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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

January 8, 2000

Episode 90       Airdate: 1/7/00      Writer: Glen Mazzara     Director: Greg Beeman
Guest Stars: Tim Ransom, Trevor St. John, Christine Lydon, Dara Tomanovich, Alexandra Hedison and Robert Carradine.

Caitlin:Yesterday while you were under anesthesia, you called me Lisa.
Nash:I did?
Caitlin:Yeah, right after you got through telling me how much I meant to you......I mean, I realize she was special to you. I guess I didn't realize how special, that's all.
Nash:She was my first love, the mother of my kid, and she'll always be special in that way. That doesn't mean that there isn't room in my life for somebody else special like you.
Caitlin:Yeah. The thing is, I'm not so good at being Number 2. I kinda, I kinda like being Number 1.
Nash:No, who didn't know that?
Caitlin:I don't think there's anything wrong with it.
Nash:I got news for you, sister. You're not Number 2, you are Number 1. The former Number 1 got traded to France.
Caitlin:...I'm fine. And I suppose this urge to kill you will pass in time.
Nash:Good, because apparently I'm marrying Ronnie.

Joe is jogging as Nash cruises along in the 'Cuda. Joe is trying to get back into shape for Inger. Wife Inger is returning from Sweden in a week. Nash has a tooth ache, and goes to Sing Lee's Chinatown shop for herbs to relieve the pain. They spot 440 pound Sammy Chin in a bright red suit. Chin has been a wanted fugitive for the past 2 months. They give chase; Chin runs into a restaurant. Nash and Joe discover a secret stairwell - Chin is there along with eight Vietnamese women, being stashed there by Chin.

At the SIU, pimp Sammy Chin is selling the refugees as sex slaves. But Chin has a heart attack and dies in the interrogation room. In his wallet is a business card for Ellie Young, a contact in the pipeline for selling the women. At the Argent Hotel, Ellie Young is arrested - her phone book reveals a long list of clients for prostitution services. Ellie reveals that her supplier of women is Frankie Dwyer. Frankie Dwyer, now in a wheelchair as a result of being shot by Nash, has been released out of prison in a racketeering deal with the Feds.

Nash confronts Frankie Dwyer at his cigar bar hang-out. Frankie is now a director of porno films. Caitlin agrees to go undercover as Ellie Young to set up Frankie. Immigation and Naturalization Service (INS) Special Agent Victoria Traxel shows up at the SIU and takes custody of the eight Vietnamese women. A paper trail of all the Frankie's phony corporations reveals he has rented warehouse locations all over the city for his porno productions; Nash harasses Frankie by busting in on his porno set. Caitlin meets with Frankie and agrees to a deal for the women.

Meanwhile, Evan is facing eviction for being behind two months in his rent. He takes a job as a parking attendant. Cassidy has a date with new boyfriend Jason at a jazz club, and the couple show up at the lot Evan is working at. Cassidy recognizes Evan, but says nothing. She later goes out to apologize to Evan. After the date she tells Jason all about Evan.

Caitlin forces Nash to go the dentist. An appointment is made that afternoon. Nash requires anesthesia to have two teeth pulled. In his drugged state, Nash confesses that Lisa, not Caitlin, is the love of his life. A hurt Caitlin avoids Nash.

Caitlin meets with Frankie at the Argent Hotel. Nash and Joe are outside. But a suspicious Frankie switches limos and takes Caitlin to a secret location. Nash follows in pursuit, hoping that one of the warehouses is where Frankie is going. At the warehouse, Caitlin finds the eight Vietnamese women held prisoner there. Special Agent Victoria Traxel is there and blows Caitlin's cover. Just as Frankie's men are about to shoot Caitlin, Nash and back-up police show up. In the shoot out, several goons are killed, but Frankie manages to escape, minus his wheelchair. Caitlin knocks out Victoria and captures her.

Joe has met Spike, a body builder, at the gym. Spike is a former steroid abuser that Joe has arrested before. Spike brings Joe fat-free muffins at the SIU. Spike shows up at Joe's house because he has left his keys at the gym, but Joe is wary. Joe is finally forced to arrest Spike to get her out of his home. A recovered Nash makes up with Caitlin (who is wearing a name tag) by bringing her flowers.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 90


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