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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

[E-Mail to the Editor]
May 29, 1998

This section is in response to the huge volume of e-mail we get from our readers and NASH BRIDGES viewers. All e-mail we receive will be considered for publication. Due to the volume of the e-mail, we can no longer response to individual e-mail, but to representative samples of interest to our readers. Letters selected for publication may be edited for length and clarity. Let's hear from you!   —  Gordon Hom


Spring Sampler

Thanks for the tremendous response this year. We received the most e-mail on the last two episodes of the year concerning Nick. My feeling is that Nick will be back next season, but we'll have to wait and see at the start of Season 4.

I've had a blast writing the commentaries this year. It's fun reading through your feedback - keep it coming! Again we apologize for not responding individually to every e-mail, but there's just too much of it (that's a full time job in itself!). I'll just give a small sampling from May, 1998.

Thanks and enjoy your summer.   —  Gordon

hey gordon, you've got a very organized, detailed site.


-- jack boulware
May 1, 1998

(Editor's Note: Jack is an SF Weekly staff writer - hey Jack, contact us if you're still interested).

Hello, First of all I love your web site. My husband is a Marine and we were stationed on Treasure Island when the show first aired. I started watching it from the beginning. I love it. We stayed on the island until just before it's closing as a base. One day I was on my way home and had just gotten off of the bay bridge. Low and behold in front of me was a truck with a trailer behind and there were 2 of the yellow cuda's. I was so excited I could hardly control myself. I also saw Don driving it one day in the city. I was never brave enough to try to get close to the studio but it was neat knowing that where I live all this excitement was going on. Now, watching the episodes I can spot where they are filming on the island. I assume they can do more now that it's not an active base. I do miss that place in a way. I consider myself lucky to have been there. I'm back on the east coast now so my chances of meeting him are gone but it was neat while it lasted. Thanks for such a neat web site. The show deserves it.

-- Laura Campbell
May 6, 1998


Loved your shots of the parade from last year. Are you the one in red? This is a very fine website, if you asked me(even if you didn't, I'd say the same.)...


-- Linda
May 9, 1998

(Editor's Note: Nope, not me, but the guy sitting on the yellow car is Don Johnson.)

...My husband and I look forward to each Friday evening to watch Nash. We weren't Miami Vice fans, but have really enjoyed this show. The interaction between characters is great. The location is fun. And the nostalgia for people in their 40's is wonderful. Thanks for the great NB website!

-- Charlene & Jim Johnson
May 16, 1998

I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your reviews of each new episode. Sorry that it is now repeat season! I haven't always agreed with your view of each episode, but they have been fun! I enjoyed the Austin Powers reference and the Cheech Marin comment. I recently read an article with him in it, and he commented on that very thing! Who was he to lecture? Thanks for the great site!

-- Suzie Ruth
May 21, 1998



If you happen to be visiting San Francisco and come across NB shooting on location, the next three e-mails provide examples of what to do. BE PERSISTENT and BE PATIENT! There's a lot of waiting and often no clear view of the stars. Keep in mind that doubles are often used, and the Don may not be there, but when he is - BRING A CAMERA.   —  Gordon Hom

hi....last week I was in San Francisco visiting my aunt. We found out that the studio is on Treasure Island and we went and found it. It was sooo cool. Some guy that worked there told us where they would taping that night. We went. It was in Japan Town. A cop told us Don wouldn't be there but we stayed anyway. We saw his double and got to touch the 'Cuda. When a car pulled up we didn't pay much attention. When Don got out, we did. He was only there for a short while and they had turned it in to a Lumberjack/Canadian theme. It was fun! When Don left, he walked right past me, no more than three feet away....This was on Wed, Feb 26, 1997. The only minorly bad thing was that Cheech was not there. Oh well. Next time!

-- Nikki

Saw your pics of scenes of NB's version of San Francisco. Friday's was yet another tour of fantasy. Nash and Joe enter the ANA Hotel to follow the 'Chicago cop' only to take an escalator down through the Embarcadaro Center. I immediately recognized the 4EC as I was there on my last visit....

I visit the City each year....By chance I stumbled across the shoot for the first season's Episode 4 and watched the jump from the Fairmont Hotel. It was waiting to see the scene premiere that got me hooked on the series.

-- A Toronto NB Fan

We were in S.F. on Feb 23, 1997 when we saw a huge commotion at the end of the Embarcadero, near Hyde & Jefferson. Lots of fancy trailers and police stopping traffic. When I asked questions, I was told that DJ was filming on a boat at the pier. I didn't see him myself, but other folks I spoke with did. Saw Evan sitting behind a trailer relaxing....I was told he was really nice. My hubby and sons didn't have the patience to wait so I could see him.

-- Atara

The next two e-mails are from people who live in Bay Area and come into contact with the NB production.   —  Gordon Hom

...I would like to have his car. Being that I stood about three feet from, staring at the key in the ignition. They film alot in San Francisco, but they do alot more filming in Oakland than people know about. Boomer, the key grip, told me that it is to hard to film in San Francisco. Not enough room for the trucks, equipment, and tourists....they film alot in the Old Oakland City Center Area.

They filmed in a basement in the building I worked in. They filmed the episode with the guy who thought he was Elvis. The film shot of the sidewalk with the glass plating is on Broadway and 9th street in Oakland. This is where I go to meet the crew and cast because I had the keys to the basement....

-- An AOL User

My name is Christopher Smith. I'm a performer/staff member with Dayuma, a touring dance theatre production.

On March 13,1997, several members of our cast were outside our venue, the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, when the Director selected several of our dancers and actors as extras for a Nash Bridges shoot. In the upcoming episode, called "Moving Targets", bystanders watch as a Lincoln Continental explodes and burns. Nash walks around a police car and under the yellow police tape surrounding the crime scene while speaking to another officer.

-- Christopher Smith


Kudos Abounds

Hi! My name is Jon Wilson. I presently work for Digital Equipment Corporation in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you for an excellent web-site designed around Nash Bridges. The TV show has only recently come on-air here in Australia - I watch it every week!

-- Jon Wilson
January 16, 1997

I love the show. Don Johnson is my secret love. I've been married for 23 years and I am embarassed to say I secretly lust over him.

-- A Secret Admirer
January 17, 1997

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa was a pretty good bad guy in Mortal Kombat. It would have been nice to see some occasional martial arts action in Nash Bridges.

I visit your page about once a week to see what the next show will be about.... You've done a great job with the page. Actually, I like the set-up of your page much better than the "official" Nash Bridges web page.

-- Brenda Wilt
February 10, 1997

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