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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

December 13, 2000

Episode 109       Airdate: 12/08/00      Writer: Alan Ormsby     Director: Ricardo Mendez Matta
Guest Stars: Bellamy Young, James MacDonald, Erik Passoja, Vanessa Dorman, and Caroline Lagerfelt as Inger Dominguez.

Cassidy:(reading a letter) Dear Diana, how come you don't answer my letters? Maybe you think you're better than me. You wouldn't look so cute with your face mashed in. P.S. Please marry me. Love, George.
Rachel:That would be George Kent. That's his fourteenth marriage proposal in a three month period.
Nash:Romantic bastard, isn't he? Yeah, very poetic.

In the 'Cuda, Joe informs Nash he's selling Inger's Volvo station wagon. Joe has already placed an ad online. Meanwhile at the St. Francis Hotel, TV reporter Diana Carr wraps up filming another story. A killer gets in the elevator with Diana, and he shoots five people standing next to Diana. Nash and Harvey arrive, but the killer escapes, leaving behind his mask and black coat. Five people are dead, and the killer promises Diana he will return.

The mask was stolen from Guilder's Costume Shop, and the owner Wallace suspects it was someone from a cleaning service that the shop uses. Rachel and Cassidy check out threats to Diana, and find George Kent - a deranged fan. George lives in an abandoned school bus, and inside he has a shrine to Diana.

Bonnie inquires about Inger's Volvo, so Joe takes Bonnie for a test drive. Bonnie drives away with the Volvo. Joe is too embarrassed to tell Inger, hoping he will recover the stolen Volvo before she finds out. Joe tells Nash if Inger calls to deny everything.

Rachel and Cassidy raid George's bus, but he is not there. Diana has gone ahead with her lead story on the killer (against Nash's orders). Nash sends Harvey and Antwon to intercept Diana at the studio, as Antwon spots George outside a window peering in. Harvey and Antwon arrest George.

On interrogation, George refuses to talk to Nash, so Diana speaks to George. George has underwear (supposedly from Diana) that George bought online from CelebrityCollect.com. Nash is convinced that George is not the killer.

Harvey receives a woman's nude photos mixed in with his vacation photos. Rachel accidentally sees the photos, as Harvey is unable to explain. Harvey becomes obsessed with the woman - Jordan Schaefer. Harvey, accompanied by Antwon, goes to see Jordan. Harvey gets a date with her.

Meanwhile, Inger's Volvo is used for a bank hold-up by a couple getting away with $25,000. Inger accidentally comes across the Volvo in a motel parking lot. The manager tells Inger a "Mr. And Mrs. Smith" came out of the Volvo, which Inger assumes are Joe and Bonnie. An irate Inger takes the Volvo.

The CelebrityCollect.com site is traced to a P.O. box belonging to a Lenny Peel. Nash spots Lenny stalking Diana as she does a story in front of the SIU. Lenny breaks into Nash's apartment. Later Lenny calls Nash and threatens Nash. At the TV station, Lenny again corners Diana in an elevator. He threatens to kill her unless she reads his manifesto on the six o'clock news. The manifesto is an anti-gay document detailing a campaign to rid San Francisco of gays.

Inger confronts Joe about his alleged affair. She calls Nash to learn the truth. But Nash, following Joe's instructions, denies everything. This makes the situation worse and Inger refuses to speak with Joe. Showing up for his date, Harvey discovers than Jordan has a twin sister Jennifer. Antwon is there, and Jennifer is interested in a double date. It is Jennifer who is the wild one, the one in the photos. Jennifer is paired with Antwon, while Harvey gets stuck with Jordan, the conservative one.

Nash gets Diana to set a trap for Lenny. She refuses to read the manifesto on air. Lenny, a janitor, has access to get into the studio. Lenny shows up to kill Diana, but Diana is not there. The live broadcast has been moved to another studio - Nash is there with the SIU to arrest Lenny.

Joe comes home to apologize to Inger, but the bank robber couple are there in front of his house. The stolen money is still in the Volvo, as Bonnie and her boyfriend try to break into the Volvo. Joe calls for back-up, and a shoot-out ensues. The Volvo is shot up and the gas tank explodes as Joe and the bandit couple exchange gunfire. Two patrol cars corner Bonnie and his boyfriend, as Inger rushes out to hug Joe.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 109


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