One is shot dead by Harvey, the other two get away.

Nash and Joe question Sada's boyfriend, convict Weldon Howard. Weldon is about to go to his appeal hearing, and lawyer Denise advises Weldon to shut-up. Harvey discovers a record of phone calls (from the dead woman robber) comes from a phone booth near the court building that Weldon and his crew are to appear for their hearing. Sada is there, and she has bribed a guard to set the prisoners free. They dress in suits and proceed to walk out of the court building. Nash and company intercede, arresting the whole bunch - the original robbery crew and their wives.

Nick has convinced a reluctant Nash and weak Cassidy to move into a retirement home. Cassidy discovers Nick's scheme - Nick and his buddy Gordon Jackson are the first two men to enter a formerly all-women retirement home. Nash discovers Nick in bed with one of the women. The home rescinds its co-ed policy, and Nick moves back to Nash's apartment.

Joe gets an unauthorized copy of Caitlin's preliminary report on the SIU and Nash's improper ways. Nash is angry with Caitlin. She modifies her report somewhat, but still hands in a devastating report on the SIU. She and Nash agree to a truce, but Nash now keeps a distrustful distance from Caitlin.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 76


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