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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

Peeping Toms
October 3, 1999

Gordon Hom

Caitlin is a modern woman, so she doesn't do housework. Instead she exercises. In fact, doing housework is so lowly, even the maid doesn't do it. Bridget seduces Nick (after symbolically castrating him by cutting the sleeves off his shirt), quits as maid, and becomes Nick's companion. So Nick ends up vacuuming. Dinner time must be stressful at Nash's place.

In last week's commentary, we noted the oddball threesome that is now Nash's apartment. There is the middle-aged unmarried couple of Nash and Caitlin, and his dirty old man Nick. Now Nick's got his own squeeze Bridget ("Ooh Daddy! Do that again!"), so now we've got two unmarried couples, one middle-aged and the other senior citizens, just a-humping away. These old fornicators, father and son, are just having themselves a grand old time.

Away from the pungent aroma of sex that is Nash's apartment, poor Joe is alone in his frosty apartment. Wife Inger has left again, with their daughter Lucia safely hidden (and held for psychic ransom, like the main storyline) in Sweden. One Nut Evan is still popping pain pills (he looks hopelessly addicted already) and stalking Cassidy from afar. Cassidy is merciless in the face of all this pain and masculine angst. Some geek tries to commit suicide - so what? No way is she going to date this loser.

Somewhat surprising is guest star Corbin Bernsen playing a Nasty Bad Boy. He's a little badder than he was on LA LAW, but as a guest Bad Guy of the Week on NASH BRIDGES? After Jon Polito of HOMICIDE last week, Corbin continues to add class to the guest roster. But Harvey is getting all the best exit lines, as he busts in on the most intimate of situations, first in a massage room "I'm afraid you're Shiatsu outta luck, dear", then in a motel room "Sorry! As you were." Along with Caitlin walking in on Nick and Bridget having sex (and falling flat on her back, Caitlin's so stunned), these cops are incidental Peeping Toms.

* For more, see synopsis for Episode 80


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