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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

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Season 1

Copyright law prohibits us from lending or providing or trading with anyone copies of any missed episodes. It would be copyright infringement to break the law; thus, please no requests for any copies of any missed episodes. Note, however, that private (personal) home-videotaping of films and television programs broadcast free to viewers are considered "fair use" and do not constitute copyright infringement.

Episode 8: "KEY WITNESS" Airdate: 5/17/96
The LowTek Log Line: Lisa Bridges walks in on a murder and calls in ex-husband Nash to solve the case of a doctor smuggling super conductor chips in the dead bodies of young women.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 8
Commentary: Smuggling Computer Chips in the Dead Bodies of Young Women?

Episode 7: "ALOHA NASH" Airdate: 5/3/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash tries to retrieve a gambling czar's Betting Book that everybody wants before going on his first vacation ever with Kelly.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 7
Commentary: The McGuffin Episode.

Episode 6: "VANISHING ACT" Airdate: 4/26/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company rescue Harvey Leek after he is kidnapped while carrying half a million dollars cash in an undercover buy with Russian gangsters.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 6
Commentary: The Grateful Dead, Russian gangsters, Elvis Sightings, Yakuza, Strippers, Geriatric Sex - NASH BRIDGES is having too much fun! More Tagawa please!

Episode 5: "JAVELIN CATCHER" Airdate: 4/19/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company along with a Captain recover a stolen anti-tank weapon that gets passed around.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 5
Commentary: Hilarity and Homophobia.

Episode 4: "HIGH IMPACT" Airdate: 4/12/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company stop a mad bomber from killing the mayor.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 4
Commentary: Sisters and Mad Bombers. A touching episode.

Episode 3: "SKIRT CHASERS" Airdate: 4/5/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company stop a new drug kingpin from taking over the SF heroin trade by turning them against each other.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 3
Commentary: Hilarious bits make up for thin story.

Episode 2: "HOME INVASION" Airdate: 3/30/96
The LowTek Log Line: A home invasion crew that preys upon Chinese takes revenge on Nash at his apartment when his daughter, ex-wife and partner are staying over.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 2
Commentary: Lots of action, stylized violence, but almost incoherent.

Premiere Episode 1: "GENESIS" Airdate: 3/29/96
The LowTek Log Line: Nash and company foil a computer chip theft deal to the Chinese military.
Synopsis: Synopsis for Episode 1
Commentary: Handsomely mounted, impressive start.


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