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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

November 20, 1999

Episode 86       Airdate: 11/19/99      Writer: Carlton Cuse and John Wirth     Director: Scott Brazil
Guest Stars: Harry Van Gorkum, Susan Gibney, Sticky Fingaz, Robin Atkins Downes, Antwon Tanner. Special Guest Star: Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Joe:Thanks for not letting him [Bananas] sit in my seat, man.
Nash:Hey Bubba, he may love me, but I still love you.

Nash, the SIU along with SWAT, bust into the home of Mario Baptiste, drug kingpin. Evan gets separated and arrests accountant Richter. Evan discovers a bag with $120,000 in cash. Alone in the room, Evan takes some cash. Baptiste escapes. Nash is upset because the informant Fly Boy is not there.

Nash and Joe's latest off-duty case is to guard a chimpanzee named Bananas. Bananas is a movie star targeted by an animal rights group (the Simian Liberation Army). The SLA want to kidnap Bananas and set him free in Africa. Nash is reluctant, but an eager Joe accepts the case after an offer of tripling their normal rate by Banana's manager, Alex Crow.

Interrogation of Baptiste's accountant Richter reveals that, along with 27 kilos of cocaine, there is only $80,000 in cash. Evan has taken $40,000. Nash assigns Caitlin to investigate Evan.

The informant Fly Boy is beaten up by Baptiste. Fly Boy must find the informant in two days or be killed. Evan finds Fly Boy in the hospital, but after Evan's brutal interrogation, Fly Boy refuses to tell Harvey and Evan anything.

At a book signing appearance, Jake Cage tries to kidnap Bananas. Cage has been sent undercover by Nash to infiltrate For Animal Lovers, an extreme group headed by killer Bruce Jenko. Jenko has recently married Melissa Toland, head of the SLA. Cage needs Bananas in order to infiltrate the both groups, but Nash objects to endangering Bananas.

Evan confronts Caitlin - Evan lies to Caitlin about not taking the money. Harvey refuses to speak to Evan - Evan breaks up with Harvey, so their partnership is over. Meanwhile, Bananas has developed a crush on Nash, and Bananas is jealous of Caitlin.

Harvey's home has been ransacked by Baptiste in search of his stolen money. Nash arrives, as does Evan. Evan confesses and brings out the stash of money he stole. Evan reveals that he did it to bait Baptiste. An angry Harvey attacks Evan for endangering his home. Nash is also angry, but Nash decides to follow through with Evan's plan. Harvey and Evan are to meet with Baptiste to return the money.

At the SIU, a mischievous Bananas causes havoc with Joe and Caitlin. Joe locks Bananas in the SIU holding cell, but Bananas escapes and manages to lock Officer Ronnie in the cell. Bananas triggers the mysterious disco music, which Bananas successfully and finally disables.

Jake disobeys Nash and grabs Bananas, driving off with the chimpanzee in a Trans Am. Harvey and Evan meet Baptiste to return his stolen money, but Baptiste decides to kill them anyways. But the trap is sprung, as police surround Baptiste.

Nash suspects an inside man, Stuart (who works with Bananas) has been leaking information to Jenko and Toland. Nash and Joe follow Stuart to an abandoned boat by the docks. Nash and Joe discover Cage and Bananas are there, but they are all taken prisoner by Jenko and his thugs. Bananas frees them by stealing the cell keys.

Jake Cage takes out many of Jenkos thugs, Nash pushes Melissa Toland overboard, as Bananas actually knocks out Jenko with a monkey wrench. Alex Crow, Bananas manager, offers Nash and Joe quadruple their salaries to work full time for Bananas, but Nash refuses. Nash says goodbye to Bananas. Nash suspends Evan for 60 days for his reckless conduct.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 86


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