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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

May 8, 1999

Episode 77       Airdate: 05/07/99      Writer: Reed Steiner and Jed Seidel     Director: Jim Charleston
Guest Stars: Stephanie Niznik, Leslie Hardy, Michael Hagerty, Amanda Foreman, and Cliff DeYoung.

Joe:Oh well, well, well. Came to gloat?
Caitlin:This is all your fault. Did you know I've been transferred to Vice? To Vice, Nash? Temporary suspension for improper fraternization with an investigatory subject. And don't even deny that this was part of your Machiavellian plan.
Nash:Now, how in that short-circuited little brain of yours did this become my fault?
Caitlin:You tried to win me over and influence my report. You know you did. Or, or try to brand me by association.
Nash:Oh, no, no, no. It's Banks who gets the Machiavellian award here.
Caitlin:You know what? Just stay away from me.
Nash:Stay outta my park, Cross, or I'll bust ya for soliciting.

Handcuffed Skip Osaka jumps out the back of the moving 'Cuda. Nash and Joe give chase. Skip runs up a fire escape onto a power line. The line breaks, and Skip falls through a window. Nash and Joe place him in the trunk of the 'Cuda, and bring him to the SIU. A surprised Nash, Joe and Harvey discover the SIU barge is being towed away by a tugboat. The Head of the MCD, Reuben Banks, drives up and informs Nash the SIU has been temporarily shut down.

The SIU is disbanded by MCD: Nash and Joe are assigned to Park Detail, Harvey to Homicide, Evan to Traffic, and Caitlin to Vice. At the Civic Center Park, Nash and Joe meet Colonel Culpepper, drug addict/transient, and Phil, the phony Vietnam veteran. The Colonel is shot dead in the park. Harvey and his new partner, Inspector Riley Webber, investigate the murder.

Evan and Cassidy have set a wedding date. Harvey is best man, and he plans the bachelor party. Nash and Nick are informed, and Nash gives his blessing. Father Nick gives Cassidy her grandmother's wedding gown. Meanwhile, Cassidy's room mate Miranda's brother Troy visits. Troy is a musician, so Cassidy hires Troy to do the music for her wedding.

Phil has witnessed the park murder. Nash gets the info - the Colonel owed money to drug dealer Jimmy "Shank" Brasher. Brasher is traced to an apartment via the black BMW seen in the area. Harvey and Riley break into the apartment, but only Brasher's girlfriend and a bunch of pigs, drugs and three handguns. The girl refuses to reveal her identity.

Meanwhile, an undercover Caitlin arrests a drug dealer. She informs Nash of a job offer in Boston as a supervisor with the DEA. The girl is identified as Gina Banks, daughter of Head of MCD Reuben Banks. Her gun was used to kill the Colonel. Gina reveals the location of Brasher, and Brasher is arrested. Reuben Banks reacts with anger thinking that Nash is trying to implicate his daughter.

At the bachelor party, the stripper turns out to be Harvey's former lover Anna. Anna refuses to acknowledge Harvey, pretending she doesn't know Harvey. While teaching Cassidy to play the guitar, Troy kisses Cassidy. Cassidy calls Evan, but her call is answered by a waitress flirting with Evan. Evan and Cassidy argue, driving her into Troy's arms. Nash declares his love for Caitlin by bringing her flowers. But Caitlin has already accepted the Boston job offer, and she leaves behind Nash's flowers.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 77


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