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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

October 3, 1998

Episode 56       Airdate: 10/02/98      Writer: Reed Steiner and Jed Seidel     Director: David Carson
Guest Stars: Ivelka Reyes, Lissa Negrin, Patrick Fischler, Kevin Fry, Stefanos Miltsakakis, Jon Huertas, Brian Strauss, Sammy Hagar, Kelly Hu as Michelle Chan.

Joe:Look, it's our niche market. There's gay doctors, gay lawyers, gay dentists - we're gay detectives.
Nash:Yeah right, except for the gay part.
Joe:Look, you have a little success, you get a reputation, you know.
Nash:(Exasperated) I don't think I can take it anymore.
Joe:We develop a client base in the gay community where we're known, and OK, then we start building up our revenues, then we'll get firmly established, we come out.
Joe:We'll come out as straight.
Nash:Joe, we are out. I mean, I mean we're in. Stop talking. Just stop talking.

Nash and Joe are on the way to serve a summons to Laticia to testify against mobster Frankie Brown. As they take her into custody, a hitman shows up at the beauty shop, forcing Nash to kill the hitman in the ensuing shoot-out. Laticia escapes during the shoot-out.

A tattoo on the hitman's neck offers a clue that the killer was sent by Frankie Brown. Evan and Harvey discover Frankie Brown dead in his swimming pool. Big Tiny is suspected as Brown's killer. The dead hitman is identified as Josh Denkirk. Both Denkirk and Big Tiny were bailed out of jail by Binx, certified bondsman.

Nash is facing bills of father Nick's medical bills of 18,000 dollars and daughter Cassidy's tuition bill at Berkeley. Joe offers a way out by starting a gay private detective agency in partnership with Nash, with Pepe as their secretary. Reluctantly Nash agrees; their first client is a Cher impersonator betrayed by her Sonny impersonator, Kenny, who has gone off with another Cher.

A nervous Binx hires hitman Elden to kill Nash, but Nash knocks out Elden with a ladder to take Elden into custody. Laticia calls Nash several times to negotiate her surrender, but Nash outsmarts her by driving to her location pinpointed via the 911 system Laticia uses. During interrogation, Laticia reveals that Binx and Frankie Brown were associates from way back, and that Binx started his bail bonds business as a way to launder mob money. Binx killed Brown in order to take over Brown's mob business. Nash gets Elden to confess that he was hired by Binx, but an unlikely confession is really needed by Binx to make the case.

Nash gathers all of Binx's largest, six-figure bail bond felons, and threatens to release them all. Facing a potential 4.7 million dollar bond loss, and with an additonal 2 million dollar mob interest debt, Binx agrees to a confession rather than facing the mob with no money.

Meanwhile Evan sells his washing machine to Harvey. Harvey has trouble with the machine, and is irate when the washer chews up his Grateful Dead armband. After two service calls on the washer, Harvey and Evan squabble over the money. Michelle settles their dispute by donating the machine to the Salvation Army and investigating the fraudulent service man. Evan buys Harvey another Grateful Dead armband. Nash locates the other Cher from a poster on a wall. At the gay bar, their Cher throws the other Cher off stage, and "she" is re-united with her Sonny, while Nash and Joe toast their new business partnership.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 56


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