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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

January 17, 1998

Episode 45       Airdate: 1/16/97      Writer: Carlton Cuse and John Wirth     Director: Julian Chojnacki
Guest Stars: Daniel Rosen, Meadow Sisto, Emma Caulfield, and Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr. as Himself. Special Guest Stars: Geraldo Rivera.

Mayor Brown:Let me tell you, there are no two better dudes to talk to than these two guys....You guys will do a brief interview for the good of the City, won't you?...
Geraldo:I'm doing a show about the city of San Francisco under the leadership of Mayor Brown, and as part of that, I'd like to get a feel for what it's like to be a cop in the City. You guys, I understand, have some great tales to tell and my audience would love to hear 'em....
Nash:Wait. Are we gonna have our faces, ah - you know, that, eh, fuzz, that fuzzy - scrambled?

Undercover as Teddy Malone, Nash is trying to catch a crystal meth dealer. Using a biker couple as informants, the woman gives Nash a dose of LSD in his drink. Unable to get to Nash, Harvey calls an end to the surveillance, but not before Nash has downed the LSD.

A woozy Nash returns to headquarters at an inopportune time. Geraldo Rivera arrives with Mayor Willie Brown to ask Nash permission to do a show about the SIU. A worried Joe says yes, with a shaky Nash agreeing. Nash can't feel his legs and keeps falling down. Geraldo's producer, Jill Sutton is dating Evan, and has known Evan from their past together in Chicago.

Harvey concocts a seaweed potion to get the LSD out of Nash's system. Nash downs the potion, which induces vomiting, then sleepiness. Nash sleeps it off in the SIU holding cell, but he is mistaken for a prisoner and taken away in a paddy wagon. Geraldo is about ready to tape his show, but Nash is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Evan and Michelle have brought in Eddie Green, the street performer. Eddie has shot Dillon Goss to death in an attempted robbery of the 24 hour market where Eddie works. Joe is suspicious when Shelly Vernon's story matches exactly with Eddie's written statement.

With Nash lost, Geraldo begins his show interviewing Joe, asking "How dangerous are the streets of San Francisco?" We see a flashback from various shoot-outs from previous NASH BRIDGES episodes.

Nash returns, back to normal, and is up to speed on the Eddie Green shooting. Nash joins Geraldo's show, and is asked about his father, Nick. A flashback from moments with Nick from previous NASH BRIDGES episodes answer the question. Nash begins to suspect that Geraldo is getting inside information from a source inside the SIU.

Geraldso asks Joe about their "unconventional" ways of solving SIU cases. This begins a flashback of humorous moments with Joe from past episodes. Joe knows that the leak is from Evan, who has been dating the producer of Geraldo's show.

Nash shows Shelly surveillance tape of Shelly and her boyfriend - the dead Dillon Goss. Shelly implicates Eddie as the shooter. Nash then interrogates Eddie, and Eddie tells the truth - that Shelly really shot her possessive boyfriend. To scare Shelly, Nash tells Shelly she is about to given an SEM test to see if she has shot a gun. A scared Shelly goes to wash her hands, and Nash is waiting. Shelly confesses that she was really the shooter.

Geraldo asks Nash about his two marriages. A flashback from previous episodes involving ex-wives Lisa and Kelly answer the question. A cleared Eddie Green auditions by juggling while on a bicycle for Nash and Joe in order to get a shot on Geraldo's show. Evan confesses to Nash that he is the leak to Geraldo, but Joe lets Evan off the hook. Geraldo asks one last question about the relationship between Nash and Joe. A flashback of moments from previous episodes ends the taping session.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 45


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