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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES Web Site

Official Nash Bridges DVDs available at Amazon.com

The Official Nash Bridges DVDs are available at Amazon.com (as an Amazon Associate, purchases through these links earn us commissions):

Note that some reviews suggest that, like many official TV series DVDs, the official Nash Bridges DVDs do not have the original music and there may be other edits. Reportedly some purchasers also encounter problems playing back the DVDs, so please read the Amazon reviews and warranty/return policies before making an informed purchase.

We have synopsis and commentary for all 122 episodes of Nash Bridges, which ran for 6 seasons from 1996 to 2001. It's hard to believe that it took seven years to release the first official DVD of the First Season in 2008, with the Second Season released in 2009. At last Nash fans, it was worth the wait!

We still get e-mail from around the world about NASH BRIDGES (it seems that the series is always on somewhere in the world!) The most frequently asked question is will NASH BRIDGES ever return? We think it is unlikely, though you can never rule it out completely. After all, who would have thought that Cheech Marin would, in post-Nash mode, join up with his original partner in crime Chong and tour as a comedy team once again?

But we will add this: like all very popular and much loved TV series, the set and props to NASH BRIDGES were auctioned off soon after the show was finished. Some of the more prized items (like the 'Cuda) brought in high prices. It's not known what happened to Nash's gun and badge (those were presumably kept by the star or his associates).

Welcome, this is the site to find out about this CBS series, starring Don Johnson as San Francisco Inspector Nash Bridges. Complete episode synopses and commentaries have been posted immediately after each airdate. Let us know what you want and how we can improve our site. All e-mail we receive will be considered for publication. —  Gordon Hom


NashBITS News
The latest news and info about NASH BRIDGES, including sightings in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Barb's Visit to San Francisco
During her visit to the Bay area, Barb got lucky and spotted the then brand newly constructed NASH BRIDGES set at Pier 30, and other location shooting at Presidio Park, and the Oakland Airport. Barb's photos include all the major members of the SIU - Don Johnson, Cheech Marin, Jeff Perry (who plays Harvey Leek) and Jaime Gomez (who plays Evan Cortez).


Tom's Visit to San Francisco
Tom came to visit San Francisco and visited all the sights, including the newest NASH BRIDGES set, the brand new SIU headquarters located at Pier 30 on Treasure Island. Tom shares has photos with us - take a look at his scenic digital pictures.


First Anniversary Special
A first anniversary photo special of Nash and his car in San Francisco. Thanks to all our regular followers who come back again and again to visit our site, and to all our contributors who supply us with NashBITS.


E-Mail to the Editor
Representative sampling of e-mail feedback we get from NASH BRIDGES viewers. Your e-mail might be included with our response!


The Original FAQ about NASH
Frequently Asked Questions about NASH BRIDGES, characters, Nash's car, and more. Includes exclusive photos of the actual car used in the production. A must-read for NashNewbies.


Episode Guide
Miss an episode? Check out the comprehensive episode guide with detailed synopses and commentaries posted after the airdate of every show.


The Locations of NASH BRIDGES, Part 1
Scope out the "trendy San Francisco locations" the NASH BRIDGES production has used for the show.


NASH BRIDGES Production On Location at UC Berkeley Campus
NASH BRIDGES was filming in UC Berkeley and we've got the exclusive report with behind the scenes photos!


The Origin of the NASH BRIDGES 'Cudas
'Cuda car specialist Ed Briggs tells us his exclusive story of supplying the original 'Cuda for the pilot of NASH BRIDGES.


Be An Extra in the Bay Area
Info about getting a job as an extra on NASH BRIDGES.


In Don's Words
Don Johnson's observations and reflections on his career, life, and show. From the star's in-depth interview with Tom Snyder.


Site Awards
Our trophy room of Web site awards and accolades.



Links to other NASH BRIDGES related Web sites.


Other Television Links
Links to general television Web sites.

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