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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

March 5, 1999

Episode 71       Airdate: 03/05/99      Writer: Carlton Cuse and John Wirth     Director: Colin Bucksey
Guest Stars: Raphael Sbarge, Michael Tomlinson, Ely Pouget, Jenny Levine, John Bennett Perry, Keith Harvey, and Caroline Lagerfelt.

Caitlin:You know, it's really interesting, for two guys who aren't gay, you certainly have a close relationship.
Joe:Oh. I'm really flattered. See ya.
Caitlin:OK Joe, just one more thing, OK? Since you're closer to him than anybody else - why is that, there's this, like, weird thing between him and I?
Joe:Better ask yourself that same question first, OK?

Nash and Joe arrest Big Tiny for stealing $700,000 in jewelry. They take Big Tiny into custody in the 'Cuda, but Nash notices they are being followed. Nash takes evasive action. Big Tiny suffers from motion sickness and throws up in the back of the 'Cuda. The mysterious car crashes through a motor home. A man identifies himself as Jim Edwards, the Governor's Chief of Staff. Edwards asks Nash for help - the Governor is missing; the Governor is being blackmailed and he's gone underground.

Nash makes Big Tiny clean up his barf in the back of the 'Cuda. Edwards reveals that Governor Morgan disappeared two days ago. The Governor has a mistress, a student. His wife Marsha knows about the affair. Edwards suspects that Lieutenant Governor Melvin Wexler is behind the blackmail scheme, threatening to go public. Nash knows Wexler - when Wexler was Police Commissioner, he tried to shut down the SIU.

Nash calls a secret meeting with Harvey, Evan, and Joe. They are on this secret case of the Governor's "on a need to know basis." Caitlin suspects something is up, but Nash and his men reveal nothing. Caitlin makes a bet with Nash that she will find out what is going on, with the winner getting "anything they want." Wexler pays a visit to the SIU, threatening that he knows the Governor is missing.

Nash and Joe visit Marsha Morgan - she not only about knows her husband's mistress, but she is fond of Julia Clark, a law student. She and her husband have an arrangement. Julia Clark is revealed to have two prior arrests for prostitution. This leads to Annie Lindsay, high-priced madam. Lindsay has an arrangement with Nash - he allows her to operate, as long as she gives him information.

Evan and Harvey go to question Julia Clark, and stop her from being kidnapped. Julia says she met the Governor four months ago, and fell in love with him. Julia used to work for Annie Lindsay one day a week, but quit after she met the Governor. The Governor was disappointed in her, and needed time to sort things out. The Governor pages her, and Evan and Harvey accompany her to their meeting, They are ambushed by three commandos with automatic weapons, but Evan and Harvey prevail and take the three shooters into custody.

Meanwhile, Joe is asked to bid for Paul Stevens at the Tuffnell Pre-School Charity Auction. Joe does it as an ingratiating favor - Paul Stevens is head of the Board of Trustees of the Bickford Academy - the Academy is to be daughter Lucia's next school. Joe gets caught in a bidding duel with the Martins over a child's handprint painting, with Joe winning at $21,000. Stevens refuses to pay such an amount. Nash suggests Joe sell the painting back to the Martins for $20,000 with Joe kicking in $1000. Mr. Martin refuses, offering only $200.

Interrogation of one of the shooters, Jack Jones, reveals that he was paid by Annie Lindsay to abduct Julia. Julia reveals she was paid $10,000 to seduce the Governor, but she returned the money when she fell in love. Taken into custody, Annie Lindsay refuses to talk.

Evan reveals to Nash that he dated one of Annie's girls and that she had another client at the time - Lieutenant Governor Wexler. It was Wexler who paid the $10,000 to set up the Governor.

The Governor is identified by a grocery store clerk. Nash and Joe are followed by Caitlin. Caitlin has found out the whole story by interrogating Big Tiny in the SIU holding cell. A search of the area's motels by Evan and Harvey reveals the Governor hiding out under the alias John Coachman.

With the Governor in custody, Nash lays out his investigation. Wexler set up Governor Morgan with a prostitute to cover Wexler's own involvement with a prostitute. This was Wexler's move to force Morgan from office and to take his place. Wexler has called a news conference to reveal all, but Nash instead goes there to publicly arrest Wexler. Marsha Morgan watches as her husband takes the podium to disclose everything.

Suddenly, everybody wants to buy that painting from Joe. Stevens wants it, but Joe tells him that he sold the painting to the Martins for the full amount. Nash admits that Caitlin has won their bet. Caitlin asks that Nash take her to the airport - she's going to visit her sister who is getting married.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 71


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