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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

Do Something Simple
September 26, 1999

Gordon Hom

Let's see...when we left NASH world four months ago, the final shot was of Nash hovering over a sighing Caitlin in a kind of soft core porn segment which ended the season. So now Caitlin's moved in and changing Nash's apartment. Nash's apartment is kind of a ultimate bachelor pad complete with spectacular view, a hot tub on the roof (remember NASH fans?), pool table, pin ball machine, a cool freight elevator, and a big hole in the wall.

Nash's place is like a department store with everybody coming and going as they please, including crazed stalkers and other criminal types. Wild commercials have been shot here (with goats and all), bachelorette parties with male strippers, and the apartment has even been assaulted by ninja assassins with wild shoot-outs, ending with the place being littered with dead bodies. Oh yes, then there's Old Man Nick. He's still got the hormones pumping, and probably getting his jollies listening to Nash and Caitlin have sex (there's a big hole in the wall, and who knows where there may be other smaller holes?) WHAT MATURE, SENSIBLE WOMAN WOULDN'T WANT TO LIVE HERE? It just needs a little redecorating, that's all. If it doesn't work out, she could moved into a frat house at UC Berkeley.

While Nash maintains his facade of domestic bliss, the other SIU boys are heading down miserable roads. Harvey sees his out-of-wedlock son, and Joe's wife Inger and child Lucia leave for Sweden (are we all humming the tune "If your life gets too messed up, do something simple."?) Worst of all is Evan, having shot himself in the groin, minus one testicle, popping pain-killing pills and booze, as Evan says to Harvey "I've got a really good scar you're never going to see." Falser words were never spoken - that's the first thing men see in locker rooms.

Should we even bother to mention the Selena-type story of a Latina star murdered by her crazed fan? The hostage scene is reminiscent of a scene in the third Dirty Harry sequel THE ENFORCER (1976). But instead of Clint Eastwood clearing out the place with his .44 Magnum, Nash lets SWAT do his killing. Nash, as a police officer, continues to cut a wide path beyond his purvey of law enforcement. Nash swaggers when he cuts a deal with the TV station: "He'll be unable to get a fair trail - I'm gonna hold you responsible." But the suspect never even gets to trial as he's blown away by Nash's SWAT - LAW AND ORDER this ain't. NASH BRIDGES dispenses with legalities for the easy way out, and that's usually BANG! with a magic bullet tune ("If your life gets too messed up, do something simple."). Is this 1970s Dirty Harry-type cop really in sync with a Y2K law enforcement? Who's does Nash think he is - WALKER, TEXAS RANGER?

One final note of Jon Polito, visceral character actor always playing ultra-sleazeballs (we love this guy!) making too brief a guest appearance. He used to be a semi-regular on HOMICIDE, and he was in a GODFATHER sequel, and many other bit parts. If you look in the background, Officer Ronnie (played by Ronald Russell) also returns this season (we refer to him as Nash's goon, and that he is).

* For more, see synopsis for Episode 79


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