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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

December 5, 1998

Episode 64       Airdate: 12/04/98      Teleplay by: John Wirth     Story by: Gary Perconte     Director: Jim Charleston
Guest Stars: Paul Gleason, Lisa Darr, Gina LaPiana, Peter Jason, Jessica Hopper, and Jose Canseco as Chus Ortez. Special Guest Star: Karl Malone.

Caitlin:You know, it's crossed my mind that, um, well, maybe we should attempt to be friends.
Nash:You mean like keep your friends close, your enemies closer?
Caitlin:I don't think of you as my enemy.
Nash:Really? You could have fooled me.
Caitlin:...Well Nash, not even close. You got the nine of clubs here. My card was the ace of hearts.
Nash:Hah, well. That trick usually works.
Caitlin:Well, I guess your magic just doesn't work on everybody.
Nash:Well, maybe you're right. Sometimes it just takes longer on some people than others.

Nash and Joe go to quit their latest off-duty case, protecting loudmouth radio talk show host Mickey Tripp. As Tripp refuses to pay his $8000 bill, a killer appears in the window front of the broadcast studio. The killer sprays the window with submachine gun fire; Nash places three shots squarely into the chest of the killer with no effect. The killer escapes via truck.

Nash notices only that the truck had yellow license plates. As Austin, Tripp's second and current wife, and Randy (Tripp's first ex-wife) and other co-workers are interviewed, the SIU learns that Tripp's radio partner, Conrad McNair, is the most likely suspect in a plot to kill the much hated Tripp. McNair had a chance to go national with his own show, but Tripp held him to his contract. Meanwhile Tripp sets up Nash by putting him on air with Deputy Chief Lowell. Nash is ordered to personally protect Tripp, so Nash takes Tripp into protective custody in the SIU holding cell.

Nick has gotten himself into a large bar bet with his personal nemesis Augie Donatelli. Nick has put up Mr. Woody, his race horse, against half of Augie's sports bar on the outcome of a baseball game to take place in two days. Pursued by Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) agents Dixon and Cobb, Nick cannot locate his illegal alien star pitcher Chus Ortez. Agent Dixon is Augie's son-in-law and is acting in Augie's interest. Nash and Joe locate Chus at his girlfriend Rosaria's apartment. A desperate Nick goes to Rosaria's apartment, only to lead the INS agents straight to Chus.

Caitlin has just rented an apartment along with a divorced roommate, Shelley. Shelley's ex-husband leaves their two children, Darla and Henry, with Caitlin, but flight attendant Shelley is unable to return home. Caitlin takes the children into work at the SIU, where she puts them to work. Nash entertains the children with his magic tricks.

Harvey and Evan go to see Conrad McNair at the radio station, but the killer is there first. Mistaken for Mickey Tripp, McNair is shot to death. Harvey again places shots squarely into the chest of the body-armored killer with no effect. The killer escapes via truck. The truck is located with fingerprints and the killer is identified as Denny Kirkland. Harvey and Evan stake out Kirkland's motel; as Kirkland moves, they attempt to arrest Kirkland, but Evan is forced to shoot and kill Kirkland, this time without his armored vest.

Nash and Joe bluff Randy Tripp (Mickey Tripp's first ex-wife) in believing that the now dead Kirkland is going to tell all and testify. At this inopportune moment, the mysterious disco music, lights and smoke break out on the SIU barge, the source of which electrician Frank is still unable to quell. Randy reveals all - she and current wife Austin hired Kirkland to kill Mickey. Austin is three months pregnant. Nash tells Mickey but he is stunned and unable to understand.

Nash and Joe free Chus from jail temporarily. A marriage is arranged between Chus and Rosaria to legalize Chus because he has now married an American citizen. INS agents Dixon and Cobb show up too late as Nash performs the marriage ceremony as captain of the SIU barge. Chus is now free to play in Nick's critical game.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 64


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