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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

May 1, 1998

Episode 52       Airdate: 05/01/98      Writer: Andrew Dettmann and Daniel Truly     Director: Greg Beeman
Guest Stars: Stephen Lee, Suki Kaiser, Ismael (East) Carlo, William de Vry, Leo Lee and Caroline Lagerfelt.

Harvey:You missed a spot.
Harvey:Lipstick - you missed a spot. And that hickey on your neck - I'd ice it down, wear a turtleneck tomorrow or maybe a clown collar.
Evan:Look, let me explain that...
Harvey:You might want to use this too. (Harvey unholsters Evan's gun and hands it to him).
Evan:What for?
Harvey:Well, in case you get impatient with the current pace of your self-destruction. Sweet dreams.
Evan:(Evan sneaks back upstairs with Cassidy)

Nash, Joe Dominguez and his father Frank Dominguez (former sheriff of Ruidoso, New Mexico) are at the post office to mail recipes to ex-wife Lisa in Paris, and to pick-up a package for Lynnette, Nash's sister-in-law. A shoot-out breaks out between an Asian thug and a Caucasian thug over a package. Nash and Joe respond, with Nash killing the Caucasian thug, as the Asian thug gets away (with package in hand) in a Mercedes driven by an accomplice.

The dead thug is identified as Scott Putnam, a shady smuggler who knows Lynnette. The package (addressed to Lynnette) is from Brian Hammett, a former lover. The package has been opened and something removed.

Joe is irritated by his father Frank who is visiting for two weeks, but Joe's wife Inger is very accommodating. She even allows Frank to fill her refrigerator with elk meat, something which Inger does not allow Joe.

The Asian thug Phil and his pal shoot three rival Triad members, hoping to acquire a pair of currency printing plates. They have one plate - they think Lynnette has the other plate. The two thugs follow Lynnette to the Ferry Terminal; a frightened Lynnette calls Nash and Joe. Nash arranges for protection at Lisa's place. Evan and Cassidy are joined together at Lisa's and they begin to fool around.

Lynnette reveals the full story to Nash. The dead Scott Putnam invited Brian and Lynnette to a party aboard a Chinese mobster's yacht in the South China Sea. The mobster tried to rape Lynnette, but Scott beat the mobster unconscious and threw him overboard. Brian and Lynnette tried to get away from Scott, eventually returning to America.

Meanwhile, Frank overhears a plan to get rid of a body over the baby monitor. Joe is skeptical, but Frank believes a murder has been committed by a nearby neighbor within the 900 megahertz range of the baby monitor.

From the dead Scott's voice mail, Nash and Joe find a message from Tony B., known fence and middleman. Tony B. reveals currency plates are being offered for sale, and the buyers are Canadian Asian gangsters from Vancouver.

With Lynnette under the protection of Evan and Harvey, Brian knocks on the door just as three thugs force their way into Lisa's house. Nash and Joe intercede, with Nash killing all three thugs. Nash interrogates Brian, but he reveals nothing. Lynnette thinks Brian has returned from Hong Kong to resume their romance. A search of Brian's apartment reveals another package containing the other currency plate. The dead Scott sent one plate to Lynnette and the other plate to Brian. Lynette meets Brian, but is surprised when she is taken by gunpoint by Brian.

Frank searches Jerry's apartment, which is across the street from Joe's house. Joe intercedes, just as Jerry returns home. But Frank and Joe return again, this time finding incriminating evidence, especially a bloody knife.

Tony B. sets up a meeting with the Asian thug Phil and his two henchmen. At the Quon Ho Mahjong Parlor, a nervous Tony B. gets taken hostage as Nash and company close in. Brian shows up with Lynnette as hostage. Nash tosses the currency plate into the air, and in the ensuing gun fire, Nash kills Brian as Joe kills Phil. All the hostages (Tony B. and Lynnette) are saved.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 52


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