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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

February 24, 2001

Episode 115       Airdate: 02/23/01      Writers: Damon Lindelof and Kim Beyer-Johnson     Director: Scott Brazil
Guest Stars: Geoff Pierson, Patrick Fabian, Suzanne Krull, Armando Ortega, J.P. Manoux, Rick Gonzalez, Al Vicente, and Dennis Boutsikaris.

Deputy Chief Petit:...Robert Saxon is highly regarded where it counts.
Nash:Well, I'm color-blind, Max. Green doesn't mean anything to me.
Deputy Chief Petit:We'd appreciate it if you pursue this with due diligence, Nash. Wrap it up quick.
Nash:All right. Let's see (he takes out a pen and writes on his hand) "Wrap up quickly." Anything else?
Deputy Chief Petit:When there is, you'll hear from me.

Lawyers Robert Saxon and Roger Coniff are shot in their car. Coniff is shot dead, Saxon is wounded in the shoulder. Saxon names the shooter as Hector Rodriguez. Nash and the SIU enter Hector's apartment - Hector tries to escape, but he is arrested.

Hector refuses to talk during interrogation, but Hector is surprised when he is charged with murder. Deputy Chief Petit is there to remind Nash that Robert Saxon is a politically connected lawyer.

In a line-up, Saxon identifies Hector as the person who shot him. Saxon's story is that he was handling a class action lawsuit concerning shoddy wiring in the building that Hector lives in. Hector called Saxon saying that he had more information, and Hector then shot Saxon and his partner Coniff.

Nash is skeptical, even when Hector's gun (with his fingerprints on it) is found near the crime scene. Hector claims his gun was stolen from his apartment two days earlier. Hector reveals he is a gang member, as was his father and brother, and Hector feels he belongs in prison.

Meanwhile, Joe discovers that Gertrude, the previous owner of his home, had a renter Gene. Joe consults with Latio, his lawyer. Joe must legally honor Gene's six month lease. Rachel has met Ethan through an Internet match-making site. Unable to meet Ethan for their first date, Rachel sends Cassidy to meet Ethan.

Rachel discovers Saxon's motive for the shooting - he and his partner have just won a $20 million law suit for their firm. Saxon is the surviving partner, so he will not have to share it with the dead Coniff. Saxon has also been in debt from bad investments, and his partner Coniff wanted to split up the law firm.

Antwon and Cassidy search Hector's apartment and discover a peep hole. Betty-Ann, in the apartment next door, has seen the theft of Hector's gun, the license plate of the thief, so she can corroborate Hector's story. Based on her information, Antwon and Cassidy arrest Artie Sanchez. Betty-Ann picks Sanchez out of a line-up, but Betty-Ann reveals herself to be crazy. She believes she is working for extraterrestrials, so Nash is forced to let Sanchez go.

Deputy Chief Petit takes Hector from SIU custody and charges Hector with murder. A warrant search of Sanchez's apartment reveals blood-stained shoes and gun powder-stained gloves. But Hector is about to accept a plea bargain - Nash and Joe plead with Hector not to accept a plea, as the case against Sanchez is building.

Saxon offers Sanchez two million dollars to take the fall for the Coniff murder. With legal help from Saxon, Sanchez will probably get a plea bargain of just seven years. Sanchez sneaks into his own apartment - Antwon and Rachel are there waiting and they arrest Sanchez. On interrogation, Sanchez confesses to the Coniff murder, but he refuses to implicate Saxon.

Ethan pursues Cassidy for a second date, and Ethan continues to ask Rachel for a date also. Antwon intervenes to protect both women. But Cassidy has already met with Rachel, and they both confront Ethan. Ethan backs off, and runs from Cassidy and Rachel, leaving Antwon baffled.

Joe's attempts to drive out his renter Gene are unsuccessful. Finally Gene agrees to leave, but he mistakenly believes Joe needs another renter. Believing that Joe would be more comfortable with a female renter, Joe discovers Cindy (the new replacement renter) in his shower.

Since Sanchez has confessed and refuses to implicate Saxon, Nash is unable to build a case against Saxon. But Nash is able to release Hector, who has recanted his plea. But Hector finds Saxon in a restaurant, and Hector shoots down Saxon in revenge. Nash arrives on scene, as Hector is taken away in a squad car. Deputy Chief Petit has no words as Nash drives away.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 115


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