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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

January 10, 1998

Episode 44       Airdate: 1/9/98      Writer: Teleplay by Reed Steiner and Jed Seidel. Based in part on a story by Ron Russell.     Director: Robert Mandel
Guest Stars: Mark Rolston, Kathe Mazur, Peter Kenney, Steven Vincent Leigh.

Joe:Why would Cassidy fall in love with a gay guy? Why wouldn't he tell her he's gay?
Nash:Maybe he doesn't know he's gay.
Joe:Well, if he doesn't know - how do you know?

Acting on a tip, Nash and Joe show up in a parking lot. The 'Cuda is attacked by a monster truck (a 4X4 with giant tractor wheels). The 'Cuda retreats into a warehouse with the monster truck blocking the entrance. The driver is mysteriously beaten and killed by a muscle-bound thug.

The monster truck driver is identified as Jimmy Gantry, an ultimate fighter, a participant in the extreme sport of no-holds combat. Nash discovers another ultimate fighter, Happy Ching, tampering with the 'Cuda. Happy tries to escape on an auto backboard, but is badly injured. Happy reveals the presence of a Web site offering a one million dollar bounty on Nash's head.

The bounty is offered by Louis Jackson, a porno kingpin/arsonist up for parole the next day. Nash always testifies against him, so Jackson gets his sister/lawyer Becca Tate to up the bounty to 1.2 million to prevent Nash from showing up at the parole hearing. Nash and Joe confront Jackson at San Quentin, and warn him to stop.

Michelle is working undercover trying to catch an Internet rapist with a scar across his forehead. Michelle sets up dates with potential suspects via e-mail. With Evan and Harvey as back-up, they set up surveillance in a coffee shop. Meanwhile, Cassidy wants Nash and Joe to meet her new boyfriend Paul. Paul wants to take Cassidy to New York City to see a musical. Nash suspects that Paul is gay and misleading Cassidy.

From information given about Nash over the Web site, two ultimate fighters show up at Nash's apartment and begin fighting each other. Nash and Joe show up to break it up, but a third fighter tries to kill Nash. Nash shoots him dead as Joe's life is threatened also. Nash confronts Becca Tate in a call to her brother. The Webmaster of the site, Adam Miller is located by Nash and Joe. But before the Web site is closed down, another ultimate fighter shows up. This one buries an ax into the hood of the 'Cuda. Nash incapacitates the ax-welding madman with pepper spray confiscated from Adam Miller. Nash forces the axman to tow the 'Cuda.

Inspite of Nash's warnings to the Parole Board and testimony of victim Randall Kaiser, Jackson is paroled. Nash and Joe dog Jackson by having him evicted from his home, and having his car towed. An irate Jackson kidnaps Kaiser to force a showdown with Nash. Jackson goes after Nash with a flame-thrower in an abandoned warehouse. Jackson is distracted by Joe, as Nash shoots and explodes the gas tank strapped to Jackson's back.

Michelle finds a man she likes, but he rejects her in demure undercover. Ben likes more physical woman. Afterwards, the rapist shows up and is immediately arrested by Michelle in front of Ben. Still, Ben rejects Michelle in her true identity. Cassidy goes out on a date with two men - Paul and the new Steve, leaving Nash and Joe wondering if Paul is gay or not.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 44


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