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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

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Season 2

Copyright law prohibits us from lending or providing or trading with anyone copies of any missed episodes. It would be copyright infringement to break the law; thus, please no requests for any copies of any missed episodes. Note, however, that private (personal) home-videotaping of films and television programs broadcast free to viewers are considered "fair use" and do not constitute copyright infringement.

Episode 31: "DELIVERANCE" Airdate: 5/2/97
The LowTek Log Line: A decorated Gulf War veteran and his men hired to protect a crime ridden neighborhood instead rob and kill drug dealers - Nash and the SIU stop them, while Joe's wife delivers their baby girl.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 31
Commentary: The Old Ammo in the Fire Gag

Episode 30: "WILD CARD" Airdate: 4/25/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company oust a new Chinatown Triad boss from power, while Nash helps his old pal from the Bahamas clear a gambling debt.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 30
Commentary: Is It VICE Yet?

Episode 29: "MOVING TARGET" Airdate: 4/11/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company prevent a mob war by getting one mobster to testify against the other, while Joe loses his wedding ring.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 29
Commentary: Boy or Girl?

Episode 28: "OUT OF CHICAGO" Airdate: 3/28/97
The LowTek Log Line: A bad cop out of Chicago uses the SIU to locate her stolen drug money.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 28
Commentary: Another Nasty Girl

Episode 27: "RAMPAGE" Airdate: 2/21/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash's ex-partner has a daughter who teams up with a convicted robber out to collect the loot from a past botched robbery. Cassidy poses nude for a safe sex poster.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 27
Commentary: Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Episode 26: "GUN PLAY" Airdate: 2/14/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash traces down the gun and the gun dealers responsible for shooting and wounding his daughter Cassidy.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 26
Commentary: Shot in the Butt

Episode 25: "KNOCKOUT" Airdate: 2/7/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company come across a wild couple who picks Nash's sister Stacy as victim in a drug/sexual assault spree.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 25
Commentary: Wild Women

Episode 24: "THE WEB" Airdate: 1/31/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company rescue a computer expert's kidnapped wife and foil a high-tech plan to steal a platinum shipment.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 24
Commentary: Bogus Technology

Episode 23: "THE COUNTERFEITERS" Airdate: 1/24/97
The LowTek Log Line: The SIU busts a counterfeiting ring pretending to be them, while Nash and Joe locate a missing Superbowl Championship ring.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 23
Commentary: Don Johnson - Yum!

Episode 22: "INSIDE OUT" Airdate: 1/10/97
The LowTek Log Line: Joe goes undercover in prison to avenge the killing of a fellow cop.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 22
Commentary: The Resurrection of Joe

Episode 21: "ROAD WORK" Airdate: 1/3/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and Joe must bring in a witness to testify against a mobster who has bought off the judge and US Marshals.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 21
Commentary: 'Cuda Action

Episode 20: "25 HOURS OF CHRISTMAS" Airdate: 12/13/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company are forced to work on Christmas Eve to solve a department store robbery/murder.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 20
Commentary: The Christmas Episode

Episode 19: "PROMISED LAND" Airdate: 11/22/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company take down an Asian people smuggling operation.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 19
Commentary: The Annual Chinatown Episode

Episode 18: "HIT PARADE" Airdate: 11/22/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and Joe become targets for assassins after an informant vowing vengeance is killed.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 18
Commentary: Wife Number Three?

Episode 17: "LEO'S BIG SCORE" Airdate: 11/8/96
The LowTek Log Line: A 11 year old plots a drug rip-off as Joe's son J.J. visits Joe and burns down Joe's bar.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 17
Commentary: That Odd Mixture of NASH

Episode 16: "ZODIAC" Airdate: 11/1/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash recruits a retired cop to catch a copycat Zodiac killer.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 16
Commentary: Exit Shimamura

Episode 15: "NIGHT TRAIN" Airdate: 10/25/96
The LowTek Log Line: A night of celebration and train ride home is turned into a hostage situation for Nash and company.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 15
Commentary: Tunnels and Aggressive Females

Episode 14: "THE BROTHERS MCMILLAN" Airdate: 10/18/96
The LowTek Log Line: An evil brother destroys his family to gain control of his clan, while his other brother is involved with Kelly, Nash's second ex-wife.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 14
Commentary: Good Wife, Bad Wife

Episode 13: "TRACKDOWN" Airdate: 10/11/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash confronts his childhood friend turned mysterious assassin known as "The Monk."
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 13
Commentary: Bringing Back Russ

Episode 12: "WRECKING CREW" Airdate: 10/4/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company take down a tough crew of robbers while Nash and Joe locate a baseball star's missing car.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 12
Commentary: Flash Bang

Episode 11: "THE GREAT ESCAPE" Airdate: 9/27/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash must rescue his daughter after militia group prisoners escape and kidnap his daughter, Cassidy.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 11
Commentary: Old and New, Comedy and Violence

Episode 10: "'TIL DEATH DO US PART" Airdate: 9/20/96
The LowTek Log Line: Joe gets exposed to a deadly virus, forcing Nash and Joe to find the stolen antidote.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 10
Commentary: Season Premiere with Lots of Changes

Episode 9: "INTERNAL AFFAIRS" Airdate: 9/13/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash must clear himself after being framed by an Internal Affairs officer.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 9
Commentary: Familiar Police Theme with Nash Touches



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