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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

April 8, 2001

Episode 117       Airdate: 03/30/01      Writer: Thomas Edward Bray     Director: Greg Beeman
Guest Stars: Chad Todhunter, Marvin J. McIntyre, Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Hal Ozsan, Louie Anderson. With Tracey Walter as Angel.

Angel:Hello Nash.
Nash:Angel - where'd you come from?
Angel:I'm always here when you need me, you know that.
Nash:No, no, don't you dare, Angel.
Angel:There's nothing to be scared of, Nash.
Nash:I just don't want him to go, not yet.
Angel:We all have to go sometime.
Nash:I know. A long time from now. Not today.
Angel:You cannot resist the Natural Order of Things, Nash. We pass through this life but for a moment. The essence of our parents. And when our time is up, we leave our children the essence of us. He will go in his own time, Nash.
Nash:I know. But just not today.
Angel:Sometimes you have to let go, in order to hold on.
Nash:What does that mean, Angel? Angel?
Angel:Bye Nash.
Nash:What does that mean? Angel?

Nash and Joe stop at a mini-market. Suddenly a pyramid-shaped robot comes in. A voice demands money - the incredulous clerk fires his gun at the robot. The radio-controlled robot fires back, killing the clerk. Nash returns fire, and he fogs the robot camera with a fire extinguisher. Then Nash tips the robot over, rendering the robot harmless. Joe intercepts a van with three occupants outside the market, but the robot controllers drive off. Joe gets the license plate number.

With Harvey on vacation, Antwon is assigned to take apart the robot. Upon opening the robot body, a bomb is set off - the explosion shakes the SIU. The license plate traces to Henry Cummings, a pothead from the Sixties. But Cummings' 1960s VW van does not match the newer 2000 VW van.

At the Battle Bot Arena, Rachel finds Dex. Dex identifies the robot maker - Spencer Forest. But Forest has hidden his identity and assumed the name of William Jones. Jones is the owner of the 200VW van. Forest plans an armored truck robbery, to be carried out by one of his robots. Forest agrees to pay gunmen $300,000 to aid in the robbery.

Meanwhile, Joe and Inger hold a garage sale. Inger sells a Swedish painting for $1.50 to their next door neighbor Richard. In old letters, Inger discovers that hidden in the back of the painting is an original copy of the Declaration of Independence. Nash's dad Nick is convinced that he is going to die on his birthday, which is the very next day. But Nash insists that Nick go for his annual check-up the next day.

Forest, aka Mr. Jones, is brought in for questioning. In the line-up, Dex is unable to identify Forest/Jones. Forest has had plastic surgery, so Forest must be let go. Forest's accomplice Jay plants a video camera inside the SIU. The camera is hidden in a water cooler. Henry Cummings, discovered to be Forest's former math teacher, is brought in for questioning. Cummings reveals he has rented out a warehouse to Forest. The SIU raids the warehouse, but Forest and his two collaborators, Ed and Jay, have already fled.

The water cooler is discovered, as Ed and Jay are arrested outside the SIU in their surveillance van. Ed and Jay refuse to talk. Their conversation in the SIU holding cell is bugged. They reveal their roles in the murder of the clerk in their conversation. When confronted by Nash with the audio tape, Ed and Jay reveal the location of the armored truck robbery about to take place.

Joe tries to get the Swedish painting back from his neighbor Richard. But Richard has given the painting to his son. But the son's demands are unreasonable, so Joe deals with the daughter. She agrees to exchange the painting for a $1000 vintage Barbie doll. Joe gets the painting back momentarily, and he removes the Declaration of Independence document before Richard demands the painting back.

The armored truck is blocked by the hold-up men. Forest's robot blocks the truck's radio communication with an electromagnetic pulse. The robot then disables the lock to the truck. As the guards hand over the bags of money, the SIU intervenes. Forest and the robbery crew are arrested.

Joe has the copy of the Declaration of Independence appraised. The document is worth $1000. But the Swedish painting, which the little girl now owns, is worth six figures, much to the chagrin of Joe and Inger.

Cassidy has not taken Nick to his doctor's appointment. Instead they spend the day in the park. Returning from his birthday dinner, Nash presents Nick with a fishing trip to Alaska. But Nick doesn't think he'll live to enjoy it. During the night, Nash is visited by Angel. Angel offers soothing words to Nash about the possible death of hisd father. The next day, Nick emerges from his room, as Nash is relieved to see Nick well.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 117


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