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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

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Season 3

Copyright law prohibits us from lending or providing or trading with anyone copies of any missed episodes. It would be copyright infringement to break the law; thus, please no requests for any copies of any missed episodes. Note, however, that private (personal) home-videotaping of films and television programs broadcast free to viewers are considered "fair use" and do not constitute copyright infringement.

Episode 54: "SACRAMENTS" Airdate: 5/15/98
The LowTek Log Line: Harvey is shot and his gun taken by a mad couple out to fulfill a Grudge List of killing people they hate. Nick's lost love finds him, and as Nick is about to receive the Navy Cross, Nick has a physical collapse. Nash finally finds out about Evan and Cassidy.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 54
Commentary: Bubbling Over

Episode 53: "TOUCHDOWN" Airdate: 5/15/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company stop a well-organized group of ex-Navy SEALS from hijacking armored cars. Nash takes an unusual interest in one of Joe's off-duty cases in locating a beautiful girl for a football player. A mysterious woman from Nick's past shows up, while Evan and Cassidy realize they're in love.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 53
Commentary: International Chick Magnet

Episode 52: "SPECIAL DELIVERY" Airdate: 5/1/98
The LowTek Log Line: Lynnette's former boyfriend and the Hong Kong Triad are after Lynnette because of a stolen counterfeit plate she might have, while Joe's visiting father overhears a murder plot involving Joe's neighbor. Evan continues to see Cassidy.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 52
Commentary: Out of Touch

Episode 51: "DANGER ZONE" Airdate: 4/17/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company stop a jewelry heist headed by a chemist using nerve gas as a threat. Joe's long ago donated sperm maybe the tie to a young woman's search for her father, while Evan meets Cassidy for another secret date.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 51
Commentary: Prell Shampoo

Episode 50: "LADY KILLER" Airdate: 4/10/98
The LowTek Log Line: Rick Bettina is framed for murder by a casino owner whose son Rick arrested. Joe's identity is stolen and used for credit card fraud, while Evan has a date with Cassidy.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 50
Commentary: Strained Relationships

Episode 49: "CUDA GRÁCE" Airdate: 4/3/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and SIU trace a carload of dead gang members to the wealthy son of a prominent family who is financing the street drug trade. Harvey renews an old love affair while Evan and Rick Bettina pose in drag to catch an elusive female.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 49
Commentary: Strawberries and Cream

Episode 48: "PATRIOTS" Airdate: 3/6/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash's ex-wife Kelly from London visits, followed by an Irish terrorist bent on bombing an archbishop. Joe and Evan protect a Saudi prince with a failing heart.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 48
Commentary: Bowling with Kelly

Episode 47: "SKIN DEEP" Airdate: 2/27/98
The LowTek Log Line: A New York cop works with the SIU to catch a stalker of a beautiful model. Evan's badge is stolen by his one night stand, while Lynnette and Nick are arrested in an altercation with the city manager.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 47
Commentary: Laverne With a Gun

Episode 46: "DOWNTIME" Airdate: 1/30/98
The LowTek Log Line: Nash is taken off the job on a technicality by his nemesis Rick Bettina while the SIU stop a robbery gang.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 46
Commentary: Good Timing

Episode 45: "LIVE SHOT" Airdate: 1/16/98
The LowTek Log Line: Geraldo Rivera comes to the SIU to interview Nash and Joe just as Nash is given an inadvertent dose of LSD on an undercover case.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 45
Commentary: Compilation Pratfalls

Episode 44: "CROSSFIRE" Airdate: 1/9/98
The LowTek Log Line: To prevent Nash from appearing at a murderer's parole hearing, a Web site offers a million dollar bounty on Nash's life. Michelle uses the Internet to catch a serial rapist.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 44
Commentary: The IQ Level is Dropping, But It's Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

Episode 43: "DIRTY TRICKS" Airdate: 12/19/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and the SIU stop a group of British assassins operating under the cloak of diplomatic immunity. Joe tries to enroll his baby daughter into an exclusive pre-school.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 43
Commentary: Multi-Cultural Tricks

Episode 42: "FOUND MONEY" Airdate: 12/5/97
The LowTek Log Line: A missing three million dollars from a money laundering operation gets Joe into trouble with the new incompetent boss of the SIU, while a woman that Harvey once arrested is romantically interested in him.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 42
Commentary: Alienation

Episode 41: "BOMBSHELL" Airdate: 11/21/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash deals with a shady woman from his past dealing in stolen plutonium. Joe markets his family recipe for salsa.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 41
Commentary: Bombs Away

Episode 40: "MOST WANTED" Airdate: 11/14/97
The LowTek Log Line: A murderer breaks out of prison and takes revenge upon those responsible for putting him behind bars, especially Michelle Chan. Joe's latest off-duty case involves a sex videotape used to blackmail a TV reporter.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 40
Commentary: Nash AKA Dirty Harry

Episode 39: "REVELATIONS" Airdate: 11/7/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash's presumed dead brother surfaces in San Francisco in to kill a drug lord in a Southeast Asian heroin trade war dispute.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 39
Commentary: Profound Sadness

Episode 38: "SNIPER" Airdate: 10/31/97
The LowTek Log Line: While attempting to stop a rooftop sniper, SIU member Michelle appears to have shot the wrong person. Meanwhile the rest of the SIU must answer radio calls during a police strike.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 38
Commentary: Pain Facilitators

Episode 37: "RIPCORD" Airdate: 10/24/97
The LowTek Log Line: Daughter Cassidy's boyfriend is part of a murderous duo of base jumping jewel thiefs who steal a valuable necklace, while father Nick volunteers for a lab experiment in which Nick is videotaped having sex.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 37
Commentary: Creeps

Episode 36: "BLACKOUT" Airdate: 10/17/97
The LowTek Log Line: An injured Nash suffers temporary memory loss, forgetting that he has posed as a hitman to kill a wealthy man's mistress. A new member joins the squad, whom Evan inadvertently insults with sexist remarks recorded on tape.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 36
Commentary: Remembering Lisa

Episode 35: "ONE FLEW OVER THE CUDA'S NEST" Airdate: 10/10/97
The LowTek Log Line: A Sherlock Holmes killer goes after Nash while Joe gets more than he can handle from his baby nurse.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 35
Commentary: Elementary

Episode 34: "SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL" Airdate: 10/3/97
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and the SIU stop an ex-gangster from his mission of redemption by killing all of his former colleagues, while Joe is stuck taking care of his new baby.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 34
Commentary: Babies in Peril

Episode 33: "PAYBACK" Airdate: 9/26/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash takes a convict out of prison to help search for his partner looking for buried loot, while Nash's ex-wife Lisa gets into a bad business deal.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 33
Commentary: Blue Willie

Episode 32: "LOST AND FOUND" Airdate: 9/19/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and the SIU help Special Agent Katz recover a stolen FBI van loaded with weapons.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 32
Commentary: Bye Bye Annette and Mary



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