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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

September 20, 1996

Episode 10       Airdate: 9/20/96      Writer: Carlton Cuse     Director: Greg Beeman
Guest Stars: Christopher Rich, Yvette Nipar, Richard Edson, Grand L. Bush, Freda Foh Shen, Bette Ford.
Special Appearance by Geraldo Rivera.

    Joe:  Out of curiosity Doctor, what are the symptoms of
          this infection?

 Doctor:  After 72 hours you get rapidly rising fever, mental
          disorientation, accumulation of fluid in the lungs,
          disintegration of the neural system, renal and colon
          failure, liquidization of the internal intestinal
          membranes, and death within 36 hours.

    Joe:  Oh, good, you had me worried there for a moment.

   Nash:  Yeah, me too, he's already got all that other stuff.

Nash Bridges and Joe Dominguez arrive on the crime scene in a secured laboratory. An experimental pain killing drug, pentasol, has been stolen for sale on the street as a new high. But the laboratory also contains the U473 deadly virus. Joe accidentally punctures his safety suit and is exposed to the deadly virus. Also taken in the theft is the entire supply of antidote to the virus. So Nash and Joe have 3 days to find the exposed thief and get the antidote before the thief and Joe becomes infectious and must be quarantined.

The annoying FBI agent David Katz enters into the case because of the threat to The City. Through the laboratory security camera, the thief is identified as Jared Love. Nash and Joe zero in on Gene Kwon, a high level pusher who Jared has a deal with to market the new drug. Kwon tries to short-change Jared, resulting in Jared forcing Kwon to overdose on pentasol. Agent Katz interferes as a crazed suicidal Kwon throws Katz off a high rooftop. Through Kwon, Nash obtains the name of Jared's girlfriend, Dana Traner.

Dana has been stalked by Jared, and the legal restraining orders has been ineffective, resulting in Dana's deep resentment against police and the legal system. Nash decides to approach Dana disguised as a teacher, and they both discover a strong attraction. As Nash and Dana are having dinner, Jared continues to harass Dana. Another thug - Alex Payton, harasses Dana trying to find the whereabouts of Jared. Payton is linked to a larger drug dealer named Mr. Keneally. Payton makes the deal with Jared and takes possession of the pentasol and the virus antidote.

Meanwhile, Nash's father Nick, has made surprise plans to get married the next day. Nash meets Nick's bride-to-be Charlotte. Nash makes plans for his first wife Lisa, a professional caterer, to cater the wedding. Lisa has been busy with the U.S. Flour Baking Contest, with a grand prize of $500,000. Lisa's entry is her delicious whiskey caramel cake. But Joe, during a visit, accidentally eats the cake. A frantic Joe and Nash's daughter Cassidy try to re-make a new cake, but fail miserably.

After spending the night with Dana, Nash decides to tell Dana the truth that he is a policeman. Before he can, Jared shows up and takes Dana hostage. Dana kills Jared in self defense. Nash and Joe close in on Payton, but once again FBI agent David Katz interferes. Agent Katz accidentally gives Payton a valuable clue that the merchandise Payton has is the much needed antidote. Nash disarms Payton, and Joe manages to catch one vial of the virus antidote before it shatters on the pavement.

Nash, Joe, and Cassidy confront Lisa to tell her about the ruined cake, but Lisa reveals the cake that Joe ate was only her back-up cake. Joe throws a bachelor party for Nick with two strippers named Ebony and Ivory. Nick fails to show up for the wedding leaving Charlotte at the altar. Nash finds Nick at his favorite bar, with Nick's Alzheimer's disease having a flair-up as the reason for Nick's no-show. Nick reveals that Nash's mother died when she was 28 years old, leaving Nick with 3 children to raise.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 10


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