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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

February 28, 1998

Episode 47       Airdate: 2/27/98      Writer: Reed Steiner     Director: Jim Charleston
Guest Stars: Suki Kaiser, John Pyper-Ferguson, Stephanie Romanov. Special Guest Stars: Penny Marshall.

Nash:Harv, wanna grab some dinner?
Harvey:Yeah, sure. Joe won't mind?
Nash:Aw, no. We have an arrangement. Now look, I'll pay if you choose.
Harvey:Oh, my kind of date. You ever have Balinese barbecue?

Nash and Joe, also accompanied by New York cop Iris Hiller, chase Bill Williams through a fashion show in progress. Joe and Iris flush Williams out of the ventilation ducts as Nash makes the arrest. Thinking they have their man, Iris is about to leave for New York with her suspect. However, DNA tests prove that Williams is not the murderer of model Kendall McConway's boyfriend in New York. The model is still being stalked, forcing Iris to stay.

Meanwhile, Evan arrives late to work, having just spent the night with an unknown woman. After sex, the woman has taken Evan's badge and Evan is frantic. Evan begs Harvey to help locate his badge. Harvey agrees to help if Evan will forsake sex and women for one month - to which a desperate Evan reluctantly agrees. Lynnette agrees to take Nick shopping since Nash is busy.

Joe and Iris do not get along, and they fight about everything including who sits in the front seat of the 'Cuda. Nash, Joe and Iris take Kendall back to her apartment. There they find the stalker's sick threat of a melted doll surrounded by candles. Lynnette and Nick have been arrested for assault and battery when the city manager, Larry Gossett, tries to steal Lynnette's cab. Lynnette and Nick decide to stay in jail to fight the system.

Harvey and Evan locate the store where the melted doll was bought. They obtain an artist's sketch, while Evan buys a Wyoming sheriff's badge from the eccentric owner. Nash finds out that Iris has recently divorced her husband of 27 years. From jail, Lynnette calls the Chronicle newspaper, while Nick uses e-mail to threaten legal action against the city. Nash faces a barrage of reporters as he returns to headquarters. An irate Nash takes away all of Lynnette and Nick's perks - the cellular phone, laptop computer, food and snacks as the two vow to fight on.

Kendall has hired Zach Spears, a security expert with a best-selling book on stalking. Nash sends Joe and Iris to check on the relationship between Spears and Kendall. On their way to question a lead, they have a flat tire, and Joe and Iris are held up, but they both stop the mugger. Joe and Iris discover they are both married to Swedish spouses. They also learn that Kendall and Spears were lovers, and that Kendall dumped Spears when she got a new boyfriend. The threats started soon after that. Nash compares the sketch drawing with the photograph from Spears' book and discovers a likeness.

Spears reveals himself as the stalker to Kendall, and just as Spears is about to murder her, Nash and company intercede. Spears narrowly escapes from Kendall's apartment. Spears watches via secret video cameras as Nash makes plans to protect Kendall inside her apartment. Spears overrides the now changed security alarms, and breaks into Kendall's apartment. But Nash, Joe and Iris are waiting and arrest Spears.

At a tattoo shop, Evan identifies his unknown girl from her butterfly tattoos. The tattoo owner gives Evan gives the background info on the girl - Sonia Souce, 25 years old, aerobics instructor and paralegal. Sonia locates Evan at headquarters and returns his badge. Iris leaves for the airport. Nash forces city manager Gossett to apologize to Lynnette and Nick by calling in a favor with a wealthy contributor to Gossett's campaign, but Nash stalls on immediately releasing Lynnette and Nick from jail.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 47


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