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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

April 22, 2001

Episode 120       Airdate: 04/20/01      Writer: John Wirth     Director: Jim Charleston
Guest Stars: Suzanne Krull, Ned Vaughn, Claire Yarlett, Matt Gallini, John Haymes Newton. Special Guest Star: Bill Smitrovich.

Nash:I'm beginning to think it was a mistake bringing her over here anyway. I should have never let her become a cop.
Rachel:I don't know that you could have stopped her.
Nash:No, I couldn't have. She was so torn up and having such a tough time over Evan getting killed that I wanted to be supportive, even though this was never what I wanted for her. I'm beginning to think that she doesn't want it either. I don't know.

Cassidy and Rachel go to the bank. Suddenly, the bank is robbed by three masked men. A hostage is taken, as gunfire erupts. Cassidy kills one of the robbers. In the exchange of gun fire, the hostage is killed.

Nash and the SIU arrive. Cassidy is under suspicion for drawing her weapon and escalating the robbery into a shoot-out. Lieutenant Ray Urbanski of MCD (Management Control Division) opens an inquest into the shooting.

The dead hostage, Julia Curtis, was a major dot-com player who knew the Mayor. The dead robber was Gordon Wattis, a small-time thief. At Wattis' apartment, Prentice Coyle (Wattis' cousin) is uncooperative as Harvey searches the apartment under warrant.

Matthew Curtis, Julia's husband, files a $100 million wrongful death against the city. Deputy Chief Petit, Nash's nemesis, convenes a Board of Inquiry into the shooting. Cassidy is suspended with pay, as Nash takes her badge and gun.

Meanwhile Joe has hired crazy Betty-Anne as the SIU's new office assistant. Nash is uncomfortable with Betty-Anne, as Nash fired her as his housekeeper. But Betty-Anne proves to be super efficient, as she re-organizes Nash's desk. Rachel asks Nash to accompany her to a wedding of her best friend, but Nash refuses.

Nash and the SIU review the bank surveillance videotape of the shoot-out. Nash concludes that the hostage was deliberately killed - that the robbery was really an assassination of Julia Curtis. Harvey interviews the Curtis' marriage counselor, Megan Fells. Megan insists that money was not an issue in the Curtis' troubled marriage.

But it looks like husband Matthew wants a lot of money - wife Julia's sizable life insurance policy was recently doubled; Julia's dot-com company has large assets; plus the $100 million lawsuit against the city. In SIU interrogation, Matthew refuses to talk.

Meanwhile Prentice Coyle is panicking. Coyle is one of the robbers, as is Tucker Kite, Coyle's former Navy Seal captain. They end up struggling, and Kite kills Coyle with a kitchen knife. Coyle's room mate is also killed by Kite as the room mate accidentally walks in on the carnage.

Rachel has gotten drunk at the wedding. She loses her keys, so she calls Nash. Nash brings Rachel over to his apartment where Rachel falls asleep. Antwon's sister Serena visits. Serena has come to tell Antwon to visit his dad who is dying of cancer. But Antwon refuses to visit.

Fingerprints at Wattis' apartment identify Tucker Kite. A gun found at the apartment matches bullets from the robbery. Kite owns a high end security firm, and Julia's company was a client. Tucker Kite is suspected of being hired by Matthew to kill his wife Julia. On SIU interrogation, Kite denies everything.

Rachel follows Megan Fell. Megan meets with Matthew and they kiss. Meanwhile Betty-Anne is trying to control Nash by taking away his Rolodex. She tells Nash that he is the High Commander of the Serrabithians. Joe doesn't believe it, until he overhears Betty-Anne talking. Joe agrees to finally fire Betty- Anne.

Megan is brought in for interrogation. She is sleeping with Matthew. Megan pretended to be Julia when Megan falsified an insurance policy to double Julia's life insurance. Megan agrees to set-up Matthew. In a tryst, Megan gets Matthew to admit to killing Julia. The SIU moves in and arrests Matthew. The SIU busts in on Tucker Kite. He runs, but Antwon shoots Kite in the chest. Kite falls from the roof, landing on power lines and being electrocuted.

Antwon reveals to Harvey that his father killed his mother. But Antwon decides to see his dad in prison. An anxious Cassidy decides to quit the police force, but Nash convinces her to hang on until the investigation into the shooting is over. Cassidy is cleared but she refuses to take back her gun and badge. Nash picks the gun and badge for Cassidy. Nash and Rachel bump into each other at their favorite restaurant, so they have dinner together.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 120


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