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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

October 17, 1999

Episode 82       Airdate: 10/15/99      Writer: Carlton Cuse and John Wirth     Director: Jim Charleston
Guest Stars: Patrick Fischler, Tim Ransom, James Eckhouse, Roger Yuan.

Evan:Cassidy, you wouldn't be acting this way unless you feel the exact same way that I feel.
Cassidy:You know, I did have feelings for you, but you blew it, OK? And the only feeling I have for you now is the sick feeling I have in my stomach when I see you. I gotta go.

Cassidy has sublet an apartment in the exclusive Gateview Towers. Nash and Joe go there to meet Cassidy. She is intercepted by two men who try to kidnap her. Nash kills one of them, but the other man gets away in his car.

The stolen car is found; fingerprints left on lunch trash identify Desmond Kenner as the other kidnapper. Harvey escorts Cassidy back to the Gateview. Evan continues to try to see Cassidy, but she continues to avoid him. Joe has met a woman online in an anonymous chat room.

Nash and Joe locate and arrest Desmond Kenner. Kenner mentions that Cassidy has done something very bad, but refuses to reveal anything more. At the Gateview, Nash and Joe intercept an uninvited food delivery from a Chinese restaurant. Two goons with guns, Bobby Orlando and Sam Pak, deliver food with cocaine hidden inside. Nash suspects that Cassidy is not the target, but the previous renter - Mia Costello. Mia is away in Europe.

Sam Pak talks - he works for Mr. Lee, manager of Tong's Restaurant. Nash and Joe visit the restaurant. Drug boss Frankie Dwyer (fours weeks out of prison) is also there. After a kitchen melee, Nash and Joe arrest Mr. Lee and two thugs. Unaware that Nash can speak Chinese, the three thugs talk freely among themselves. They reveal that a cache of cocaine is hidden in the freezer, and they work for Junior Bellazario.

Mia's car is traced to two traffic tickets - she is in San Francisco. Caitlin and Harvey almost catch Mia, but she escapes in a taxi. Frankie Dwyer is brought in and interrogated, but he reveals nothing. Meanwhile, Joe agrees to meet his woman pen pal at the Majestic Restaurant. The woman turns out to be Pepe, who decides to remain hidden from Joe. Pepe pretends he is there meeting someone else.

Evan visits Cassidy at Nash's apartment. Evan tries to kiss her, but she resists. Nash intercedes and warns Evan never to come to there again. At the SIU, Caitlin, while plugging in her computer, triggers the mysterious disco music hidden in the barge.

Mia's cell phone calls are traced to a Mark Hicks. Hicks works at a cryogenic laboratory where dead bodies are frozen, to be kept for possible later revival. The married Hicks was having an affair with Mia, and she was blackmailing him. Mia has forced Hicks to freeze the body of Junior Bellazario, whom Mia has killed.

Evan has not shown up for work. Harvey finds Evan at home in a drunken miserable state. Pepe sees Nash and asks about Joe. Nash tells Pepe that they've broken up, and that Pepe is welcome to Joe.

Dwyer's goons manage to successfully kidnap Cassidy from the park. But Dwyer realizes that they've kidnapped the wrong girl (Cassidy instead of Mia). Nash finds out from Desmond Kenner the location of Dwyer's hideout. Just as Cassidy is about to be disposed of, Nash and the SIU arrive. Officer Ronnie kills one goon, while Nash kills Dwyer and recovers Cassidy.

Mia has come to pick her cat from the veterinarian, but Nash and Joe are waiting. Mia has stolen the two million dollars in drug money Junior Bellazario was holding for Frankie Dwyer. Pepe contacts Joe via e-mail, and gets Joe to meet him again. Joe finds out his "female" pen pal is Pepe, but Nash shows up to rescue Joe from the awkward situation.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 82


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