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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

September 26, 1997

Episode 33       Airdate: 9/26/97      Writer: John Wirth     Director: Julian Chojnacki
Guest Stars: Tobin Bell, Eric Pierpont, Shannon Tweed, Courtney Gains, Amy Leland, M.C. Gainey. Special Guest Stars: Willie Nelson.

Nash:'Scuse me? Yoo hoo! 'Scuse me?
Nash:Ah, ya want maybe, Joe and I should go over there and, uh, muss up his hair?
Lisa:I thought you weren't listening!
Nash:I'm not.
Lisa:Nash, this is not high school. You just don't go over and talk to a man who has a signed contract who basically owns you.
Joe:Sounds like high school to me.

Nash and Joe arrive upon a homicide scene, only to discover the killer is still in the process of escaping. Disguised as an injured victim, the killer gets away in an ambulance after a high speed chase ends in an alley.

Fingerprints identify the killer as William Boyd, who along with Earl Dobbs, was involved in the bombing of Trench Technologies, a shady aerospace firm. It was Dobbs' idea to rob the company in protest of the Trench company's illegal dumping of toxic waste and use of bribes and payoffs.

Nash releases Earl Dobbs from prison for a three day furlough to help locate Boyd. Nash tries to secure Earl's cooperation by allowing Earl to see his gravely ill son. Earl's son is an addict dying from AIDS. However Earl remains tight-lipped and unhelpful to the investigation.

Meanwhile, Nash's ex-wife Lisa is involved in a large business venture to distribute Lisa's desserts nationwide. Lisa suspects her new business partner, Robert Croft, is having an affair. Fearing for her new business, Lisa asks Joe to investigate. Joe discovers that Croft is trying to steal Lisa's company to give to Croft's mistress.

Earl finally agrees to help after Earl's friend Bess is kidnapped by Boyd and a security guard killed. Earl reveals that though nothing was supposedly taken in the robbery twelve years ago, Earl and Boyd did discover two million dollars in the safe for illegal payoffs. Earl has given the loot to his friend Neil Gallow to hide in his garage. Nash, Joe and Earl all go to the garage but the garage location has been demolished. Gallow is found but taken hostage by Boyd after Bess is freed by Nash and Joe.

Nash and Joe again locate Gallow and his loot hidden at Gallow's ex-wife's house. Boyd forces Gallow to dig up the loot. Nash and company intercede just as Boyd is about to kill Gallow. In the ensuing shoot-out, Evan is slightly injured as Nash is forced to kill Boyd.

Nash meets with Croft to get him to agree to a letter of cancellation and a full refund of all of Lisa's expenditures by the end of the day. Nash takes Earl to meet his son for the last time before returning Earl to prison, but they are too late. Earl's son has died, and Earl spreads his son's ashes into the San Francisco Bay.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 33


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