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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

February 11, 2001

Episode 113       Airdate: 02/09/01      Writers: John Wirth and Michael Norell     Director: Bradford May
Guest Stars: Donna Scott, Gary Graham, Adrienne Barbeau, and Costas Mandylor.

Joe:Rachel, there's something you need to understand about Tamara van Zant. No matter how many times Nash pushes her out of his life, she always comes back in. Always. Now is it because he wants her to or because he can't stop her? Now that's the question we should be asking ourselves, if it were any of our business.
Rachel:So how lightly do we tread?
Joe:We just do our job until somebody tells us different.
Rachel:You got it.

Driving the 'Cuda, Nash finds out someone has charged $194,000 on his credit card and paid it off too. The card charger claims to be Nash's wife. Suddenly a motorcycle following the 'Cuda pulls up next to the car. The cyclist pulls out a gun, but Nash backs up the 'Cuda and drives it backwards out of harm's way. Nash and Joe get out in busy traffic, and Nash kills the hitman. A note found on the hitman indicates a hotel and room number. Going there, Nash discovers Tamara van Zant taking a shower.

Tamara has a marriage certificate showing she is married to Nash. From her previous marriage, Tamara has inherited Texas oil magnate Ulysses M. Paxton's $400 million fortune after he died in a car crash. The son, Ulysses M. Paxton, Jr. has been cut out of the will, and he is in San Francisco to stop Tamara from spending the money. Junior is a former 14 year veteran Texas Ranger. Nash suspects Junior hired the motorcycle hitman, since the hitman was from Texas.

Meanwhile, Nick's lesbian friend Annie asks Nick to pretend to be her boyfriend while her son Vincent is in town. Vincent is Vinnie Corell, one of the baddest gangsters from Philadelphia. Nick and Annie meet Vinnie, and Vinnie expects them to set a wedding date soon, but Nick balks. Surveillance photos show Vinnie meeting and kissing Tamara. Rachel trails Vinnie and sees Nick meeting with Vinnie. In a second meeting, Nick tells off Vinnie, telling Vinnie to butt out of his relationship with Annie.

Tamara tries to woo Nash by buying him an identical yellow 'Cuda, but Nash inspects the car and discovers it is an imitation kit car. She denies any connection to Vinnie Corell, saying he pursued her, and she turned him down. Tamara shows up at Nash's apartment to seduce him, as a car thief outside steals the imitation 'Cuda. But the thief is blown up in a car bomb meant for Nash.

Tamara's plan is almost complete. Antwon discovers some shredded papers revealing a Copenhagen, Inc, shell corporation that Tamara's lawyers have set up. Nash pieces it together - a newspaper ad for the Copenhagen cruise ship is sold for $400 million. Vinnie Corell has helped Tamara purchase the boat.

Junior meets with the car bomber and kills him for failing to kill Nash. Nash and Tamara confront Junior in front of the SIU. Tamara reveals she did have an affair with Junior, and that she did suggest killing the older Paxton. But she did not carry out her plan, but Junior did.

Vinnie's thugs kidnap Nick and take him to Vinnie in his limo. Vinnie has checked into Nick's background and discovered Nick has lied about being wealthy. Vinnie decides not to kill Nick because his son (Nash) is a cop. Vinnie pays off Nick with $10,000 to go away and not bother his mother anymore, to which a grateful, blubbering Nick accepts.

Junior kidnaps Tamara, and he forces her set up a meeting with Nash. Nash meets her at Coit Tower, as Joe, Harvey and Antwon intercept Junior about to shoot down Nash with his sniper rifle. Junior is arrested. Nash has Tamara sign an annulment of their marriage, as they part company once again.

Tamara calls Nash with a confession, but before she can say what it is, her call is interrupted by Vinnie. They are on Vinnie's boat, as Tamara rejects Vinnie. He stabs her in retaliation and throws her overboard. Nick beats Nash at cards, as Nash ends a bad day.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 113


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