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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

April 11, 1997

Episode 29       Airdate: 4/11/97      Writer: Reed Steiner     Director: Scott Brazil
Guest Stars: Caroline Lagerfelt, Tim Ransom, John Kapelos, Ed O'Ross, Shannon Whirry. And Daniel Roebuck as Rick Bettina. Special Guest Stars: Louis Mandylor.

Nash: What?
Joe: Can't we go anywhere without chicks hitting on you?
Nash: Chicks don't hit on me.
Joe: Please, have you had an eye exam lately?
Nash: Stop it.
Joe: I'd like to be able to flirt every once in a while.
Nash: Well, then do it. There's no harm in it. You're married, not dead.
Joe: Are you kidding, man. I'm branded (pointing to his wedding ring). That is chick repellent right there.
Nash: ...That's ridiculous. You're saying a ring makes that much difference?
Joe: That's what I'm saying, yeah.

Nash and Joe are on the yacht of Vic Walsh, head of the San Francisco outfit. Nash and Joe are there to warn Vic that a hit is out on him. Simultaneously, a hit team sneaks on board and a shoot-out ensues. Nash and Joe return fire, but Vic gets killed.

On their way to meet their informant Harry Grimes, Nash and Joe run into Nash's former rival in the SIU, Rick Bettina. Rick attempts to squeeze info out of Harry. Rick is now a bounty hunter, out to collect a past due bond on Ray Getz. At Harry's restaurant, Harry fills in Nash and Joe on the organized crime war that is brewing. Frank Dwyer is attempting to take over the entire San Francisco outfit. Frank had Vic Walsh killed, and Frank is now possibly out to kill Vic's number two man, Ray Getz.

At Harry's restaurant, a beautiful waitress named Suzanne makes a pass at Nash, making Joe envious. With wife Inger expecting, Joe envies Nash's freedom. Joe decides to take off his wedding ring to prove a point to Nash, but loses the ring at Harry's restaurant. In a panic, Joe lies to Inger about the lost ring.

Harvey and Evan bring into custody Murray Kaplan, one of Ray Getz's men. But Rick Bettina has interfered by offering to pay Murray for the info on Ray's whereabouts. Nash pretends to bid for Murray's info, jacking up the price from $300 to $10,000, forcing Bettina to pay the price. Bettina finds Ray, but Nash and Joe intervene. As Ray walks out to his car, his driver gets blown up. Inspite of the attempt on his life, Ray still refuses to cooperate with Nash to get Frank Dwyer.

Meanwhile, Joe has a copy of his lost ring made. But the real ring is found by Suzanne, who goes to Joe's home to return the ring to him. Fearing Inger's wrath, Joe intercepts Suzanne and the real ring. Inger feels amorous with Joe's afternoon visit, forcing Joe to hide the real ring in the fireplace.

Ray Getz calls on Nash for a meeting. Fearing Ray is about to talk, Frank Dwyer uses his back-up plan to locate Getz. Dwyer calls Rick Bettina - Rick has been duped into working for Dwyer's bail bond company. With Dwyer's killers in tow, Rick goes to Getz's location. In the ensuing shoot-out, Nash and Joe stop the killers, but Rick gets away with Getz. Getz escapes from Rick, but not before shooting him twice. However, Rick is wearing a bulletproof vest, and Rick manages to warn Nash and company. Nash and the SIU are waiting for Ray Getz when he arrives at his club. Getz finally agrees to testify against Frank Dwyer.

The fireplace has been cleaned, and Inger has found the real ring. Joe tells her the truth - that he lost the ring, and that he is not interested in other women. Their baby shifts in the womb.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 29


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