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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

April 3, 1999

Episode 73       Airdate: 04/02/98      Writer: John Wirth     Director: Jim Charleston
Guest Stars: Mark Dobies, Julianne Christie, Edward Albert, Dana Gladstone, Sean Moran. Special Guest Star: Tracey Walter.

Harvey:So, OK, what? You stop by, tell me you're sorry, check me off the "To Do" List on your 12-step program?
Bonnie:Look, I hurt you, Harvey. I know it. You didn't deserve it and I'm sorry. That's what I'm here to say. I'm sorry.
Bonnie:You forgive me?
Harvey:(Hugging her) I forgive you.

Flashback to two years ago as a man begs for his life, but is shot twice in the head. Two years later, Nash and Joe drive up in the 'Cuda. They immediately suspect the Bayside Killer has resurfaced from the skeletal remains and the severed head. A Driver's License is found which bears a remarkable resemblance to Angel.

The Driver's license says the dead man is a Richard De Haven. He was shot twice in the head with .44 caliber hollowpoints, trademarks of the Bayside Killer. Evan and Harvey visit De Haven's last known address, but that reveals nothing. Angel is found and brought to the SIU. A forensic reconstructionist builds a computer image of the skull's face, which resembles Angel's face exactly. Nash figures it out - De Haven is Angel's twin. Fingerprints reveal nothing, but a search of birth records begins.

Caitlin's new boyfriend, Bruce McQue, agrees to coach girl's soccer for Caitlin. Caitlin is helping her ill friend in the Police Athletic Girl's Soccer Play-Offs. Joe is coaching the rival team, and Joe is concerned about Bruce's daughter Danielle, whom Joe suspects is a ringer. Joe tries to approach Danielle, but he scares her off and rouses the suspicion of a crossing guard.

Harvey is hot on the trail of Charles Gandy, one of the list of Bayside Killer suspects. Gandy's name crossmatched with De Haven's (they lived in the same building). Gandy is a Regional Sales Manager, and his travel to other cities matches a series of unsolved killings.

Evan tracks down a nurse who helped deliver the De Haven twins. She reveals the true story. Dr. Spielman delivered twins, but told the mother one of them died. Spielman's wife adopted the stolen twin (Angel), but she died of leukemia five years later, leaving Angel orphaned. Harvey arrests Gandy, but Gandy refuses to talk. Nash confronts Gandy with Angel disguised as De Haven. This rattles De Haven, he slips up by saying he's already killed him. Harvey videotapes as Gandy coldly confesses.

Harvey agrees to meet his ex-wife Bonnie. She walked out on Harvey two years ago on Christmas Eve. Harvey forgives her, and they rekindle their romance and relationship. But, once again, she leaves Harvey for no apparent reason. Harvey is again devastated.

Caitlin fires Bruce because of his uncaring and overly competitive coaching of the girls. Bruce also takes Danielle out of the game. Caitlin and Joe congratulate each other after the game. It appears Caitlin's team has won. Nash re-unites Angel (real name Peter Spielman) with his natural mother, Mrs. De Haven.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 73


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