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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

April 8, 2001

Episode 118       Airdate: 04/06/01      Teleplay by: Reed Steiner     Story by: Hunter S. Thompson     Director: Scott Brazil
Guest Stars: Jesse Johnson, Robert Thomas Stewart, Stewart Finlay-McLennan, Michael Beck, Thad Luckinbill.

Rachel:You want to tell me what's going on, or do I solve that mystery too?.
Joe:Nash's brother Bobby - well, he was an MIA.
Rachel:In Vietnam?
Joe:Uh huh. We all thought he was dead until three years ago. He showed up here in San Francisco. He was a drug dealer. In fact, a major player in southeast Asia.
Rachel:Oh boy, that must have went over big.
Joe:Ah, yeah. Nash and his dad were at odds over him. And then he disappeared as mysteriously as he appeared.

Nash is sick, as Nash sneezes away in the 'Cuda, but he refuses to admit to it in front of Joe. Father Nick calls Nash, insisting that he is being followed by his MIA (Missing In Action in Vietnam) son Bobby. A skeptical Nash arrives at the park, and sees a young man that looks like Bobby did at a younger age. Suddenly, a car veers up the street firing at the young man. Nash returns fire, killing the driver. The young man flees, leaving behind an old photograph of Nash, Bobby, and Nick, taken the day before Bobby left for Vietnam.

The dead driver is a professional hitman from Australia. He stayed at the St. Francis Hotel, where Malcolm Creeve happens to be staying also. Creeve is a drug kingpin, a major player in smuggling southeast Asian heroin. The young man (Dylan) has taken Creeve's truckload of heroin, and Dylan offers it back to Creeve for three million dollars. Creeve's thug Corky almost catches Dylan at his rooming house, but Dylan gets away.

Meanwhile Harvey has hit a squirrel with his car. He brings the squirrel back to the SIU. Antwon accidentally lets the squirrel loose into the SIU barge. Cassidy has a new boyfriend, Dr. Kent McCall, a plastic surgeon. Cassidy wants breast implants and she wants Dr. McCall to perform the surgery.

The SIU searches Dylan's rooming house and discover Chinese documents. The document shows a ship, the Sea Bright, leaving from Ho Chi Minh City and arriving at San Francisco, where a container (the truck loaded with heroin) was off-loaded. Creeve is arrested for soliciting a prostitute at his hotel room, but he is released. Under surveillance, Creeve calls uniform police to detain the members of the SIU as Creeve slips away from the surveillance.

Meanwhile Nash has finally gone home, sick with fever. Nick finally forces Nash to go to the hospital. In the taxi, Nash hallucinates. Nash sees Dylan pursued by Creeve. He imagines Cassidy with a botched breast surgery. Nash imagines shooting Dr. McCall dead. Nash recalls the moment Bobby gave him the 'Cuda, just as Nash is arrested by Joe for the murder of Dr. McCall.

Upon awakening at the hospital, Joe is there to inform Nash that Creeve has escaped surveillance. But Nash recalls that Pauley's Pool Hall was one of Bobby's hang-outs, a place where Dylan is likely to be. Creeve shows up at Pauley's Pool Hall and negotiates with Dylan for the truck. Creeve offers two million dollars. Harvey and Antwon arrive thereafter, and arrest Dylan.

On interrogation, Dylan reveals that Creeve and his dad, Bobby, used to be partners. They got in a dispute, and Creeve killed Bobby. Dylan agrees to set-up Creeve for their meeting to exchange money and heroin. Nash informs Nick that Bobby is dead.

At the meeting, Dylan brings the truck and gets the two million from Creeve. The SIU closes in and Creeve is arrested. Cassidy informs Nash that she is going ahead with her breast implants, to be performed by another surgeon (not Dr. McCall). Harvey and Antwon have been trying to capture the squirrel, with the squirrel crawling up Antwon's leg. But they end up catching a pigeon in their box trap instead. Nick fills in Dylan about his father. Dylan leaves, but not before leaving Bobby's dog tags hanging on the mirror of the 'Cuda. In the 'Cuda, Nash finally grieves over the death of his brother Bobby.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 118


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