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This site is about the tv cop show Nash Bridges, starring Don Johnson, which aired on CBS with 122 episodes in 6 seasons. The series is currently syndicated in many television markets and is available on DVD.

 [The Original Unofficial NASH BRIDGES]

November 12, 2000

Episode 106       Airdate: 11/10/00      Writers: Reed Steiner and Kim Beyer-Johnson     Director: Bradford May
Guest Stars: Dondre T. Whitfield, Niklaus Lange, Samantha Smith, Alison Ward, Keith L. Harvey, and Kevin Dobson.

Nash:(Singing to a group of children) Be careful, little hands, when you steal. Be careful, little hands, when you steal. There are cops everywhere, so Bad Guys must be aware.

In the 'Cuda, Joe informs Nash that he has advertised the Bridges and Dominguez (B&D) Detective Agency. A bus pulls along side with a billboard of Nash and Joe. Suddenly a truck pulls along side of the 'Cuda, and a Rodeo Rider jumps into the back of the 'Cuda and tries to strangle Nash. Nash swerves the 'Cuda and throws Rodeo Rider #1 out. A second Rodeo Rider jumps on the hood of the 'Cuda. Rider #2 slides off the hood and hits the pavement unconscious. Nash finds a phony Bridges and Dominguez business card on Rider #2.

At the SIU, Rodeo Rider #2 refuses to talk, but he is identified as Edward Clinton Harris, with a record of robbery. There is no trace of Rodeo Rider #1. Nash and Joe call up the phony B&D Detective Agency, where assistant Jason answers but hangs up on Nash and Joe. Nash and Joe visit the Agency, and find Jason there. A former client shows up and begins beating on Nash - the client lost his job because a B&D investigation revealed a minor police record. Nash pulls a gun and handcuffs the unruly client.

Finally, Nash and Joe track down the phony Nash Bridges doing a magic show in a Children's Ward. It is Big Tiny, and Nash captures Tiny and ends the magic show. But Joe is mysteriously grabbed and tied up, so Nash handcuffs Tiny to a railing to go look for Joe. Nash is roped by a Rodeo Clown, and the Clown tries to kill Nash with a pair of cardiac paddles. The Clown is electrocuted unconscious when Nash pours water on the floor. Meanwhile Tiny has escaped his handcuffs. At the SIU, the Clown refuses to talk.

Cassidy's former room mate, Miranda calls about a death. At a frat party, James Porter has apparently died after a drinking binge. But tests reveal that a tequila bottle was laced with peanut oil, of which James Porter was severely allergic to peanut oil. Cassidy and Rachel inform Raymond Porter and his wife Susan that Raymond's son was murdered. Raymond reveals that James was working on an investigative article for the school newspaper, that perhaps his room mate Brian may know something. Brian reveals that James wrote everything in his laptop. On their way to get the laptop, Cassidy and Rachel intercept Brett O'Bannion from taking the laptop.

The Clown also refuses to talk. Nash asks Antwon to set up an appointment via Jason with the phony Nash - Tiny. Tiny is in the middle of sex with a former client - Bobby Wheeler's wife. But the promise of a ten grand fee brings Tiny out, as Nash, Joe and Antwon grab Tiny. At Tiny's office, another Cowboy tries to kill Nash with a shotgun. The Cowboy reveals he was hired by a Clown.

Nash, Joe and Tiny suspect Bobby Wheeler, a car salesman who Tiny revealed was cheating on his wife. But Wheeler denies hiring killers. A visit to Wheeler's wife reveals her to be innocent and mad at Tiny for bragging about their affair to Jason. Jason also happens to be in love with Mrs. Wheeler. Nash searches the trunk of Jason's car and finds incriminating evidence, but Jason is there with a gun. But Nash and Joe disarm Jason, but not before he has punched Tiny in the nose.

The laptop reveals that James Porter was investigating football player Brett for NCAA violations. Brian, James's room mate, reveals that Brian saw Brett pour the peanut oil into James's drink. Brett finally cracks after Nash brings out Lonnie Green, former football player, in jail for killing his girlfriend. Brett reveals that he has an affair with Susan Porter and that Susan told him how to kill James. Brett has a videotape of their sexual encounter, but at the crucial moment of Susan mentioning the murder plan, the tape goes blank.

Cassidy confronts Raymond and Susan Porter with the tape, turning it off before the tape goes blank. Susan confesses, thinking the tape has her revealing the murder plan.

Meanwhile Harvey is caught in the middle of a neighborhood dispute of whether to allow the Farmer's Market on their street. Jake and Jerome oppose, but Shane is for the market. Shane thinks Harvey is having an affair with his wife Janice, because Harvey and Janice share walking her dog King. But Harvey comes home to find Janice taking a shower. Shane goes in, pulling a gun on Harvey. Antwon is there to stop Shane. Shane throws his gun on the floor, and the gun accidentally fires into the closet door. Jerome is behind there, hiding and now shot in the butt. It is Jerome who has been having an affair with Janice.

Nash and Joe let Tiny go, after Tiny promises never to impersonate Nash again. The Farmer's Market has left Harvey's street, scared off by the shooting and controversy. Cassidy says good-bye to Miranda, know their friendship is over because Cassidy had to interrogate Miranda as a suspect. A knowing Nash watches over Cassidy.

* For more, see commentary for Episode 106


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