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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

December 15, 1999

Episode 88       Airdate: 12/10/99      Writer: Shawn Ryan     Director: Lewis Teague
Guest Stars: David Purdham, Trevor St. John, Keone Young, and Kelly Rutherford.

Nash:...And trust me on this - Joe is a dreamer. No, no, no, no, make that a schemer.
Caitlin:Well, I happen to have faith in him.
Nash:Caitlin, most of Joe's schemes fail, and I mean miserably, hit the ground hard. Does that mean he's not a wonderful guy? No. Does it mean I want him to change? No. I love him, he's my best friend. But if you're getting into business with this man, you'd best do it with your eyes wide open.

Inger has just sent Joe her sleep wear. Suffering from insomnia, Joe needs to smell her scent so that he may go to sleep. But Inger's sleep wear blows out of the 'Cuda. Joe goes after the nightie, but a truck runs over it.

Nash and Joe make it to the courtroom to find out that their key witness in a murder case, Marsha Norris, has just recanted her testimony. The killers (Markus, Trevor, and Lincoln) are set free by the judge. A riot breaks out in the courtroom as the murdered victim's son, Derek Liu, attacks Lincoln. Nash and Joe subdue the attack.

Roxanne Hill, the prosecutor on the case, informs Nash of the favor he owes her from a previous case. Nash agrees to help Roxy continue the case for witness tampering with Marsha Norris. Marsha has been threatened, along with her sister and her child. But it is too late, Marsha Norris is found shot to death.

Derek Liu is a suspect, along with Lincoln. But Lincoln is found dead by Harvey during a roust of Lincoln's apartment. Both Marsha and Lincoln were killed with the same gun.

The list of suspects grows as everybody present in the court is interviewed. Caitlin suspects Roxy, as she owns a nine millimeter automatic, the same type of weapon that killed Lincoln. Roxy refuses to turn over her gun, in spite of questioning from Nash and Joe.

Evan has been arrested for punching out his boss. He calls up Cassidy to bail him out. Evan's jail mate, Tosh, is freed also, to which a reluctant Cassidy gives a ride home to Tosh's wife. Tosh returns home to harass his wife. Evan comes to the rescue, subduing Tosh from attacking his wife further.

Meanwhile, Caitlin has entered into a business venture with Joe in spite of warnings from Nash. Joe and Caitlin are going to sell donuts online. Joe likes Duke, the Donut King, for his low cost donuts. Caitlin prefers Armin, the pastry chef, for his better tasting, though high cost donuts. They leave it to Nash to decide which donut is better. After making Joe and Caitlin sign documents (in which they agree not to get mad at Nash), Nash reluctantly agrees with Caitlin.

At Derek's grocery store, Markus and Trevor are about to get even with Derek. But Markus and Trevor are shot. Markus is killed, but Trevor escapes. Derek witnesses the incident, but does not see who did the shooting.

Harvey uncovers a juror's past - his wife was murdered and Biyard Whitaker lied about it. Roxy investigates and goes to Biyard's house. Biyard owns a handgun, but Roxy is trapped. She calls 911 as she defends herself from Biyard. Nash and Joe respond - Nash shoots Biyard dead just as Biyard pulls a gun on Roxy.

Trevor confesses to witness tampering and being present at the original murder of Derek Liu's father, not knowing that Biyard Whitaker has just been shot dead. Tosh's wife shows up at the SIU to give Evan cookies as thanks for rescuing her. Evan has lied to her that he is currently a cop. Nash receives the cookies.

Evan is still despondent and regretful over his lost relationship with Cassidy. Evan sells his back-up gun to repay the bail money Cassidy has put up. Cassidy discovers a new boyfriend, and sends a clear message to Evan that their relationship is over. Nash spots a poster for donuts online as Joe and Caitlin realize their idea has just gone bust.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 88


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