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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

March 27, 1999

Episode 72       Airdate: 03/26/99      Writers: Glen Mazzara and Shawn Ryan     Director: Julian Chojnacki
Guest Stars: Brad Greenquist, Barbara Tyson, James Morrison, Keith Bryant, Kelly Parks, Rebecca Parks, Wende Parks.

Evan:Look, Cassidy. You're the one that said this nudity thing wasn't a big deal.
Cassidy:HELLO! We're talking about my father here! I don't believe you.

Nash and Joe return a drunken Lois to her lesbian partner. Nash swears against taking an off-duty domestic dispute case ever again as the couple hurl plants at Nash. Nash hasn't slept in 24 hours, and he's not likely to, as a bomber has struck at a phone booth.

The dead victim is Spencer Smith from Wisconsin. The bomb has been expertly assembled with sophisticated electronics. Nash goes home to get some sleep at 5AM. He is awakened by loud rock music from his new neighbors downstairs. Cody and his band have befriended Nick. Nash negotiates with them to play only from noon to 8PM. Meanwhile a fellow is blown up at an ATM machine and Nash is called.

Dead Franz Tucker's ATM card set off the bomb. He was a lawyer for ITA Software. Nash and Joe go to ITA, but are alerted by Head of Security Jeff Bromer that there is a bomb scare. Gretchen Hale has a bomb wired under her chair - Nash disarms the bomb. Nash suspects a possible disgruntled employee.

Cassidy frets that her dad will disapprove of her appearing topless in an avant-garde play. Nash hears from Joe about the play and decides to attend. Cassidy tries to dissuade Nash from attending, but he insists on attending the show at 1AM.

Nash again tries to get some sleep, but is interrupted by three almost identical sisters - friends of Cody from downstairs. Evan and Harvey identify the bomber - a Calvin Reddick, a disgruntled ITA employee who sued the company for 40 million dollars and lost. Calvin has booby-trapped his place with a nail bomb. Harvey gets a nail driven through his hand as the device goes off. Nash is again called.

At the play, Cassidy appears onstage topless as Evan and Nash watch. But Nash has fallen asleep through the entire play, and doesn't realize that Cassidy was nude. Cassidy fears the worst, but Nash has no clue.

Calvin has a sister Brenda. Joe and Harvey go to the sister's place and arrest Calvin there. They recover schematics for five bombs. Three bombs are known, another is for a car bomb, and the last bomb is set in a building, location unknown. Meanwhile, Jeff Bromer (Head of Security for ITA) is blown up in his car. Nash is again called and prevented from getting sleep.

The story begins to unravel as Gretchen is interrogated, along with the ITA president, Peter. Gretchen stole Calvin's Playcase operating system. Calvin wants credit for his work, a public apology and 75 million dollars compensation. The ITA president fires Gretchen, and agrees partially to Calvin's demands - he publicly apologizes and agrees to donate 25 million to Stanford. Calvin reveals the location of his bomb in the boiler room of the High Tower Plaza Hotel where senior executives of ITA are to meet.

Nash forces Calvin to go there to disarm his own bomb. But Calvin has put too many safeguards in. Harvey gets an idea to remove the CPU form the bomb. His injured hand prevents him from doing it so Nash pulls out the CPU. Cassidy is further distressed when she learns that Nash is going to attend the second performance of her play along with Nick, Joe and wife Inger. Nash at last gets home, turns off the clock and phone and falls asleep.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 72


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