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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

May 16, 1998

Episode 54       Airdate: 05/15/98      Writer: Carlton Cuse and John Wirth     Director: Deran Sarafian
Guest Stars: Anne Francis, Angela Dohrmann, Suki Kaiser, Jill Lover, Rainbow Borden, Skip O'Brien, and Clay Wilcox.

Joe:So what's up with this woman that wants to meet Nick, man?
Nash:Beats the hell outta me...
Joe:Ah, you know, ah, you might have a sibling out there you didn't know about, ya know? Hear about the guy that was sleeping with this woman turned out to be his long lost sister?
Nash:Bubba, you've gotta cut back on the JERRY SPRINGER.
Joe:Hey, maybe we're related, man. She sound Latino?
Nash:Too late. You're already mah brothah!

Harvey and Evan enter a diner to get some coffee. As Harvey approaches a punker-styled couple, the woman (seeing Harvey's badge) suddenly shoots Harvey in the shoulder. Harvey pulls out his gun only to have the man grab his gun and begin shooting. Evan calls for aid as the couple escapes in a car.

Harvey is seriously wounded, but OK. The getaway car was registered to a Bennett Cole, but Bennett claims his car was stolen. The shooters are possible former local high school students, so Nash gives Evan the job of searching through yearbooks. Joe drops by Evan's apartment to give Evan the yearbooks, but Joe discovers Evan and Cassidy in the shower together.

Nash and sister Stacy meet the mysterious woman claiming to know Nick. Julia Ann Porter is Nick's lost love, because her father forbade their relationship and marriage. Julia's father, also Navy Commanding Officer at Pearl Harbor during World War II, denied a recommendation for a Navy Cross for Nick, in addition to hiding their love letters to each other.

Joe decides not to tell Nash about Evan. The woman is identified as Isabella Kuffeld from the high school yearbook. Evan and Michelle visit Isabella's mother, only to discover the mother has been very recently killed. Nash and Joe interrogate the manager, of the Null and Void Club, and he identifies Floyd Janovich as Isabella's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Isabella and Floyd visit the home of her former boss and terrorizes Ben and Sara Tanner. Isabella and Floyd kill the couple with Harvey's gun. From this, Nash and Harvey learn of Isabella and Floyds' next target - they're killing people they hate and next is Floyd's dad.

A distressed Evan confesses to Nash about his relationship with Cassidy, but it's through Joe that Nash learns the truth. A surprised and upset Nash confronts Cassidy. Cassidy further upsets her father by revealing she is not going to college. Nick tells the story of how he shot down a kamikaze plane and saved his ship. After reading Julia's lost love letters, Nick meets Julia at last.

Floyd's dad is uncooperative, but his other son Bennett Cole reveals that his half-brother is at a club. Nash and Joe arrest Isabella in the mosh pit, but Floyd gets away. Isabella confesses to killing her mother and the Tanners, but she is defiant about giving up Floyd. Undercover as a punker, Michelle comes up with a phone number to Floyd. Floyd is cornered in a warehouse trailer. As Nash and SWAT officers close in, Floyd blows himself up in a gas explosion.

Cassidy reconsiders and agrees to go to college at Berkeley, but she will continue to see Evan. Nash, Stacy and Nick are all dressed up for the ceremony to receive Nick's Navy Cross. But Nick's toothache turns out to be more serious as Nick collapses (apparently suffering a stroke) before the ceremony. A sad Nash brings the Navy medal to Nick's bedside in the hospital.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 54


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