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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

November 19, 2000

Episode 107       Airdate: 11/17/00      Writers: Reed Steiner and Damon Lindelof     Director: Jim Charleston
Guest Stars: Melinda Clarke, Jill Ritchie, Michael Sullivan, John Patrick White, Marc Worden, and Christian J. Meoli as Boz Bishop. Special Guest Stars: Richard Libertini, Kenneth Mars.

Nash:(Shining a flashlight into Abby's eyes) That's a very interesting shade of green.
Abby:It's not from envy, I'll tell you that.
Nash:Oh, weell.

In the 'Cuda, Nash and Joe chat about Cassidy. She is one of five rookies chosen by the FBI for an Advanced Weapons Seminar held at Quantico, Virginia. Nash is also up for consideration on a short list for Chief of Police, a position Nash does not want. Suddenly a red Viper cuts off the 'Cuda. Patrick gets out and offers Nash $400,000 for the 'Cuda. Just as suddenly, a black Porsche pulls up, and Philippe gets out with a shotgun. Philippe shoots at Patrick, who returns fire with two handguns. A running gun battle ensues, but mysteriously stops when Patrick leaps into a bus. Nash kills the armed Philippe, Joe stops the bus and takes Patrick into custody.

Patrick is legal - he has a permit to carry guns. Dead Philippe Martinez has a motel key - Rachel and Harvey search his motel room. A photo is found of four people, the four players of the elimination game. There is also a card laying out the rules of the game, stating that "Buses are safe." A bogus maid goes by, she is one of the players in the photo, but she escapes from Rachel. Harvey recognizes the background of the photo as the Venus club Bar. The bartender at the Club reveals that two computer geeks paid the bar tab for the four players, who appeared not to know each other.

Meanwhile, Boz Bishop is arrested for having a dead body in the trunk of his car. The body is Vernon, the family Bishop's estate gardener. Nash takes custody of Boz from Homicide detective Abby Gordon. Boz comes from a wealthy family (with his uncles Ronald and Tibby, and the butler Haskell). Nash and Joe are surprised to find Boz losing his hip hop street accent for a proper English one when Boz is at home. Abby is already there searching the estate under warrant. More evidence is found, giving Abby cause to arrest Boz once again.

Patrick must get the game piece from Philippe's body or face disqualification from the game. Patick forces his way into the morgue and takes Philippe's clothes. Later, a check of Philippe's personal effects reveals Philipe's cuff links (his game piece) are missing. Further check on Philippe reveals a two million dollar life insurance policy to benefit Frontier Gaming. As Harvey and Rachel confront Mike and Chris at Frontier Gaming, Patrick is hunted down by the girl. Patrick is shot dead by her, as she escapes with Patrick's game piece. Meanwhile, Rachel is bothered by an unwanted suitor (Ted) who keeps calling her and leaving gifts. Rachel tells Ted to get lost.

Abby continues to gather evidence on Boz, to which Nash counters is a frame-up. Vernon was drowned and hit on the head. A specific type of water from the estate matches the water found in Vernon's lungs; Boz's silver cap tooth is found on the bathtub in which Vernon was drowned; the murder weapon, a lamp, is found with no fingerprints on it; and a waiter's chute (used to move the body) has torn fabric (from Vernon's jeans) with blood on it.

Mike and Chris are interrogated by Nash, but they only reveal that they own an extreme adventure gaming company. The cuff links belonging to Philippe are found in their office, but still Nash must let them go. Mike and Chris meet the girl player - they kill her by wrapping an anchor chain around her and dumping her in the Bay.

Uncles Ronald and Tibby come to the SIU to confess to Vernon's killing. Both uncles claim to being blackmailed about the Bishop family secret. They reveal that Vernon was the blackmailer, that thirty years ago their third brother George's wife had an illegitimate son (Boz). Boz stands to inherit when he turns thirty years old, but if his illegitimate birth were known, it would invalidate his inheritance. Meanwhile, Abby finds the blackmail money in Boz's storage locker.

Nash gathers everybody, including the maid Virginia, to unravel the mystery of the Bishop family. The butler Haskell murdered Vernon to protect Virginia. Virginia accompanied George and his wife abroad, where Virginia met an Afro-American marine who was later missing in Vietnam. Boz is overjoyed to learn that his father is Afro-American, that he really is black.

Harvey and Rachel find Ricky, the only surviving game player. Ricky spends day and night in the safety of a bus. On interrogation, Ricky reveals the secret location of Mike and Chris. Nash and the SIU surround the warehouse, but Mike and Chris come out shooting. Two sharpshooters take out Mike and Chris, as Nash and Joe regretfully walk away.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 107


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