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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

March 18, 2000

Episode 95       Airdate: 03/10/00      Writers: Alan Ormsby     Director: Greg Yaitanes
Guest Stars: Courtney Peldon, Mailon Rivera, Colleen McDermott, John Marshall Jones, Jill Ritchie, Matt Gottlieb.

Nash:Miranda, you cannot call here and tell me that there's an emergency and not tell me what it is.
Miranda:(in the background, voice says "She's hot!") Go online and check out my web site. It's MirandaCam.com, just don't say I didn't warn you.
Nick:What's going on? Huh, ohhh. No wonder the Internet craze is exploding.

In the 'Cuda, Joe informs Nash that he and Nick are in a new scam to race Nick's racehorse Mr. Woody once again. Suddenly, a purse snatching occurs - the robber is on rollerskates. Nash (in the 'Cuda) catches the robber going uphill. Meanwhile, at the Washington St. Bar and Grill, two gangsters are coming out after lunch. They are fired upon and killed by two men with handguns. The shooters escape. Nash and Joe arrive on scene, while Zoe seats herself in the 'Cuda, claiming to be an eyewitness to the shooting.

Zoe describes the incident accurately and names the shooters - Curtis Prawn and Jerome Woodson. Her story checks out - Curtis and Jerome escape in a black Lincoln Navigator, and the car is found abandoned. Nash is wary because Zoe, a homeless street kid, is about to deliver a baby and needs protective custody. A street snitch, Brother Bliss, informs Nash of Curtis' hideout. Harvey and Caitlin bust in on the hideout - Jerome is killed, Curtis arrested. At the SIU, Zoe fails to identify Curtis in a line-up. Nash realizes Zoe did not witness the shooting, but somebody else did.

Meanwhile, Nash learns more of Nick and Joe's plan for Mr. Woody. The plan is for Nick to sell Mr. Woody to Joe, then Joe donates Mr. Woody to a Jewish summer camp, and thus Joe gives a percentage of the tax write-off to Nick. Nash is appalled. Cassidy is romantically interested in Evan again. She has moved back into the Berkeley dorm with her former room mate Miranda, so Evan agrees to help her move.

Page, a social worker looking after Zoe, sees Nash at the SIU and they agree to a date. At the restaurant, Nash and Page bump into Caitlin and her new date, Ken Bernard. Caitlin asks Nash to leave the restaurant to avoid the awkwardness, but nobody agrees. An upset Caitlin crashes into a waiter, spilling food all over her dress.

Curtis Prawn is released from SIU custody because Zoe has failed to ID him in a line-up. Evan (who works at the Haight-Asbury Teen Center) is called upon to locate Zoe's friend Vickie. Vickie has actually witnessed the shooting. Meanwhile, Curtis goes to war with his drug-dealing competitors; Curtis orders his soldiers to kill the Double Rock crew. Nash and the SIU hit back by bringing in all of Curtis' crew. Evan locates Vickie; Vickie identifies Curtis and Jerome as the shooters. But before Curtis can be arrested, Curtis kidnaps Evan. Curtis wants a hostage exchange - Vickie for Evan.

The Mr. Woody deal has gone sour. The two Hassidic Jewish investors have sent Mr. Woody to Florida to race, but they have discovered Mr. Woody's flaw. The horse has a habit of stopping short of the finish line. They want their expense money of $25,000 back. Nash intervenes and arbitrates a settlement. Nick is to sell Mr. Woody legitimately and re-imburse the $25,000 to the two investors.

Nash and Harvey agree to let all of Curtis' crew go if they reveal the whereabouts of Curtis' hideout. Harvey and the SIU roust the abandoned warehouse, arresting Curtis and freeing Evan.

Evan is late for a date with Cassidy. Cassidy wants to have sex in her dorm room, unaware that Miranda has a video camera streaming live video to her web site. A frantic Miranda calls up Nash; Nash calls Cassidy as he and Nick view Cassidy and Evan about to have sex. Nash is relieved when Evan stops, and he is able to reach Cassidy. Cassidy covers the camera. But Zoe is about to deliver her baby at the SIU...

* For more, see commentary for Episode 95


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