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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

The Man Has His Limits
February 11, 2001

Gordon Hom

This fourth appearance of Bad Girl Tamara van Zant (and her second appearance this season since "Lap Dance" #103) finds her in the big leagues, inheriting $400 million and throwing gifts and herself at Nash. Nash is indeed drawn to her, as she declares "I'm not sleeping alone tonight." To which a lustful Nash affirms "No, you're not." But Nash is not crazy enough to marry her, or go away with her even with her $400 million. The Man has scruples and thinks with his pants too.

Clearly this episode has unfinished business, as it ends with Tamara getting a come-uppence. She is stabbed and thrown into the Bay, as gangster Vinnie Corell seems to get away with it. Nash will have to even the score, as Vinnie has also paid off Nick (to which Nick accepts the money) with $10,000 to stay away from his mother. Vinnie has humiliated Nick, and he has killed the woman Nash lusts for (Nash doesn't really love her because she can't be trusted). That's a lot of macho payback between these two.

As for the Bad Guy of the Week, Junior Paxton, a former 14 year veteran Texas Ranger gone bad? What's Cordell Walker of the CBS series WALKER, TEXAS RANGER have to say about this? And speaking of other CBS series, remember MARTIAL LAW (cancelled last season, but in syndication now), and that Louis Mandylor was one of the regular cops on that show? Costas Mandylor (who plays gangster Vinnie Corell), is brother to Louis Mandylor (they look like identical twins). The parts they played on NASH BRIDGES are virtually identical, with brother Louis playing gangster Ray Getz for three episodes from waaaay back in Seasons Two and Three ("Road Work" #21, "Moving Target" #29, and "Shake, Rattle & Roll" #34). Who are they going to bring back next - Kelly Hu, who jumped ship from NASH to MARTIAL LAW? NASH BRIDGES killed her off, but hey, that never stopped an actor/actress from returning to a series. She could come back as her sister, who also happens to be a cop. They could pair her up with Cassidy and Rachel, and you'd have a NASH BRIDGES spin-off, a sort of CHARLIE'S ANGELS II...

* For more, see synopsis for Episode 113


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