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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

May 16, 1998

Episode 53       Airdate: 05/15/98      Writer: Reed Steiner and Jed Seidel     Director: James Charleston
Guest Stars: Angela Dohrmann, Suki Kaiser, Yvonne Kopacz, Christian J. Meoli, Brian Turk, Scott Eberlein.

Beth:...I really feel like I've found my focus.
Nash:Really? That's terrific.
Beth:Yeah, I know what I want more than anything in this world.
Nash:You do?
Beth:Yes. Babies. Lots of babies. A whole minivan full of babies.
Nash:Ah ha, well, that's, ah, that's quite a specific focus.
Beth:But it's not your focus, is it?
Nash:Well. (pause) Right.
Beth:I understand.

An armored car is under assault by two vehicles. A drunken man witnesses a bright light descend upon the armored car. Nash and the SIU arrive in the aftermath to find a vanished armored car (along with the two guards) and an incoherent witness named Cecil.

It is the fourth armored car to vanish. A trace on the serial numbers of the stolen money leads to a store. From the store, surveillance video pictures are obtained of suspects looking like soldiers or some type of ex-military.

Meanwhile Nash takes an interest in Joe's supposedly "impossible" off-duty case. A talented football player, Leon Washington, wants Nash and Joe to locate a beautiful girl Leon got a glimpse of in the stands. From the seat location, Nash locates the owner of the ticket, who lost it in a poker game to another woman, who in turn sold the ticket to a scalper, Boz Bishop.

Another armored car is hijacked, only this time police have surrounded the armored car and gang. The gang gets away in a helicopter after strafing the police and Nash's car with machinegun fire. Three holes are punched into the 'Cuda and in anger, Nash kills the shooter.

The dead shooter is Casey Gane, and from his phone number, Gane's roommate Lucas Hobbes is located. Evan and Harvey arrest Hobbes after he pulls a dud grenade. Hobbes reveals that the whole operation is organized and executed in a military fashion by ex-Navy SEALS. Hobbes reveals that all the guards are still alive (held hostage), and that they intend to split 50 million dollars seven ways.

Ticket scalper Boz remembers the license plate of the beautiful woman Boz sold the ticket to. Nash locates Elizabeth Wilson, only to find she is a former flame. Nash agrees to a dinner date with Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Evan realizes he loves Cassidy and sends her roses. Nash is worried about Nick's jaw ache, and insists he visit the dentist; Nash sends Lynnette to insure Nick goes to the dentist.

A dummy armored car run is concocted by Nash to lure the gang to pick up the information over the computer files. Ganes and Hobbes' commanding officer (CO) is identified as a Captain Jim Zimmer. Evan is sent to check him out, but Evan gets captured by Zimmer and the gang. The gang picks up on the phony info and plots their next robbery.

A decoy truck is loaded with SWAT officers. The decoy truck is robbed and taken to Pier 97. The truck is tracked by the SIU and SWAT. A SWAT armored vehicle crashes the Pier 97 hideout, while SWAT officers hiding inside the decoy truck rescue Evan and the guards.

Nash's sister Stacy appears with a letter from a mysterious woman claiming to have been engaged to Nick in 1943. Joe (with Leon in tow) crashes Nash and Elizabeth's dinner date, in hopes of luring Nash away so that Leon can finally meet Elizabeth. Nash remembers why he stopped seeing Elizabeth - she wants children. Nash is led away by Joe as Leon meets Elizabeth.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 53


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