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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

November 10, 1996

Episode 17       Airdate: 11/8/96      Writer: Jed Seidel     Director: Melanie Mayron
Guest Stars: Robert Ri'Chard, Marco Rodriguez, Eric Allen Kramer, Caroline Lagerfelt, Patrick Fischler, Stephen Berra, Wilma Bonet, Catlin Adams, Hasnsford Prince.

J.J.: Sorry about burning down the bar, Dad...
Joe: I just got off the phone with the insurance company. They're going to give me the entire replacement cost of the bar. I get back my whole investment plus 20 percent. You did me a favor, little man...
J.J.: Why are you talking so low?
Joe: Ahhh, ahem, I didn't exactly tell your mother the whole story.
J.J.: Well, what'd you tell her?
Joe: Well, I told her you helped me find a buyer for the bar.

Nash and company are in place at a parking garage awaiting to see who picks up a car loaded with 50 kilos of heroin. The car is stolen by a 11 year old boy - one Leo R. Morris. Leo knew about the car through his cousin Cain - Cain works for drug pusher Socrates Perez. Leo has planned a drug rip-off getting Cain in trouble with his boss Socrates. Cain tells Socrates about Leo in order to save his own life, however Cain must turn in his own cousin Leo to Socrates. Leo is picked up by his parole officer Shelly Silverman, but she is run over Socrates thugs, breaking both her legs as Leo gets away.

Meanwhile, Nash's father Nick is living with Nash. Nick plots against the nurse Nash has hired. Nick tells the nurse Consuela that Nash is infatuated with Consuela's beautiful daughter Aeda, resulting in Consuela quitting in disgust. Joe's loser son, J.J. (for Joe Dominguez, Jr.) comes to visit and hopes to stay with his dad. Joe's wife Inger orders Joe to sell the bar Joe owns.

Nash intercedes as Socrates' thugs are about to kidnap Leo. Nash kills three thugs as Socrates gets away. After Cain is found dead, Nash gets an idea to have Joe pose as Socrates' Mexican connection, a reclusive drug lord seldom seen. Evan and Harvey kidnap Socrates and bring him to Joe poising as the drug lord. Joe sets up another 50 kilo deal with Socrates.

Meanwhile, nurse #2 is hired, as Nick plots against Lyle, a health nut. Nick tempts Lyle with hamburgers and manages to get Lyle to fall off the health wagon. After losing his first job, J.J. gets his second job through his dad's bar. But J.J. accidentally sets fire to the place and burns the bar down.

At the drug buy, Socrates and his thugs face off with Nash and company. With both sides having guns drawn, the stand-off is upset with Socrates bringing out Leo as hostage. But Nash bargains with Socrates to allow the boy to escape. Leo provides a diversion and a shoot out ensues with Nash killing Socrates.

The bar burning down provides Joe with an insurance reimbursement of his entire investment plus a 20 percent profit. Joe lies to Inger by telling her he sold the bar for a profit. J.J. is depressed at first and decides to leave, but then decides to stay after Joe reveals his double dealing, much to Joe's disappointment. Nash says good-bye to Leo at the train station.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 17


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