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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

December 19, 1999

Episode 89       Airdate: 12/17/99      Writer: Jed Seidel and Reed Steiner     Director: Jim Charleston
Guest Stars: Catherine Dent, J. August Richards, Christian J. Meoli as Boz Bishop, Pauly Shore.

Boz:You busted, Chalupa. All right? Now be a man about it.
Nash:See, I've got your name spray painted all over the hood of my car out there. You tellin' me that's not you?
Boz:Damn straight it was you. Your work sold 'cha out, bro.
Nash:Bubba, you made the horrible mistake of tagging a police captain's car. Now, I'm all for artistic freedom, but I do have my rules, and I draw the line at my car.

Nash has just had his car cleaned and detailed. A silent alarm call comes in from Harvey. A three man crew has just robbed Prince's Coin Shop. Waiting outside is getaway driver Mickey. Another four man crew of ski-masked robbers rip off the original robbers, taking their loot amidst machine gun fire. Nash and Joe arrive to arrest the original crew.

Ernie Vesper, head of the original robbery crew, denies everything (since the loot was stolen). Mickey is arrested inside a dumpster. Mickey bargains for full immunity in exchange for information on Vesper's crew - Nash grants the full immunity.

Nash has Evan brought into their latest off-duty case. Evan is to be evaluated to see if he is still fit to be in the SIU. Joe and Evan investigate Frank Harding's mysterious kidnapping of his son Frank Jr. five years ago. Forty thousand dollars was left on his door step on the anniversary of his kidnapping - the exact same amount of the ransom money.

Nash's beloved 'Cuda has been tagged by a graffiti artist named "Lover 101." Nash hires Boz Bishop, a former tagger himself, to locate "Lover 101."

Mickey's information leads to Brenda Valdez. Brenda is married to Rocco Valdez, head of the other robbery crew. But Brenda has been cheating on Rocco with Vesper's cousin. She denies being the link to the rip off robbery, but she does tip off Nash to Rocco's next planned jewelry store robbery. Mickey is released from jail.

Joe and Harvey follow Rocco. Rocco meets Mickey to hire Mickey for his next robbery. Joe follows Mickey back to the SIU, where Mickey tells Joe of Rocco's next robbery. Rocco pulls off the jewelry store robbery, but is ripped off by another ski-masked robbery crew. Harvey and police back-up arrest both crews, but everybody refuses to talk. It is obvious that Mickey has set them all up - including the SIU.

Evan does a trace of the ransom money, but it leads nowhere, as does an interview with the daughter Cynthia. Joe discovers that Frank Jr. sold his car two days after the kidnapping to a Tara Browning. Tara tells Joe that Frank Jr. left for Europe. But Tara's fingerprints reveal that she/he is Frank Jr. Joe is also disappointed in Evan's performance on the case.

Boz leads Nash to the graffiti artist "Lover 101" but then the 'Cuda hood is stolen. Nash and Boz locate the 'Cuda hood in an art gallery, where it is sold as a piece of art known as "Hood from the Hood." The gallery owner Maximillian bought the hood from Nathan for $15,000. But Nathan refuses to cooperate by refunding the money. Maximillian is set to ship the 'Cuda hood to an art collector in Stuttgard, Germany.

Nash figures out that Mickey is hiding the robbery loot in a toxic waste container at his hospital job. Nash and Caitlin confiscate the loot, but are unable to arrest Mickey because he has been granted full immunity. Boz saves Nash's 'Cuda hood by creating a piece of art from Maximillian's BMW hood - Boz and Maximillian exchange hoods. Joe decides not to tell Frank Harding that his son is still alive, though living as a woman - Joe refunds the retainer money.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 89


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