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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

October 17, 1998

Episode 58       Airdate: 10/16/98      Writer: Shawn Ryan     Director: Jim Charleston
Guest Stars: Angela Dohrmann, Marc McClure, Tom Virtue, Zack Ward, Christian Leffler, Denny Dillon, Michael Earl Reid, and Caroline Lagerfelt.

Nash:...I suggest you lay off that agua.
Joe:Don't worry, I'll be fine.
Nash:I am not going to stop every ten minutes for you to piddle.
Joe:You won't have to.
Nash:That's good, because I'm not going to.
Joe:You won't have to.

Nash and Joe are in hot pursuit of a red Lincoln sedan. The chase ends up in Bailey's Wrecking Yard where Chucky Manto flees on foot. Chucky hides out in an old wreck, but Nash drives him out with a forklift. Chucky tries to deal by saying he knows the real killer of Kathryn Mott. Carl Pine is sentenced to die in 14 hours for the murder of Kathryn Mott, but Chucky claims that his cell mate Paul Pangborn is the real killer. Chucky convinces Nash by giving a detail no one else knows about the murder - that Kathryn Mott was killed with a broken golf club shaft.

The 14 hour countdown begins; Nash notifies his sister Stacy (who was the prosecuting attorney on the Mott murder) about the new information. Nash is forced to drive around in the 'Cuda because it is broken - if he turns off the car, the 'Cuda won't start up again (the starter relay is on order). Joe is on a water remedy for his headaches by drinking eight bottles of water a day. Joe gets in a physical altercation with Philip Tremain because Joe's daughter Lucia keeps hitting Philip's son. Evan is concerned that he cannot keep up with Cassidy and her college friends.

Nash and Joe visit Victor Mott, and inform him that his wife's convicted killer may be the wrong one. Paul Pangborn has a phony address, but he has a brother Peter who works in a Mexican restaurant. Nash questions Peter, but he refuses to give up his brother Paul, but he does say his brother is staying at his apartment. Meanwhile, Joe must continuously urinate at every stop. Nash's suspicions are aroused when Victor Mott is spotted outside of Peter's apartment. Nash chases Victor Mott; Mott crashes his Jaguar - Victor has something to hide.

Joe is sued by Philip Tremain (who is an attorney), and Tremain gets Lucia expelled from school. Joe goes to apologize, but gets in a second altercation with Tremain by breaking one of Tremain's trophies. The connection between Victor Mott and the Pangborn brothers are discovered - Peter (who worked as a construction worker) did some remodeling on the Mott home. Victor Mott shoots and kills Peter at the Mexican restaurant. It was husband Victor, via Peter, who hired Paul to kill his wife.

At the surveillance of Peter's apartment, Joe must go inside to urinate. Evan is reading a Dickens novel hoping to keep up with Cassidy's Berkeley education. After urinating, Joe encounters Paul, and is forced to wound him in the shoulder. Paul refuses to cooperate (since he committed the Mott murder) but Nash plans to fool Victor Mott. Stacy informs Victor that Paul is ready to talk and reveal the location of the murder weapon. A panicked Victor runs out to the location of the murder weapon and digs up the broken golf club shaft. Nash and company catch him red-handed, and Stacy gets a stay of execution for Carl Pine.

Joe goes to return a repaired trophy at Philip Tremain's office, but Joe discovers Philip having sex with his secretary. Tremain agrees to drop the lawsuit and have Lucia return to school. Carl Pine is released, and Nash and Joe give Carl a ride home to his family. Joe must urinate, and is accidentally hauled away inside a Porta-Potty.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 58


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