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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

April 24, 1999

Episode 75       Airdate: 04/23/99      Writer: Jed Seidel and Reed Steiner     Director: Jim Charleston
Guest Stars: Laura Cayouette, Julie Araskog, Rocco Vienhage, and Caroline Lagerfelt and Billy Drago as Lou Grissom.

Caitlin:Come here. (Kisses Nash)
Nash:Hmmm. You sure that's a good idea?
Caitlin:No. But I really wanted to. (They kiss again)

It's late at night: Nash drops Caitlin off at her apartment, which she now occupies alone since her stewardess room mate transferred away. A man dressed in black puts on a mask as Nash drives away. Caitlin arms her burglar alarm and undresses. The man disconnects the alarm, picks the lock, and attacks Caitlin in her bedroom. Nash has, by chance, returned and clobbers the guy before he can rape Caitlin.

The rapist, Vincent, claims he met Caitlin in a Chat Room from the X-Dream Hardcore website. Vincent claims he was indulging Caitlin in her rape fantasy. In addition, Caitlin's driver's license photo and address are on the website. For protection, Caitlin stays with Joe and Inger.

The website was put up by sex offender Jimmy Testani. Nash, Joe and Caitlin go to bring in Jimmy, but he comes out shooting. Caitlin is forced to kill Jimmy before he can reveal anything. During her lunch break, Caitlin is visited by Lou Grissom, an ex-cop and wife beater. Caitlin indicted Grissom, and now he's been paroled out. Grissom is out for revenge against Caitlin and his ex-wife Halley (also a cop). Halley has a boyfriend Jared Dupree; Jared is also a cop.

Evan and Harvey are undercover as high-end tourists to catch robbers. Harvey has a chance meeting Stefanie Green, a lawyer with business at the hotel. The robbers take their bait, and Evan and Harvey take down the two robbers. Harvey returns to have a dinner date with Stefanie. Harvey ends up spending 1500 dollars to get the only available room in the expensive hotel. After sex, a phone call reveals Stefanie to have an estranged husband and two daughters.

Nash warns Grissom to stay away from Caitlin; Nash gets a restraining order which orders Grissom to stay 500 feet away from Caitlin. Grissom continues his terror campaign by getting all of Caitlin's furniture shipped to Alabama. Caitlin manuevers to be Grissom's Parole Officer, but Grissom uses Caitlin as an alibi to murder Jared Dupree. Grissom also sprays "BITCH" on Caitlin's car.

Grissom hires Freddy Pike to drive Caitlin's furniture back to the SIU parking lot. Grissom blows up Freddy and Caitlin's furniture right in front of Caitlin. Nash orders Caitlin and Halley into protective custody. Grissom finds out from the SFPD computer that Caitlin is staying at the Bridges/Dominguez detective agency office. Grissom goes there, but Nash and the SIU are waiting. Nash, Joe and Caitlin chase Grissom up to the roof. Nash and Joe kill Grissom before he can attack Caitlin. A grateful and romantic Caitlin finally kisses Nash.

Joe has been rushing home to have sex with Inger during her ovulation. They even have sex in the back of Joe's car in the SIU parking lot. But they both agree that Inger's desire to have another child is not so important, and that the quality of their sex life is more important.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 75


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