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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

March 7, 1998

Episode 48       Airdate: 3/6/98      Writer: Shawn Ryan     Director: Deran Sarafian
Guest Stars: Don Novello, Markus Flanagan, Sean Lawlor, John Apicella. Special Guest Star: Serena Scott Thomas.

Nash:All right. (Entering elevator.) Sure you want to have dinner?
Sela:You ever do it in an elevator, Nash?
Nash:Ah, 'scuse me?
Sela:I have a list of places I've always wanted to do it.
Nash:Really? And they would be?
Sela:Elevator, airplane, your place.
Nash:Oh, ah, hold the phone there. That last request is do-able. Ah, pardon the use of the word...
Kelly:(Entering elevator.) Nash!

Nash is with his latest date, Sela, in a hotel elevator on the way to the restaurant. Suddenly Kelly enters, and a surprised Nash introduces ex-wife Kelly to his date. Kelly exits, but before the elevator door closes, an alert Nash sees Kelly being assaulted. Nash comes to Kelly's defense, killing two thugs with guns.

The two dead men are Irish nationals, with a gun being traced to bar owner Michael Flanagan. Flanagan tells them that the gunman worked at his bar, but that Connor (Kelly's husband) was also in his bar looking for notorious IRA terrorist Patrick McQuisten. Nash doesn't believe Kelly's husband Connor that Connor is in the US on business. Connor is stalking Mcquisten for reasons yet unknown.

Meanwhile Joe is hired by an insurance company to protect Bandar Zamil, a Saudi prince worth 50 million dollars. Bandar is ill, and about to receive a heart transplant in 48 hours. The prince is a devout pursuer of strippers and naked women, and an eager Evan joins Joe's off-duty assignment. But everywhere the high living prince goes, he leaves a trail of bad checks and bad credit rating.

Kelly is still being followed, and is warned by the missing Connor to leave her hotel. Nash protects Kelly, and hoping to find Connor, Nash and Kelly go to her vacant house. There they find the house occupied by three squatters, a Reverend Dominic Florentino and his two wives. Nash throws them out.

Kelly reveals McQuisten bombed a Londonderry supermarket years ago and of the 16 victims, one was Connor's mother. For the bombing, McQuisten is supposedly still imprisoned. Further investigation reveals that McQuisten was released from prison three months ago because of peace talks between the IRA and the British government, and that McQuisten currently has been in San Francisco for a week.

Kelly also reveals that she and Connor never really got married, and that their relationship is in trouble. It is further troubled by a call from Harvey. Harvey has just found the body of one of McQuisten's thug, and it appears that Connor killed the thug. At an art gallery opening, another thug tries to kill Kelly, but Nash kills the thug. On the dead body are rental car keys.

Nash and Kelly go back to Nash's apartment, where their relationship becomes a sexual one once again. Harvey calls in the morning, telling a sleepy Nash and Kelly that the car keys have traced to a location of a hotel where McQuisten is staying. Nash confronts McQuisten and warns him to go home.

Meanwhile, at Bandar Zamil's hotel, two nurses cum strippers show up just as Bandar's heart finally gives out. But the hospital pager sounds off indicating a donor heart is available as the two strippers suddenly go into their actual nurse mode.

Connor calls up Kelly at Nash's apartment. Nash recognizes the background noises of cable cars as Victoria Park. Nash and Kelly go there to intercept, but Connor is not there. Harvey calls again, this time from McQuisten's hideout where car bomb materials have been found along with photos of Grace Cathedral. Nash puts it together - McQuisten's target is Archbishop Windicott appearing at a peace prayer at Grace Cathedral. Nash arrests Connor there, and kills McQuisten just as the terrorist has armed a black Mercedes with a four minute timer. Nash and Joe drive the car to a construction site, and walk away just as the Mercedes goes up in a fireball.

The grateful Bandar gives Joe a check for one million dollars. An unbelieving Joe shreds the check thinking it is bad. A London bank calls proving the check is real, leaving an apoplectic Joe trying to paste together the shreds. Kelly says good-bye once again, as she intends to return to London. Nash refuses the keys to her vacant house.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 48


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