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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

December 14, 1999

Episode 87       Airdate: 11/26/99      Writer: Alan Ormsby     Director: Steve DeJarnatt
Guest Stars: Dan Castellaneta, Willie Garson, Yeardley Smith, Scott Jaeck, Christopher Marquette.

Joe:I've been having dreams about Caitlin.
Nash:What kind of dreams?.
Joe:Erotic dreams.
Nash:I can understand that.
Joe:Man, I'm afraid to go to sleep at night.
Nash:All right. You want the Freudian cure, the Jungian cure, or the Bridgean cure?
Joe:Whatever works.
Nash:You're not really dreaming about Caitlin at all.
Joe:I'm not?
Nash:No, you're actually dreaming about me. But since you can consciously accept your latent homoerotic urges, while your wife is out of town, you take my girlfriend and put her in as a substitute.
Joe:Are you high?
Nash:Ah ha ha. You just think about that before you go to bed. I guarantee those dreams will be history.

Joe is suffering from insomnia and falls asleep in the 'Cuda. Nash, in the meantime, has pulled behind a stopped car - the nervous driver pulls away suddenly. It's the get-away car, as Nash arrests the two robbers coming out of a store.

The Cell Phone Killer finds another victim as he steps off the SF ferry crossing the Bay. The Killer imagines that a man using a cell phone is calling the Centaur. The Centaur is out to kill him, so the Killer shots the man dead. The man falls into the Bay. The Killer picks up the dead man's cell phone.

Caitlin and Harvey are at the crime scene - the Killer is described as a Caucasian with a cap pulled over his eyes. Nash calls the cell phone - the Killer answers, telling Nash that the Centaur is not going to succeed in killing him.

For a change, Nash has brought in an off-duty case. Eddie Day's dummy (Doodley Day) is being threatened. Eddie suspects his former female partner Stevie Strong and her dummy (Happy) are behind the threats. Nash arranges a meeting, but the dummies Doodley and Happy start arguing. Stevie denies making the threats, and Nash believes her.

The Killer dumps his three previous victim's cell phones in the Bay, but a starving artist spots him. The artist tries to sell the stolen phones, but is caught - the artist draws Harvey a sketch of the Killer. Caitlin has also accidentally comes across the Killer in an apartment laundromat while questioning a victim. The Killer, in the meantime, guns down his fourth victim - Daryl Chang, known drug dealer.

The Killer is identified as Leonard Boss, a super of an apartment building near all the victims. Harvey and Caitlin bust into Leonard's psychotic aluminum foil-lined apartment, but Leonard has an escape route. An interview with Leonard's doctor reveals his motives. Leonard has a terminal brain tumor. Nash deduces that the Centaur is actually Dr. Archer, the man who has given what Leonard believes is his death sentence.

Joe has been having intense sex dreams involving Caitlin. Joe has been avoiding Caitlin because of his dreams. Nash understands, but does not tell Caitlin. But Caitlin finds out from Joe. Eddie Day's dummy's new clothes have been found shredded. In another incident, the dummy is found in Eddie's pool, his head missing.

Evan has a new temporary job as a bartender. His boss warns Evan about drinking on the job. Evan takes home a case of liquor, but his boss is angry and fires Evan. Evan exchanges words and punches out his boss.

Leonard follows Dr. Archer and takes him hostage. Nash and the SIU intercede, and Nash convinces Leonard to give up. Nash baits Eddie's son by bringing back the head to the dummy - but it is Eddie Jr. that actually has the head and has been terrorizing his dad. Nash ends up having a sex dreams involving Joe and Caitlin in a threesome.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 87


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