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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

October 5, 1996

Episode 12       Airdate: 10/4/96      Writer: Carlton Cuse     Director: David Jackson
Guest Stars: Mary Mara, Vyto Ruginis, John Pyper-Ferguson, Robert Kerbeck. Special Guest Stars: Barry Bonds.

  Joe: I tell you what - calling for help sounds a
       little bit better right now. 
 Nash: I got a phone. Let's think about this.
       If I call for a patrol unit to rescue us,
       are you prepared to live with years of ridicule
       from our fellow officer? 
  Joe: Yes, I am. Hey, what's little ridicule, man.
       We always have retirement as an option. 
 Nash: Speak for yourself, Bubba. Man, this dog is
       seriously pissed off. 

Acting on a tip from a Confidential Informant (CI), Nash, Joe, and Evan intercept a bank robbery in progress. During the violent shoot-out, the robbers calmly steal valuable coins. Evan is seriously wounded (shot in the neck) as is another robber. Nash spots a pair of sunglasses left behind which yields a thumb print of a Albert Jones. Lt. Shimamura, Harvey Leek and Bryn Carson capture Jones which yields another robber's name - Lou Giordino.

Meanwhile, Joe gets an unofficial freelance job on the side from his former private detective agency. Nash and Joe are to find a star baseball player's (Rondell) missing car for a fee of $20,000 plus a $5000 bonus. The car is a Ford Pinto which was taken by Rondell's angry girlfriend Charde Grant. Charde has deliberately taken Rondell's Pinto because of Rondell's womanizing. Nash and Joe locate the Pinto at a car scrap yard, and must evade a vicious Dobermann guarding the yard.

The wounded Evan recovers in the hospital, but Evan reveals to Nash that he is thinking about quitting the force. Also Nash's daughter Cassidy is thinking about delaying college.

Nash and Joe find the body of Lou Giordino. Checking into the background of Giordino, Nash and Joe are led to Bobby Coles, head of a security company who hired Giordino. Coles is the head of the robbery crew, and his crew pulls off another daring robbery. The injured robber in custody, Eric Bowie, tips Nash and Joe to the crew's next job - a food stamp heist. Fearing that Nash and Joe know of their next job, Coles and his crew kidnap and torture Nash and Joe. Nash escapes and uses the Pinto to crash into the building to rescue Joe. Coles is blown up by the Pinto leaking gasoline.

Nash and Joe reluctantly go to inform Rondell that his beloved Pinto has been blown to bits, but Rondell doesn't care because Rondell feels the Pinto is no longer his lucky charm after having an extremely good game. Evan returns to the SIU (Special Investigations Unit) in better spirits.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 12


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