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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

April 17, 1999

Episode 74       Airdate: 04/16/99      Writer: Carlton Cuse and Rob Kenneally     Director: Patrick Norris
Guest Stars: Stephen Lee, William Smith, Michael Wyle, Athena Massey, Pavel Lychnikoff.

Nurse Becky:This is for your sample. (Hands Joe a cup)
Joe:(In a low voice) Oh, yeah. (A little while later) There you go. (Places cup on counter)
Nurse Becky:Ahem. Mr. Dominguez, we only needed a urine sample.
Joe:Oh. (Sheepish grin) On the house.

It's a ransom pay-off: Harvey and Evan watch a man with a bag full of money inside a cable car. Nash and Joe are in the 'Cuda outside. A motorcycle races by and the rider grabs the money bag. The 'Cuda gives chase. The motorcycle crashes - the driver is killed, but the rider is not. The rider turns out to be Tony B.

Tony B. has a concussion, and is suffering from memory loss. Tony B. doesn't remember the $500,000 ransom for the return of hockey goalie Tom Corbett of the SF Seadogs. Via e-mail, the ransom has been upped to $750,000. Nash confronts Tony B. with Porkchop Langdon, shipped in from Nevada prison. Tony B. doesn't remember this was the man who betrayed him by gambling away $250,000 of his money. They bring in Tony B.'s girlfriend, Dori Ditlow, and Tony B. doesn't remember her. Dori remembers Tony though - he owes money to the Russian mob.

Caitlin helps out by reading Russian documents found in Tony's apartment. While at Tony's apartment, Nash and Joe run into two counterfeiters, whom they promptly arrest. There are Russian documents of Colonel Boris Zarkov, notorious international gangster now working in the Bay area, and his son Bo Zarkov (the dead motorcycle driver). Tony is paged by Boris. They meet at a restaurant. Four hitmen try to kill Tony; three are shot dead by the SIU. Hit on the head again, Tony regains back his memory.

Meanwhile, Harvey's car is broken. He and Evan borrow Lt. Pomerantz's car. While riding along, Evan adjusts the shotgun in the dash. The shotgun accidentally goes off, blowing a hole in the roof. A panicked Harvey makes a deal with Gary Stokes (whom they borrowed the car from at the police lot) and his mom to fix the car - Harvey and Evan agree to show up at Gary's Parole Hearing.

Also Inger wants another child, so Joe must visit a fertility clinic. Joe mistakenly gives sperm when all the clinic needed was urine; a second visit requires a second sample of sperm.

Tony owes a gambling debt of $400,000 to Zarkov, and was forced into picking up the ransom money. Nash and Joe see Yatka, the replacement goalie for Tom Corbett. Yatka parents are being held hostage - Yatka must throw the game for Zarkov, whose Latvian gangsters are betting heavily on the game.

Nash gets an idea to send in Caitlin (undercover as a prostitute), who understands Russian, into the Petrograd Club. Tony goes in also to get Zarkov to reveal the location of kidnapped Tom Corbett. Tony tells Zarkov the cops are on to location of Tom Corbett. Caitlin relays the info, barely escaping a rape attempt by one of Zarkov's thugs.

Zarkov's men are followed to the location of Tom Corbett. Nash and the SIU show up, freeing Tom. Harvey and Evan return a repaired car to Gary in the police lot, though Lt. Pomerantz spots a coffee stain on the floorboard. Nash visits Zarkov at the club, and the hockey game on TV shows Tom Corbett playing. Zarkov is in trouble with his Latvian gang because they have betted heavily on the game, which they are going to lose.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 74


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